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To get justice in Ireland is measured in years and very uncertain!


This website deals with corruption in Ireland today. The people who are corrupt, the ones who benefit from it, and its victims – especially a 75 year old woman, dying with cancer, who was terrorized and killed by this very corruption. A system where politicians, lawyers, the courts and criminals work hand in hand, either to commit corruption or than to cover up of it. This is not a fancy side seeking 1. Price for design – but everybody concerned about JUSTICE , HUMANITY and DEMOCRACY should read it and show it to friends, relatives and others. I would be grateful if readers would circulate my website on their social networks ( Twitter; Facebook etc. – Thanks ). Corruption is based on the silence by the people involved – having things in the open will expose them !


Short Chronology of Case


In early 1994 I moved on request from Michael Hehle from Galway to Bawnboy, Co. Cavan. Here I was supposed to run a farm for him as an extension for his Western Riding tourist business. When, after several month, I realised that the whole business was just a phantom, to cover for his real investment fraud business, he fired me – as he did with many others in the same systematically way. When I demanded compensation for work rendered and breach of contract he got his scruples lawyer to work on me. Soon I felt that it was not just him I was up against – but an entire corrupt system. Around that time my mother had developed a terminal cancer in the spine. Eventually the system took over and finished me off, bit by bit, stopping at nothing to do so, including terror and murder. My ‘Appeal for Help’ to the Irish government and various ministers was ignored. The Departments I had contacted claimed after the 15.1.97 not to have known what was going on. Papers I got later under the Freedom of Information Act prove them liars. Equally in the court case against me the state prosecutor claimed repeatedly that ‘nobody’ had known. The state prosecutor should have known by reading the Book of Evidence – is he not suppose to do that? They all knew! After my mother had died during a most brutally conducted evection, and I was on remand in Prison, important  documents from the files, I had taken with me when I was arrested, were removed! When the judge gave me a suspended sentence, my own lawyer demanded that I should shut up from now on! When I didn’t, still seeking justice, the DPP appealed right away the sentence – in a new quick kangaroo trail I got 5 years in prison – that did shut me up! This is the story how a corrupt system, not hesitating to pervert the course of justice, can and will destroy people! This all happened under a Fine Gael government – the same party who will be in power again after the 25.2.2011. No doubt that they will pick up where they left the last time, under their leader Enda Kenny, who, as Minister for Tourism was more than helpful forward Hehle 14 years ago.




14. Anniversary

Ina Isenbörger

12.2.1921 – 15.1.1997


Murdered by:


Michael Hehle, Austrian criminal, protected in Ireland but finally jailed in Italy!

Gabriel Toolan, Solicitor, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim

H.Fitzpatrik, Solicitor, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan

Frank Martin, Barrister, Summerhill, Co. Meath

Tommy Owen, Sheriff, Coothill, Co. Cavan

Paul Comiskey, Bailiff, Lough Gowna, Co. Cavan

Nora Owens, Ex Minister for Justice, Dublin

Irish Dep. of Justice, Dublin


Covered up by ( aiding and abetting a criminal ):

Enda Kenny, Leader of F.G.

Dep. of Justice, Dublin

Bertie Ahern, Ex Prime Minister, Dublin

Brian Cowen, Soon Ex Prime Minister, Dublin

Michael McDowell, Ex Minister for Justice, Dublin

Dermot Ahern, Ex Minister for Justice, Dublin

And all the other Irish Politicians of the

Irish Parliamt, Dublin,

I contacted, but who are either

too corrupt or too cowardly to stand up for justice.


I would be very grateful for any information, the reader of this website could give me in relation to the above mentioned persons. Especially the ones who have been victimised by them in any way.  Please

e-mail any information or comments about my website to:





Two years ago I e-mailed over 100 members of Parliament, pointing them to my website.

Two meaningless e-mails I got in return.

After setting up this Update I will do the same again and publish in the next update the result.

So everybody can check the attitude of ‘his or her’ TD when it comes

to justice and corruption.

Update 2011: There was an improvement. This time I got 3 meaningless e-mails in return!


1) Maureen O’Sullivan, Independent: Thank you for your e mail.  I am only a member of the Dail for the past few months, following the death of my good friend the late Tony Gregory.  I am not familiar with the case you discuss.  Regards, Maureen O'Sullivan



Green Party Spokesperson for: Justice, Equality & Law Reform:

Can  you give me some background information on this case?

I am not familiar with it.  

In my e-mail I had given him the name of my website, what more information does he want? My second e-mail remained unanswered.



Having served as Opposition Chief Whip in two Dails he is an expert in the formal rules and precedent governing practice and procedure of parliament. He has published Draft Bills and Amendments in a range of areas, notably: Competition Law, Corruption, White Collar Crime, Fraud and Bribery.

In his Draft Bills and Amendments he must have excluded Fine Gael and their friends! Enda Kenny sure knows how to pick them.


‘The price good men pay for indifference to

public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.’





The consultant at the General Hospital in Cavan Town had given my mother

less than 10 weeks to live! On the 15.1.97 about 8 weeks had passed and

it showed. A skeleton in constant pain with no use of the legs and in one

arm. Just the right condition to be dumped in the ditch of a wintry road,

on orders of the Fine Gael Government, by Tommy Owen and his henchmen.


15. Jan. 1997


During the night of the 14/15th January, my mother had terrible

nightmares once again. In the light of morning her fears subsided with

my reassurances. She calmed down when I assured her that in a civilised

country like Ireland the state wouldn’t throw a 75 year old woman, in her

condition, out on the side of the road on a cold winters day.

I didn’t use the words “ dying woman “ although this is how it really was.


By now my mother had little feeling left in her legs and in one arm. She

was in considerable pain with her other arm but bore it bravely and used

morphine when it got too much. Her body was skeletal, weak and starved

by the cancer which consumed her.


I made some breakfast but as of late she could only manage a tiny morsel

and that was very soon vomited up. She talked about ending it all by

taking some tablets and my mind and heart shouted, No! I told her I

wouldn’t stop her but begged her not to. I said that maybe her illness

might stop for a while. I reminded her of her desire to see Healy’s comet

due in a few weeks and that we would be celebrating her birthday on the

12.2.97, just three weeks away. She smiled and said, “ You are right “!

As the morning progressed I had the impression that she was feeling

better. We talked some, she read a little and fell asleep from time to



Towards noon a car with two men from Mr. Hehles employ came and

parked outside. I went out and spoke with them and they informed me

that they were here to change the locks on the doors as soon as the

county sheriff had thrown us out. They were following Mr. Hehles

instructions. I feared that this eviction might really happen and would not

be just another awful threat as in the past. I immediately made a phone

call to Prime Minister Bruton and spoke to a man to whom I must have

been well known to by now. He told me that he could do nothing, my

pleas for help were once again rejected.


At this point I saw 5/6 cars approaching the house. Realizing how futile

my phone call was I hung up. I took a folder containing letters from Dr.

Deering and her recommendations as to the welfare of my gravely ill

mother. By now there was much shouting and I saw about 7 men

forming a group. I approached the Sheriff with the letters but he ignored

me. I told him that what he was going to do was “ murder “. I then went

to his deputy pointing out how ill my mother was, what he and the sheriff

knew of course, that she was indeed dying, he shouted at me

“ You have to come out “! I said that I needed to talk with my mother.


My mother was very upset when I went in. She was in a terrible state

filled with shock and horror. We were both in total disbelief. At this

point men had moved closer to the house and could have seen my mother

in her death bed through the window . After a moment they moved back. After a few private

words, my mother said “ I love you, you have never let me down “! Those

were the last words I would ever hear from her.


I went to see what was happening. On seeing me the group of men came

forward and the deputy again told me that I must come out. I saw a

man in the background taking a sledgehammer from the boot of the car. In

despair I pleaded, “Please in the name of God go back”! They moved

closer. I repeated “Please in the name of God go back”! All I heard in

response was someone’s laughter. In that moment all my trust in

democracy, humanity and justice disappeared. We were alone, truly alone,

my 75 year old dying mother and me. Going into the house I took up

my gun and went back outside and opened fire.



When I opened fire, the men were only 4-5 metres away from me. Easy

targets if murder was what I had in mind. I had done all I could. I

had to prevent these heartless monsters from terrorising and dragging a dying

woman out of her deathbed on a freezing cold day in January.


Within seconds everybody was out of my view. I went though the gate on to

the road. While looking up and down the road I saw suddenly from the side

of my vision a person jumping out from behind a car, parked on the other

side of the road. Due to the enormous build up of stress at this time and

 the sudden appearance of a person, I fired more by instinct than by aiming

beside him. The person yelled but kept running – by now I had recognised him

as being the sheriff, I didn’t fired a second round and led him go.


After the sheriff and his men had gone a policeman, who’s presence I was

unaware of, he had stayed out of sight behind an unmarked police car, the

same the sheriff had hidden behind, identified himself to me and ask me not to shot .

 I told him that he and other members of the Gardai had nothing to fear

from me. They had shown me nothing but kindness in all my dealings with

 them. When he informed and requested of me that an ambulance be brought

 for those injured I immediately agreed. I did not wish for anyone to suffer

needlessly. I gave my word not to hinder an ambulance arriving. Later

on more and more media appeared around the place and made me very

nervous. I asked for them to be removed. They were in danger as my

nerves were sorely overwrought. They were asked to stay in the

background and they did.



By the time I eventually returned inside the house, my mother was in a deep sleep.

At 6 o’clock she stopped breathing. Nothing could ever trouble her again.










Over the next two days I spoke by telephone to the police every 20-30

minutes. All my dealings with the police were polite and respectful. I

listened to the news in the hope that some of the politicians I had asked

for help would now intervene, but that was not to be .


I believe that the politicians stood indifferently by and put lives at risk,

one word from any one of them and none of what occurred would have.

Indeed they remained silent to this very day, and made sure that neither

in court anything would come out. On the eve of the second day I told the

guards that I would give up at 8 am the next day. Next morning three

policemen asked for permission to enter the house. Here they paid their

last respects to my dead mother – no politician ever did. After my mothers

body was put in a coffin the guards at my request did not put me in hand-

cuffs as they escorted me to the waiting police car. I kept my word to

them and they did likewise to me.


One of the last letters my mother wrote to a friend:



Dear Eilo,

                 You are disappointed of me, I can understand it, but I have become a lazy letter writer roundabout. Perhaps on account of the many tablets, I have to swallow, I am so lame in resolution.


Nothing has really changed here and so I cannot outlook to a visit in Galway, so much I would like it. I have not forgotten you not Julia, to whom you must say my best greetings and wishes. It was so nice of her to send me the little bottle of Whisky, which I have preserved.


Did you find J.P. Jacobsen and his perfect short novel ‘Mogens’ ?


I have found some books I have twice – Keller, Rilke, Moerike, Hesse – and could give them to your nice, if she would like that. But some are written in German type ( Fraktur – it is rather near the Latin type ), can she read that ?


It is such a rainy day – I am sad.


                      With love




Post Mortem

After my mother had years ago read about an post mortem carried out on Marilyn Monroe ( ‘stitched together like a potato bag’ etc.) she was horrified about the procedures of them, the mutilation and humiliation to the body – even when dead. But this was exactly what she got from the state who had just finished her off. The finding of course ‘ natural courses’. If I would knowingly and by purpose frighten a woman, walking along some cliffs, so much that she would fall down – what would be the verdict: Murder (manslaughter) or ‘natural courses’ due to gravity?


                           Isenborger Inquest

       Dramatic Bawnboy shooting recalled


The dramatic events in Bawnboy on January 15, 1997 when County Sheriff Thomas Owens and two of his deputies were shot and wounded when they went to the home of Gerrit Isenborger to execute an Eviction Order were recalled at an Inquest at Cavan Courthouse on Friday into the death of Mrs. Pauline Isenborger who resided in the house with her son Gerrit.


Mr. Paul Kelly, acting county coroner, presided with a jury and Mrs. Isenborger’s family were represented by Mr.H.Hunt, solicitor.


Garda Hugh Coll said that on Friday, January 17, 97 he went to the home of Gerrit Isenborger and after a conversation with Garda Inspector Tadgh Foley he entered the house. In a room off the hallway he saw the body of an elderly woman lying in a bed. Inspector Foley identified her as the mother of Gerrit Isenborger. Her body was placed in a coffin, transferred to a hearse and taken to Cavan General Hospital.


Gerrit Isenborger, son of the deceased, said that at the time of her death they resided at Ballyleenan, Bawnboy. She died on January 15,’97 she had been very ill and had been prescribed morphine.


State Pathologist, John Harbison said that on January 17,’97 at Cavan General Hospital he carried out a post mortem on Pauline Isenborger. There was no evidence of any injury to the diseased  and death was due to cancer. Her body showed no sign of neglect and her death was from natural causes.


The Coroner said that due to the circumstances at the time the gardai did not enter the Isenborger home until two days after the death when the doctor pronounced Mrs. Isenborger dead. They had to accept the sworn evidence of her son that she died on January 15.


The jury returned a verdict that Mrs. Isenborger died on the 15th January,’97 from natural causes, cancer.


The Coroner expressed his sympathy to Mr. Isenborger and the other members of his mother and added that she had died in very unusual circumstances.


Garda Inspector John O’Harra associated himself with the expression of sympathy on behalf of the gardai.


Mr. H. Hunt thanked the Coroner, the jury, the gardai and Professor Harbison for the kind, courteous and efficient way they had dealt with the inquest.






After 12 years !


After the Irish media had celebrated him; criminal lawyers worked for him and the Irish government protected him – terrorizing and killing a helpless 75 year old woman. Hehle has been arrested in Italy for what he is and always has been : a criminal!



This is the man who was untouchable in Ireland! And they all knew, because I told them so with prove, but the press told me ‘libel’, the politicians ignored me, and the law silenced me after a farce of a trial with 5 years in jail. That is Irish justice!


The translation in short:

Hehle has been arrested in Italy in a police raid for stealing bank details from people and accessing their accounts online and making transfers to Hehle’s account and then out of Italy to accounts in England, Ukraine and elsewhere. He is part of what is described as an “international organization”.



MANDURIA - Ecco come due stranieri architettavano la truffa conosciuta come phishing

10/03/2009 12.15.47 - Manduria - Attualità


 Ennesima operazione lampo degli Agenti del Commissariato di P.S. di Manduria. Ieri, in meno di un’ora, gli Agenti hanno ricostruito un episodio di riciclaggio e tratto in arresto due persone residenti a San Pietro in Bevagna; si tratta di un cittadino austriaco Michael Johann HEHLE, di anni 66 e la cittadina russa Svetlana NOVOKHODSKAYA, di anni 48. I due facevano parte di una organizzazione internazionale che in maniera fraudolenta, carpendo i codici segreti dei conti correnti bancari dei cittadini, trafugava il denaro e lo trasferiva sul conto corrente di HEHLE. I due avevano il compito di trasferire il denaro all’estero trattenendo per loro una percentuale. L’attività è stata stroncata ieri, quando gli Agenti sono stati avvertiti che un italiano della provincia di Parma aveva scoperto che dal suo conto corrente mancavano circa centomila euro, perché dal suo home banking erano partiti bonifici a favore di soggetti a lui sconosciuti. L’imprenditore ha subito presentato denuncia. Quattro dei bonifici, per un importo di circa 20.000 euro, erano stati effettuati presso una banca di Manduria a favore del soggetto austriaco, che nei giorni precedenti aveva prelevato parte del denaro e lo aveva trasferito in Inghilterra, Ucraina e altri paesi dell’Europa. Altri bonifici erano stati fatti ad altri soggetti che in queste ore sono stati identificati in altre parti d’Italia. I poliziotti immediatamente hanno fatto irruzione nell’abitazione dell’uomo e hanno trovato anche la cittadina russa, munita di visto per l’Italia ma priva di permesso di soggiorno. All’interno dell’abitazione, hanno ritrovato le mail con cui l’organizzazione aveva comunicato i bonifici fraudolentemente effettuati dal conto dell’ignaro correntista e le coordinate per ritrasferire il denaro. Sono stati sequestrati anche i mandati di trasferimento effettuati con la Western Union attraverso i quali i soldi venivano riciclati. I due lavoravano con alcuni computer che – al momento dell’irruzione – erano collegati in internet su siti russi. Anche i computer sono stati sequestrati. Adesso verranno analizzati per verificare le attività compiute dai due. Bisognerà anche scoprire come l’organizzazione si è procurata i codici della vittima.

Si tratta infatti di un tipico caso di phishing, cioè truffa informatica che permette di carpire, attraverso un’e-mail, i dati di accesso personali alla propria banca online. Ecco come avviene. Arriva nella vostra casella di posta elettronica un’e-mail che sembra provenire dalla vostra banca e vi dice che c’è un imprecisato problema al sistema di “home banking”. Vi invita pertanto ad aprire la home page della banca con cui avete in conto corrente gestito via web e di cliccare sul link indicato nella mail. Subito dopo aver cliccato sul link vi si apre una finestra (pop-up) su cui digitare la “user-id” e la “password” di ac cesso all’home banking. Dopo pochi secondi, in generale, appare un altro pop-up che vi informa che per assenza di collegamento non è possibile la connessione. A questo punto qualcuno è entrato in possesso dei vostri dati e può fare operazioni sul vostro conto. E’ una truffa, denominata “phishing”, nata in Spagna e Portogallo e in seguito segnalata dalla Polizia locale a quella italiana. Si è diffusa, infatti, anche nel nostro paese e il raggiro consiste nell’acquisire “user-id”, ”password”, nome dell’istituto di credito ed eventuali altri dati immessi dall’ignaro utente. Così grazie a quel primo pop-up che ha registrato i dati, il conto corrente viene svuotato con i bonifici fatti a società fantomatiche.

Nella casa è stato ritrovato altro materiale documentale che ora verrà analizzato poiché non si esclude che i due fossero anche dediti a truffe.



‘ They don’t do me anything,

they know me.’

Michael Hehle, Criminal

Protected by the government to the last !




Michael Hehle

An Austrian who came to Ireland in the early 90’s from Italy. After moving

from place to place, living at times in a trailer ( Sligo/Rosc.)and running financial scams with his German partner H.Rossmann, he settled in Ballinamore ( Co.Leitrim ), where he started his cowboy riding project. With the help of a PR person and his ruthless solicitor Gabriel Toolan he managed to create a fantasy image of his activities, constantly on TV and in the newspapers. In reality the place was a joke and a waste of money and just a cover for his financial business – what he never mentioned in public !

The main place for that was located in Co. Longford in a loc house ( build without planning permission ) on a peninsular in Lough Gowna filled with computers. He always went alone to this place.


For his riding business he ask people from far away to work for him. Many  are foreigners , if non EU, without papers. When they realised what was going on and started to ask questions he fired them without fulfilling his financial obligations and leaving them broke and homeless ( he always had placed them in one of his many cottages ). Some tried to fight Hehle and his solicitor Gabriel Toolan, but eventually they gave up.


No doubt Hehle was politically well connected. When he officially opened the place, although nothing was working, his guests included :  Dan O’Neill - North West Tourism , Senator Paschal Mooney , Joe McCartin – MEP , Deputy John Ellis , Enda Kenny – Minister for tourism  – now opposition leader and possible next Prime Minister (!?), Senator Gerry Reynolds and Chairman of Leitrim County Council – Cllr. Sean McGowan.!


After the 15.1.97, he was boycotted by many locals , he kept on going. Still well connected to get over 500.000 £ in grants. His riding business still the same joke. The grant was given by the MBPD ( Management Board for Product Development), which was chaired by Mr.Malachy Stephens - friend and fellow County Mayo man of Enda Kenny. By the way, Mr.Hehles auditor at the time was a certain Mr. Malachy Stephens, that’s just the way how things are done in Ireland.

The PHOENIX magazine wrote on the 27.3.1998 :

                   ‘’Whatever about the other companies Stephens acts for and which have received grants from MBPD, the fact that Hehle can flout the planning and company laws of the state with little or no sanction, is remarkable. That he should then receive hundreds of thousands of pounds from a body chaired by someone, namely, his auditor, who is fully conversant with the salient facts, as well as the chronic finances of his client’s company, PK, is equally surprising.’’


Every attempts by me to expose him for perjury , fraud and other things – be it in court or elsewhere by reporting him to the authorities – were well fought off by what ever means needed. In the US the swindler Bernie Madoff just got 150 years in jail for fraud and perjury – he should have operated out of Ireland and he would still be a free man!


Than in 2000 came his downfall, when it was reported how investors had lost several 100 millions by buying Hehle’s worthless shares ( signed by Gabriel Toolan ). Exactly what I had told the authorities , with prove 5 years earlier, would happen. By than of course I was in jail. I wrote to the police head quarter, offering assistance, they refused. Neither was the journalist questioned who had brought the story – only to be told that the victims where non Irish and therefore of no concern.!?


After loosing his ( fake ) empire Hehle moved into one of his cottages. And than disappeared to Italy.   All the buildings plus pub ( saloon ) were taken over by Ron Weiss.


While my mother was dying Hehle used all sorts of terror tactics, like blocking my car for one week, having a JCB running beside the house for the whole day without purpose before the day of the trial , trying to cut off the electricity etc., all officially illegal – but for Hehle no problem thanks to a brutal system of corruption which protected him no matter what he did. Under a Government Enda Kenny was part of, the same man who wants to become prime minister now.


Letter from Police Headquarter 22.2.2001 ( 3 month later ! ) to me( in jail).


I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 20. November, 2000 and state that

the allegations contained therein have been investigated, examined and accessed by

the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation. They do not require any involvement by

the Garda Siochana. The contents of your correspondence have been retained by this

Bureau for their information and if you require same to be returned please contact the

writer who will accede to your request.

Yours faithfully,


At the same time a note in a newspaper read:



 HOW do you identify a fraudster? There are a number of warning signs,

 According to Det Supt McGee. Here are a few:

 . A lavish lifestyle out of keeping with the person’s known resources

 . ‘’Larger than life’’ personalities who attempt to control their environment

 .Extensive and unnecessary foreign travel by the suspect

 .Loss of accounting records and financial information, or a frequent change in their financial advisors

 .Those who make payments for services that appear excessive


Each point fitted Hehle like a glove !


Some pictures of Hehle’s many ( glorifying ) appearances on TV ( equally often in the newspapers ), he surely was the darling of the Irish media.



Those are the Business cards I found in Hehle’s shed. They all relate to various investment ventures by Hehle. The big red one reads: UI, European Representative Office: 20 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2. Michael Hehle, Investment Consultant, Tel: (00353) – 78 – 44676.  Every week his former manager had to drive to Dublin and pick up the post from an empty office. The telephone no. was of course not a Dublin no. but a Co.Leitrim no. . Not that foreigners would have known the difference.

















One of the worthless shares, signed by Hehle’s solicitor Gabriel Toolan ! While investigating Hehle, this share ( original ) was given to me under the condition that I make it untraceable, hence the name blacked out, - fear of Hehle and his political support, a fear well founded in Ireland. The state had all those papers and others but gave Hehle another 5 years. I wanted them to be produced in court – but thanks to Mr. Martin ( barrister ), and later Mr. McEntee ( barrister) this didn’t happen either.



‘When the Government fears the people, that is liberty.

When the people fear the Government, that is tyranny.’

Thomas Jefferson



In a newspaper Hehle blamed for the loss of the millions FLC in America, this was in 2000, five years earlier in 1995,  I had written to FLC, with the address given on the business papers and Hehle’s business cards. Here I complaint about their ‘employee’ Hehle. The letter came back with a stamp in red:


                                           CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY

                                                           Does not accept mail

                                                           for this addressee.

                                                           Please return to sender.




                                   Gabriel Toolan

                                   Hehles lawyer  and partner in crime.




Was considered to be the black sheep of the Toolan clan by then. Lived in Dublin ( another Toolan office ), and coming back to Ballinamore shortly before Hehles arrival. He was then a member of the Hare Krishna sect and driving an old VW banger. Soon after teaming up with Hehle he drove a BMW and signed the ( worthless )FLC shares as Secretary/Treasurer/President. After I contacted the PHONIX magazine with documents, they wrote about him, Toolan promptly denied his close links with Hehle, and threatened with court procedure denying any involvement in Hehles business. In other words, Toolan threatened a magazine with libel for telling the ‘truth’, but then again this is quite common in Ireland and unfortunately very often very successful in oppressing the truth. From now on Toolan became Hehles legal trouble-shooter to get rid of everybody in Hehles way, by what ever means necessary! After the farce of a court case in Cavan he contacted my solicitor with the demand that I should shut up now and disappear or he would bring charges forward against me that I had, right after the trial, threatened to kill Hehle, with him, Toolan, as a witness. The threat to kill someone carries a jail sentence in Ireland, recently 7 years for a man in Limerick. Therefore Toolan’s threat was very serious and with him as witness even more so. There was only one thing Toolan had overlooked: while still in the court room I had started a conversation, at the end of the trial, with a police officer and continued to do so for about one hour! So if I had threatened Hehle right after the trial, I would have done so in the present of this officer! And no matter how incompetent or corrupt a judge might be (and I have my experience there), even they know that they can’t ignore the testimony of a police officer. There was therefore only one thing to do for Toolan, to feed the ‘information’ to the press and they promptly printed it on the 17.1.97. And as such at a time when several newspapers portrayed Hehle as the descend man and me as the bad one, timing is everything. This episode shows clearly how far Toolan was prepared to go for Hehle – including blackmailing with perjury to put a man into jail! A local newspaper called Toolan recently a ‘ well respected ‘ member of society.


A lawyer with so much criminal energy had to come of course to the attention of some authorities, like the Leitrim Bar Association: they made him ‘Secretary’ of their Law Association! It takes one to like one. No wonder that the legal system in this country is in such a mess.



Toolan in Hehles house, praising him on national TV ( his name is wrongly spelled ).








Toolan as a Hare Krishna at a dance on Inisrath Island, Upper Lough Erne, Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.


Update 2011: Newspaper: Gabriel Toolan, of Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, acted for a developer and purchaser in a number of transactions, delayed paying stamp duty on several houses, transferred fees between accounts, altered dates on letters and updated transfer documents. He was censured and ordered to pay €15,000 compensation and the Law Society’s costs.’ So, among other things, he fiddled (forged) documents! In any other country this would be considered a criminal offence in general and in particular if done by a lawyer. Not in Ireland! And is there an outcry among politicians, judges, lawyers or the DPP? No. of course not! This man is still a lawyer and works in the courts, what shows how rotten and corrupt the legal system in this country is.


Those are the remarks on the internet under ‘rate your solicitor’ in regard to G.Toolan:






1st of Oct, 2009


Totally inept. Did not forward relevant papers to the Land Registry for nearly 14 years. Arrogant and pompous. Owes me money.





3rd of Nov, 2009


Screwing the county for years and years and getting away with it, should not have a licence to practice. The Law Society should be doing spot checks on these cowboys.

17th of Dec, 2009


As bent as a nine pound note.

4th of Jan, 2010


He's really a good chap.

7th of Feb, 2010

Aidan Foley

Knows his stuff

3rd of Mar, 2010

Rip off

He is demanding 18,000 for an out of court settlement for a land dispute. He did little or no work on the case this man is con artist and rips off ignorant farmers and laughs at them behind their backs

3rd of Mar, 2010

Report him !!

I WILL be the last person this man screws I have reported him to the law library. Do not pay this man report him instead to the law library.

19th of Mar, 2010

Current Client

ignorant arrogant man avoid him!

11th of Mar, 2010


Gabriel is in this game to line his pockets. Clients come second he will seek the best settlement for himself. Be sure to agree a price upfront an don't trust him with deeds etc...

12th of Mar, 2010

happy client

I think that the above comments of the 3rd of March are probably by the same person. If you are so convinced that you have been screwed why do you not sign your name to your comments.





Frank Martin

He was my barrister in my trial against Hehle for compensation and the purpose to expose him. By means of conspiracy he tricked me out of that and set a whole chain of devastating events into motion. I reported him to the Barristers Conduct Tribunal. They dragged on and on for 4 years (!), before deciding in Martins favour, by judging on a question I hadn’t ask and ignoring the one I had ask. By then in total just over 6 years had passed by – after 6 years one can’t bring charges of malpractice against a lawyer anymore as I learned later. During an oral hearing I learned about the huge amount of work he had done for Hehle before the 15.1.97 and as well after: libel against Irish Times ( 1997 ) with him as J.C. and Michael McDowell (!) as S.C.. McDowell has responded especially arrogant to my letters as Minister of Justice and stopped TD Joe Costello to bring my case up in Parliament! ( Democracy good night. )


When Frank Martin took my case on, he failed to inform me that at the time Hehle was his client as well !!! After spending years in jail I obtained a list of his work for Hehle.


·        Advices in relation to property transactions.

·        Advices in processing of matters relating to his business at ‘Drumcoura City’.

·        Advices regarding his business through a corporate entity ‘ Peninsula Killatrave Limited’.

·        Issues arising in relation to the conduct of his business and relationship with third parties.

·        Issues relating to debts arising and liabilities to discharge same.

·        Litigation regarding debts.

·        High Court proceedings under the Planning and Development Acts.

·        Actions for damages for slander on behalf of a corporation controlled by Mr. Hehle.


In other words: everything I found out about Hehle plus prove in my case must have landed instantly on Hehles/Toolans table. So they knew that it was time to pull the plug. And so they did. In the afternoon before the trial, Martin stepped down as ‘my’ barrister. A ‘replacement’ barrister had then the evening time to ‘study’ my case and represent me the next morning in court !? Not one document I had supplied was shown in court and not one witness ( of many ) I had recommended was called to give evidence! My barrister ask 4 questions (?), and even there Hehle lied. And the judge – either incompetent for not seeing what was going on or part of the charade – gave Hehle what he wanted. My demands to refer the trial to give a new barrister time to make himself familiar with the facts; or after the trial instantly to appeal the outcome on the base of the ridiculous circumstances were refused!


In 2008 Toolan opened his newly build office in Ballinamore, Co.Leitrim. For the occasion he had two guests of honour. A retired judge and Frank Martin – no doubt a very good friend!




Toolan and Martin.


The Irish Constitution guarantees everybody a fair trial. What a joke! And I found that out on two more occasions. And nobody stands up; not the DPP Hamilton, not the President ( guardian of the constitution !) , not the press and no politician. Nearly 90 years ago brave Irish man and woman died for the creation of the Constitution – today it’s not worth the paper it is printed on!


See further down: Barristers Conduct Tribunal and the Law Society of Ireland







Patrick ( Paddy ) McEntee, my Barrister

He was the barrister I got for the trial against me. On the grounds what people told me about him, I was very happy to have the ‘best’ there is. Shortly before the trial I met him once (?), but to my surprise he didn’t showed the slightest interest in my case but started right from the beginning to bully me into pleading guilty, what I refused. After some threats like I would get 16 – 18 years otherwise, and the promise ( twice !) that everything, what had happen, would come out in court , I agreed. Big mistake – nothing came out. He once called Hehle ‘heavy handed’ – that was that! After my release from prison I wrote to him with the question ‘Why’. He never answered.

He knew that once a accused pleads guilty there isn’t really a trial ( no jury ), rather more a hearing. I didn’t knew that and he must have had his reasons not to tell me! Before he became the “ great McEntee “ he was just a lawyer working a lot in the Leitrim, Monaghan, Cavan area  and as such surely knew Mr. Owens ( sheriff ) quite well as well as the Toolan clan – all of them fellow lawyers!


Hilary Fitzpatrick, my Solisitor


After I had been refused Free Legal Aid to defend myself against Hehle, Mr. Fitzpatrick ( male besides his first name) approached me after the eviction trial and offered his assistance. At this stage I was very grateful for that, and Mr. Fitzpatrick did well, he never showed much bite against Toolan but kept him at bay. This changed abruptly after Mr.Martins/Mr. Toolans plot to trick me out of a fair trial against Hehle. First he refused to have the trial postponed and than to appealed, what both had been a simple formality. It was clear after the trial that suddenly he wanted to distance himself from any involvement. The last contact was that he sent me a bill for 4.000 Pounds after I got another solicitor for the trial against me. During the time he acted for me I gave him copies of everything concerning the case, after released from jail I wrote to him on the 14.7.2003.

Dear Mr.Fitzpatrick

Maybe you could be so good to answer some questions, which are of great importance for me. While I believe that you had difficulties to deal with a ruthless and ,yes, criminal lawyer like Toolan I never questioned your honesty and Christian attitude in handling my case. In that spirit and the memory of my dead mother, who suffered so greatly, I appeal to you to grand me my request.

1)      On numerous occasions you said at the time that Toolan got the Dep. of Justice to bear pressure on the sheriff to carry out the eviction. On the base of what information did you said this ?

2)      Could you please send me copies of all the correspondence between you and the sheriff in my case.

3)      At one stage the sheriff sent me a letter from the Dep. of Justice threatening him with jail if he wouldn’t go on with the eviction. Did I gave you a copy of that – if yes could you please sent this as well ( 2 papers – letter and print of the law).

4)      How long before the trial ( where Mr. Martin pulled out the day before ) did you ask Mr. Martin to take my case ?

5)      Did you knew or did Mr.Martin informed you that by the time he agreed to take my case, that he had done already extensive work for Hehle ?

6)      I remember that I constantly provided you with information in word and documents about Mr.Hehle in regard to the running of his Western riding place and his kept quietly investment business ( where people eventually lost millions what I predicted). When did you provide Mr.Martin with those information(brief). Constantly – 1 month – 1 week or just one day before the court case ?

7)      I asked you several times to meet Mr.Martin in order to discuss in person the case with him, you insured me that such a meeting would take place, as we know that meeting took never place. Was the idea that I would meet him in the morning of the trial to discuss this important and complex case with him for 5 minutes or did you suggested a meeting with him well before but he delayed or refused such a meeting ?

I know that this are many questions – and some time has passed since – but again I appeal to your Christian believes ( you mentioned at one stage to uphold ) to answer them all to the best of your recollection possible, and to send me the copies I ask for

Yours sincerely


After a few weeks without reply, I wrote again, this time without the niceties and the reminder of his Christian attitude he always prided himself with. Now I got quickly a reply:


H.L.Fitzpatrick & Co. Solicitors

Church Street, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan

Telephone : ( 049 ) 952 6406



Re: Court matter.



Dear Mr Isenborger


We are in receipt of your recent undated letter in relation to the above.


The contents of your letter is making very serious and inaccurate allegations and we can only

suggest that you immediately refrain from doing so.


If you are presently separately legally represented we can only suggest that any further

correspondence you may wish to issue should be done through proper Legal channels.


Yours faithfully

H L Fitzpatrick & Co.,


No answer to my simple straightforward questions but instead a threat. What is his problem ? Using proper Legal channels- I did this by trusting lawyers like him and Martin, and where did I end up?





Nora Owen ( Fine Gael )

She was minister for justice during the build up to the 15.1.97.,. Her tactics to fend off accusations was to blame either the staff in the Dep. or similar that she didn’t got important letters. A while ago the independent Dail deputy from Donegal , Tom Gildea, had accused her of ‘abusing her office ‘, as minister. Mrs. Owen’s response was ‘ I have been ruined, quite frankly, by the untrue, unfounded allegations. My name has been associated with the word ‘bribery’ in today’s newspaper headlines.’ After some political (!) pressure, Mr. Gildea withdrew his allegation.


Hehles political man for trouble shooting was then Senator Gerry Reynolds ( Fine Gael ). His family owns a big builders hardware store in Ballinamore, with Hehle at the time a major costumer. Minister for Justice Nora Owens came to reopen the store after a renovation (!?), at the same time when she blocked my requests for help, instead putting the sheriff under pressure to carry out the eviction. While I was in jail on remand for 5 days after the 15.1.97, someone went through my bag with all my files and removed all the letters the sheriff had send me, including the one, were he was threaten with jail by the Dep. of Justice if he wouldn’t carry out the eviction. Later the Dep. Of Justice denied any involvement, or even to have known what was going on. The sheriff denied later to have send me such a letter. So he must have been informed that the letter had ‘disappeared ‘. In other words: the Dep. Of Justice under Nora Owen, first: stole a vital document ( only they would have had access to a jail ) , and then, secondly: conspired with the sheriff to pervert the course of justice. If the Dep. Of Justice turns criminal, nobody is safe, because they control the one institution supposed to uphold the law.


‘During times of universal deceit, telling the

truth becomes a revolutionary act.’

George Orwell



Tommy Owen, Sheriff

He was in the beginning reluctant, but after being

pressurised by the Dep. of Justice became eager to carry out his orders. Set up 4-5 mock evictions ( enormous terror and stress for my mother ). Lied in Book of Evidence ( and to press ) about what had happen - criminal offence ! ). Refused to speak during my first trail in Dublin – judge and prosecutor ask him several times to come forward – not McEntee of course. Claimed not to have known about my mothers state of health – he knew as everybody else did ( Government etc.).Was put under Garda protection while in hospital, his wife left their home for a while after getting many terror phone calls. Before Christmas 1996, he wrote to me that he would postpone the eviction ‘ For the season what’s in it’ – they are all good Christians ! As well he had written me a letter explaining that he had to carry out the eviction because the Dep. Of Justice had threaten him with prison if not. Attached was the photocopy of a law from the 19. century with such old terms as hard labour etc..

This letter with copy of the old law has since become very important. After I had spend 5 days on remand in prison after the incident, I realised instantly that someone had gone through my travel bag. The content were all my files and papers concerning the case , when knowing that I would be arrested, those was the only things I had taken ( plus a set of cloth ). At the time I didn’t thought much about it, and due to the amount of papers I didn’t miss any instantly. In the preparation for my court case I didn’t neither pay much attention to the fact that everybody had known about the state of my mothers health or the involvement of the Dep. Of Justice, for the simple reason that I considered this to be facts to be contested by nobody, whenever I spoke with my solicitor about it. And of course I expected Mr. McEntee to bring those point especially up. But in that farce of a trial nothing was brought up – contrary – it was especially claimed that nobody had known anything. Right after the trial I went though my file page by page – and realised that all letters from the sheriff had gone, bar one folded in other papers. All the notifications of evictions and all the other letters. I went than, just to be sure, through all the stuff I had in the cottage ( boxes, books, cloths, furniture etc.) what had been put into a farmers shed while I had been in jail ( where most of it still is and rotting away ). But nothing. Now I remembered that somebody had gone through my file while I was in jail, and indeed this was the only time were the state had full access to everything. There is of course only one Department with access to jails and as such only one Dep. with an interest of denying its involvement into an action leading to the death of a human being – and this is the Dep. of Justice.

A lot of things became clear now. But of course it was too late now, especially after the next farce of the Appeal trial. After my sentence I wrote to the sheriff asking for those letters – as expected no answer. Than TD Joe Costello phoned him. Letter from Mr.Costello:  20.1.2004

Dear Gerrit

I spoke to Tommy Owens, the former Sheriff, on 19 January 2004 as promised.

He stated that he never corresponded with you. He further stated that he was satisfied with the judgement of the court in your case. He urged that you try and put those events behind you and move on with your life.

I would appreciate it if you would drop in to see me at my advice centre in Sean Mac

Dermott Street or telephone me at your convenience.

Kind regards



Well, I know that I got those letters and Mr. Owen knows of course that he wrote them. If he claims now not to have written those letters, and not taking the risk to be exposed as a liar , there is only one reason. The Dep. of Justice informed him that they had removed those letters. This in itself is nothing but a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – and that by the Department of Justice itself.

One might remember that in my ‘Appeal for Help’, I wrote: ‘- on Mr. Toolans behalf the Department of Justice is threatening them [ sheriffs office ] now with contempt of court.’ Where did I got that notion from ? At this time of course the Dep. hadn’t stolen the letter ! My than solicitor Fitzpatrick ( at this stage probably still on my side !) wrote on the 14.10.96 a letter to the sheriff where on two occasion he points out: ‘ We fully appreciate the pressure which you may experiencing –‘, and ‘ Again while we appreciate the extreme pressure which you are under-.’- in a country like Ireland, where civil servants are so tightly controlled, there is only one instance which can apply ‘ extreme pressure.’ – and that is the state in the form of its departments!


On the occasion of the sheriffs retirement, the judge who presided over this farce of a trial in Cavan, said about him: I personally owe him a debt of gratitude. I look on him as a very wise man, a very courteous man and a very approachable man.’ – he sure was approachable.

While in jail, I read a very small note in a newspaper, saying that the sheriff and his men had got compensation for being injured while going about their legal business – as judge O’Flaherty had called the killing of my mother. Obviously the state hadn’t contested the claim and paid quietly. What is strange, normally the state fights any claims, as in the case were countless people had been deadly infected with Anti-D infected blood due to negligence by a state body . Here the state fought many of them right into their graves. On request from the Freedom of Information Act I was told.:

The total expenditure in respect of compensation plus costs paid in relation to the civil cases as requested in part (e) of your request was

Pounds 524,515.14.’ In today’s currency that is ca. Euro 655.643,- or $ 786.772,-, together with prison ( ca. Euro 60.000 per year), police and courts  the whole action by the state/sheriff/Hehle etc. has cost the Irish taxpayer a lot of money indeed. Plus the human misery ! But who said that corruption comes cheap ? The late French President Francois Mitterrand once said :’ Corruption kills.’ – he was damn right!


In 2010 this monster passed away! Until then I had wondered if, with his own mortality coming closer, he would finally show some conscious and speak up and tell the truth. But no, he died as he had lived – reckless without any form of humanity or conscious! Nora Owens must have been delighted to know that one major witness of her corruption was dead. But that is of course the principle of cover up – after a while all witnesses are dead. The local newspaper had a fine obituary, no less than half a page. They wrote: ‘-,was the personification of the dedicated and competent public servant’. ‘ Tommy was always on top of his brief’. ‘ A man with a gifted brain, he was never disconcerted by any of the many challenges that came his way as part of his work –‘.’- requested by the Irish Government and the United Nations to guide the running of the first ever election held in Gaza.’ ‘ At this stage of his life he was also an active member of the Finna Fail party holding the post of country secretary of Finna Fail for a time’. ‘ In his role as County Registrar Tommy was also sheriff for the county and performed that role in a judicious yet fair manner’. ‘ – described Tommy Owens as a unique public servant who had an acute sense of democracy and the rule of law. He believed that both were essential to the well being of the people and that it was his duty to ensure that both were protected and advanced’. ‘ He knew the law and he knew the rules’. Well, besides being a Saint he sure was politically well connected, what would explain a lot. They mention of course as well that he was injured while obeying orders,’ traumatic events’. They don’t mention the result of his actions for an 75 year old suffering woman, he helped to terrorise for month!



In order to understand, why corruption is so successful in Ireland, one has to understand how the system works.


The Parliament

( Houses of the Oireachtas – Parliament of Ireland, composed of the Dail/House of Deputies and Seanad/Senate)


Salus Publica Suprema Lex  = Not in Ireland


The Dail has 166 members, what is quite a big number for a population of 4 million. If Germany had the same proportion, she would have 3300 MP’s, the USA would have a building with 12500 seats and India would need to rent a soccer stadium for every meeting. With so many MP’s working at the same job, it is no surprise that they have the job quickly done, therefore they have more holidays than MP’s elsewhere, with hardly 80 days of attendance per year. And with so much free time at their hands, they need of course enough spending money to pass that idle time, therefore they have made themselves the best paid politicians in the world, not included all the perks and extra payments they have invented for themselves over the years. Or as some begrudging people would say: Irish politicians are the most laziest and greediest MP’s in the world, besides being quite good in the incompetence and corrupt department as well. Others would say: they are the best politicians money can buy, and that, no doubt, has a double meaning, if one considers all the ‘donations’, ‘dig outs’ and ‘whip around’ they get on the side from people supporting the ‘democratic process’. And what about the morality of them? Well, here it seems that everybody with the ambition to become a politician has to sit first a test in morality. The ones who do badly are considered, the ones who fail become Minister and the ones, where there is absolutely  no morality detectable - are Prime Minister material .


The Senate is more or less the same. The main difference is, that most people wouldn’t be able to explain what they do or what they are actually needed for. And being mostly appointed rather more than elected, the Senate is the ideal place to dump ex-politicians , have new ones to do a few well paid rounds before elected to the dail or show gratitude for help rendered . Like Bertie appointed a journalist to the Senate, who during the election campaign, was full of praise for him in his newspaper. As well as a politician from his party, who had lost the election after it had came out that he had accepted some ‘freebees’.


To be fair, one must of course mention that there are every now and then a few white sheep in the herd. Although they might be hard to find. In my case that was the Labour MP Joe Costello – who wanted to help, but was stopped by ex-Minister Michael McDowell – so much to Irish democracy !


The Lawyers

Lawyers are virtually a law to them self in Ireland, and as such very similar to politicians. If a person becomes a victim of both of them at the same time, that person is absolutely helpless. The politicians control the police and have castrated the press with the libel laws, furthermore they have influence on certain judges. If a newspaper is in doubt about a story, they have their lawyers deceit on it. And here the rule is: if one is up against one lawyer, one is up against all lawyers. The newspaper lawyers will filter out every negative story concerning their own, the last and very effective line of defence for the profession. What the Irish people are allowed to read and what not, depends therefore to the biggest part of what lawyers consider as suitable. In the same way as how lawyers have a big influence on the outcome of court cases. If the corrupt lawyers for both sides deceit on the outcome - justice and right or wrong becomes irrelevant. While the state ( politicians ) is interfering otherwise with every aspect of life ( nanny state ), they haven’t come up with any laws to control the lawyers. And with the habit of appointing most of the time lawyers as Minister for Justice, this won’t change either in a hurry.

Both kinds of lawyers: the solicitors and the barristers have their own organisations. Both of them claim to pursue the ‘highest ethical standards’. What is of course hypocritical rubbish. They both have only one aim, and that is to keep ‘their’ members out of trouble !

I wrote before the 15.1.97, to the Law Society to complain about Hehles solicitor Toolan. They wrote back that only my solicitor could do that, what he of course refused to do, and nobody else would do either. Therefore to complain about a criminal solicitors to the Law Society is absolutely useless – and they know that !

While in prison, I complained about Frank Martin to the Barristers Tribunal. It took them over 4 years (!?) to decide that Martin had acted correctly, by deciding on a question I hadn’t ask and ignoring the one I had ask!. With the time lapsed before, that brought Martin just over the time limit, within one can sue a barrister for malpractice. They sure know how to protect their own ones with the help of their ethical standards.

So, do get lawyers away with everything? No, as one can watch in the moment, where a solicitor is merciless exposed by the Law Society. What did he do ? Did he perverted the course of justice; blackmailed; terrorised a terminal ill 75 years old woman; obstructed the course of justice; lied for his client etc.? No, that is perfectly legal for a lawyer in Ireland. But he simply forgot, that corruption has a hierarchy as well. And on the top is always money. And nobody has more money than the banks ( be it their own money or topped up by the taxpayer to bail them out ) – they don’t even have to be corrupt themselves, just the fact that they have plenty of money, makes them powerful and therefore a dangerous enemy to mess with. And this was the mistake of the solicitor, he messed with the banks!


Anybody interested in Irish lawyers and their criminal activities should have a look at the Irish  website.: ‘ www.crookedlawyers.ie  ‘.


The Police – The Gardai (Gards)

Most people presume that the main job of the police is to protect them. I thought so as well. But that is wrong, especially in Ireland. The main job of the police is to protect the state. In the last consequence that means , that if the state turns criminal, the police will protect the criminal state against its victims. What makes sense , after all, the state controls the police - not the people. It is the state who employs the police, decides on promotions, pays their wages and most importantly -makes the rules under which they are operating. In a just and fair state that is not a problem, in a corrupt state it is! For example, the state threatens police officer with jail if they ‘blow the whistle ‘. This means, if an officer would inform the press about a case of political corruption – he or she would end up in jail! Another effective instrument to keep police officers on the ‘straight and narrow’ is the fact, that each one of them has to serve over 20 years before being entitled to a pension, if sacked before – the pension is gone. Further more has the Minister of Justice the power to end any police investigation into a case, if he wants to do so. On two occasions, low rank officers told me freely, that they knew criminals like Hehle, but couldn’t touch them because they had some sort of ‘ political protection’! The German embassy told me as well, that every now and than, the Dep. Of Justice would simply ignore international arrest warrants. The normal way would be to arrest such a person and let a judge  decide if the person should be extradited or not. By ignoring the warrant, the warrant does not exist and any publicity is avoided – the trade mark of Irish corruption. After it came out that people had lost millions thanks to Hehles ‘investment’ business, of which I had long before warned the authorities, a journalist ask the police what they would do about it. The answer: Nothing, because the victims were ‘ non Irish’ ?! I wrote to the police ( fraud  dep.) with a similar question. My first letter was ignored, on my second letter I was told weeks later, that Hehle had done nothing wrong ?! Before the murderous 15.1.97, I went to the police to report Hehle for among other things, for ‘perjury, fraud and acts of terror against a 75 year old woman’. I was told that this was a ‘civil’ matter and had nothing to do with them ?! Then still before the 15.1.97, I went to the Dep.of Justice in Dublin, there they finished me off in the entrance hall with all the people coming in and out around us. The person I talked to, knew without a doubt, who Hehle was, - asking me into an office had meant to open a file with Nr., Date and Name – not a good idea when it comes to corruption, it makes it difficult later to claim : ‘ Nobody knew ‘!Later in court the state prosecutor would repeatedly claim that ‘nobody’ had known what had gone on before the 15.1.97.. After refusing to engage into any form of discussion, the Dep. Of Justice man told me to go to my local police station and make a report. What I had done before ( civil matter ), but I went again and was told this time that I had to report the case to the Dep.of Justice ?! With one word = Hehle was untouchable !!!


As I found out, while talking with those two police officers, they and many of their colleagues are not happy with the system, but thanks to the bylaws there is nothing they can do short of quitting the force or face jail if they speak out. A situation that will no doubt turn many into cynics, because they are forced, not only not to go after the protected bad ones, but even worse, they can’t help the victims. And that is just the way how the Irish state likes to keep it, because they have nothing done to change it. Contrary, the ex Minister McDowell even tightened up the rules for ‘whistle blower’.


Another example of who rules the police: After I had my website published for the first time on the internet, one January late evening, two detectives came to my place to interview me. They were friendly and correct – but still intimidating under the circumstances. They were from Co. Meath, and as such on a ca. 100 km roundtrip to visit me in Dublin. And why had they come? Frank Martin, the criminal barrister, had send them ! By telling them, that he was concerned about his safety with my mothers birthday on the 12. of February coming up. The police had never moved a finger to help my mother while she was alive, but now dead, her birthday made them travel for hours, on behalf of the man who had helped to kill her !!!




Torture, Injustice and the Culture to Cover Up.


Since 1937 thousands of children, mostly from a poor background, were tortured, misused and sexually assaulted while in the care of the different religious orders. More than 30 years ago some of those victims tried to bring this scandal into the open but where blocked every which way possible. By the time the government couldn’t hash it up anymore they established an inquiry which needed 10 long years to publish its findings. Another 10 years were countless victims died without ever seeing justice and equally countless perpetrators expired without ever being brought to justice. And the compensation is now paid mainly by the tax payer after the government had come to a cosy agreement with the church. And out of the estimated 1,4 billion Euros the lawyers will get a 400 million cut. What a rotten system all together.











Demonstration in Dublin for the victims of Institutional Abuse ( 2009)


Indeed, the Bastards should be caged, together with the politicians who knew what was going on but kept silent and in keeping silent enabled and prolonged the suffering of thousands. Like the president Mary McAleese, who in a recent radio interview after the normal blahblahblah and crocodile tears said ‘ I had a fair idea what happened ‘ – unfortunately the journalist didn’t ask her ‘ Why did you not speak out ! Were you afraid that the power of the church would interfere with your political ambitions if you would annoy them ?’ – A while ago in a speech for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

‘She said that two of the most remarkable aspects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were its innovation in giving priority to the individual human being and the absolutely universal nature of the document.

With its focus on the individual, the great walls of state became penetrable and permeable, their treatment of citizens open to observation, to measurement, to accountability to the entire human family,"


This was of course before the findings of the inquiry about Institutional Abuse were published. I wrote to her as well concerning my case – she never answered !


‘ The law is the law and it must

be applied to everybody.’

Bertie Ahern – Ex Prime Minister

Finally exposed as the corrupt politician he is, after he ruined the country.











                            During his 10 years in power I wrote him several letters – he didn’t answer one of them. On the other hand

                       I got twice a Christmas card from him while I was in jail – thank you Bertie, deep down you are a good guy.


Bertie’s Celtic Tiger



            “ I believe in the truth.” Bertie about Bertie



This is not the place to discus Ireland’s self-inflicted economy disaster. But it concerns Bertie Ahern and corruption and as such should be quickly mentioned.


First of all; there never was a Celtic Tiger in the first place, just a big fat tom cat, fed by Bertie with Viagra until the creature collapsed! Everybody with some ground knowledge about how a modern economy works could and should have seen that. The problem was, that not many wanted to see it. And the few, who said something, were either brushed aside or by Bertie advised to commit suicide! After all, things went up and satisfied people are rarely complaining. Like sheep that follow the man who feeds them best – and if this man in the end turns out to be the local butcher, oops, we didn’t see that one coming. And follow they did Bertie; he went from one election victory to the next. And while most people might lack the economical knowledge, everybody could see that this man was corrupt through and through. But nobody cared. Not about the widespread corruption and even less about the many victims it produced. When ever I told people in the past that Bertie was a corrupt politician who is going to ruin the country, the answer was ‘we know that he is corrupt, but look what he has done for the country, all experts tell us so’. Upon which I said, ‘What experts? The bankers, the developers, the speculators, the lawyers,  the auctioneers and all the others who are getting rich - thanks to Bertie’s false boom? ‘But it was useless. Equally useless was it, to point out that a corrupt political leader will never appoint others on the base of competence, but purely on their willingness to support his wheeling and dealings. And they surely did that, right to the end. Brian Cowen still calls Bertie ‘ The greatest politician of his generation’! The simple fact is, that incompetence is the brother of corruption, and in the long run this corruption doesn’t serve the people but only the ones who run the corruption – something Ireland is finding out in the moment the hard way. Therefore, people who have turned a blind eye to corruption and its victims for years, shouldn’t complain now, when it finally hits themselves, because it always will! While I was in jail for years, I could see every day in the newspapers the pictures of Bertie surrounded by smiling people – they don’t smile anymore!

2011: Now he has announced to leave public politics. His only regrets? That he didn’t build a super station – presumably named after him. Guild for having ruined the country? Not at all, it was all the fault of ‘others’! To beef up the several pensions coming his way he writes sports commentary’s  for a tabloid. In an add for the newspaper he sits in a cup board. The final disgrace in a disgraceful career in a disgraceful political system!




‘ Nobody is above the law and, likewise,

nobody is beneath the protection of the law.’

Michael McDowell. Ex  Minister for Justice

In the end even his own people were glad to get  rid of him!














                           As a lawyer he worked for Hehle, then as Minister he ignored my letters and stopped Joe Costello TD

                      to bring my case in front of the parliament.







Brian Cowen

Ex Taoiseach ( Prime Minister ),

with the nickname ‘BIFFO’ - ( Big Ignorant Fuc@er From Offaly) ,a name the man from Offaly reportedly doesn’t like. I wrote to him, but pointed out that it would be useless to involve the Dep. Of Justice for them being the most corrupt. All he did was to send my letter to, yes, the Dep. Of Justice! What’s wrong with ‘BIFFO’ then.

He was the Yes-man for Bertie Ahern, but otherwise totally incompetent and corrupt as his master.





              Dermot Ahern

              Ex  Minister for Justice

           He said he had to uphold the “integrity” of the system.

             What ‘integrity’ in a corrupt system?

                            ‘’Ahern worked well in his first government job, by assiduously kowtowing to Haughey.’-

                            Wikipedia. After that for Bertie and then for Cowen – the story of his life!

                            In a recent radio interview about the Institutional Abuse of children he started with the words : ‘The                       crimes are so enormously, they can’t be swept under the carpet’. That shows the mentality of that man, and indeed the entire system; for them Justice is not a matter of right or wrong but simply a question of what can be swept under the carpet ( corruption/cover up) and what not.

I wrote to Mr.Ahern previously, while being Minister for Foreign Affairs, without getting any reply. Obviously my case for him was one of the ‘under the carpet’ cases, after all only a woman had died. After Cowen instructed him to look into it, he had of course to obey, good servant to the master he is. So he instructed a police officer from my local Garda station to contact me. An Inspector, who was very friendly and when I asked him to read my website first, did so. The next day we discussed the case and agreed that there wasn’t really much he could do and that it would be better on my request to inform the Minister to set up a proper inquiry. Needless to say that the Minister for Justice kept silent ever since. No doubt he will claim that he took action. Out of 9 ranks an Inspector is the 3rd lowest in the police force after Garda and Sergeant. Mr. Ahern must be well aware that such a low rank has neither the means nor authority to investigate a case dating back 12 years in a county 100 miles away, especially not a case involving the Dep.of Justice in a country where the Minister for Justice has the power to stop any police investigation. So instead of doing nothing he went for the second best option – to do something he knew was useless.

Otherwise there is not much to say about Ahern – a lawyer of course like his superior Cowen. His pet law is a anti blasphemy law!

 His way of bringing criminals ‘to justice’(Ahern), is by outlawing or banning things and cutting down on civil liberties and driving the ‘Big Brother State’ forward. His hobby is water surfing, and as such he referred to himself once as a ‘beach bum’ – that says it all!

With F.F. facing a election disaster, he quit – claiming health issues. Instead of facing the hard opposition bench he can now enjoy a ridiculous high pension, paid by the Irish people, his government ruined.






Enda Kenny

Prime Minister in waiting.

Party leader of Fine Gael

Unfortunately he will be very likely the new Taoiseach after the election. Not because the people choose him, his preference rate is 20%, but because the people have no other choice in order to get rid of F.F., once in power he will, no doubt, continue where F.G. left the last time. Corruption everywhere and the Department of Justice supporting their friends and destroying everybody in their way!

His sense for personal honour or dignity is so little developed that over the past few years he has endured one humiliation after the other without considering stepping down – although there are even in his party many who would like to see that. But his lust for power is bigger than anything else. There is very little doubt, that if Kenny had fought Bertie Ahern the proper way, his party could have won the last election. But he didn’t. Why not? Maybe the answer is here. In October 2007 Bertie Ahern issued a threat to him in Parliament when he claimed he had damaging information about his party but had not made it public. The threat worked, even when Bertie was heavily damaged after revelations about his corruption -  Kenny never went for the kill. The fact that the leader of the government was threatening the leader of the opposition with revelations would have electrified the press in any other democracy – in Ireland it was just a small note. After all, this is how the system works here : we cover your corruption and you cover our corruption. This makes it so desperate for victims of corruption to find justice, one is running constantly against a wall of silence.


On crime he and his party is more a butcher than a doctor. The battle cry is to get ‘tough’. More control and more and longer prison sentences for everything, no matter if it makes sense or not. And often it does not. John F. Kennedy once said : ‘Before introducing a law, don’t ask what good will it do, but what bad will it do’, an advice totally wasted on Kenny and the likes of him. And of course not a word by him on how to get ‘tough’ on political corruption, but then again that figures!


After becoming leader of the opposition I wrote Mr.Kenny a letter. A few weeks later I got a phone call close to midnight ! Here Kenny, with a somewhat blurred voice insisted that he never had taken any bribes from Hehle. Very well, what puzzled me was the fact that I hadn’t accused Kenny of doing so in my letter. But than it was rather late and Kenny might had just mixed up reality and imagination. Or was it just a slip of the tongue?

Character wise he is a better educated version of Bertie Ahern, no morals; no standards, incompetent and corrupt but eaten by the will for power.

There are not many Irish business people with so many friends in high places! Well the bankers had and we know how that ended. How did he do that? Especially among F.G., when the family hardware shop of Reynolds F.G. was reopened, no less then the Minister of Justice Nora Owens F.G. led the celebrations. At the same time she ignored all of my letters and had the sheriff put under pressure to carry out the eviction on Hehles behalf!








I wrote to Kenny on the



Mr. Enda Kenny T.D.

Leader of Fine Gael

Dail Eireann

Kildare St.

Dublin 2


Dear Mr. Kenny


I just published my new website




It recalls the events of the 15.1.97 ( the day my mother was murdered ), and everything what happened before and after. And as such it mentioned you as well on two occasions.


Your appearance as the most prominent visitor to Mr. Hehles ( I’m sure you remember him ) opening of his fake tourist venture. Everybody in Ballinamore knew that it was a joke – while under you as minister he even received 519.000,- pounds of grant money, and this within weeks after the killing of my mother.


And secondly, and this is much more serious.: In 1996 I visited several times the F.G. represent Mr. Boylan, Buttlers Bridge, Co. Cavan.in his house and explained to him the whole situation in regard to Mr. Hehle. His disrespect for the law ( perjury, planning laws, companies act etc. ) and of course the desperate and deathly situation my mother was in – created to a big extend by Mr. Hehle. Mr. Boylan was appalled and promised to inform the Minister for Tourism about this monster – YOU. And I have no reason to believe that he didn’t. That means that you were better informed than anybody else, except Mrs. Nora Owens. When the siege started the German Embassy contacted the Government, but was told that they didn’t knew what was going on !? Of course they knew – see website. I often wondered what went on in your head at the time, like hearing of the death of my mother for example. What ever it was – you kept silent ever since. Watching in cold blood how I was finished off with the help of a corrupt legal system, with the truth fully suppressed. Today you are the sole political survivor of those days. And as such you have very much the intention of becoming the next Taoiseach.


Yours sincerely


This was on the 28.9.05, no reply, at least not immediately. But than it came ! Early in December, shortly before midnight (!) my phone rang. Without any introduction a male voice started to talk. For not expecting a call, especially not at this time , I had first some problems to figure out what it was about. First I thought that it would probably be someone coming from the pub dialling the wrong number because the voice was a bit heavy. So I ask who he wanted to speak to and it was indeed me , than I ask who he was, and as I felt, with some annoyance of my ignorance, he introduced himself, and now I realised that I was talking to Enda Kenny himself – leader of F.G. . That I had  first some difficulties to understand him was probably due to the fact , that at this time he was tired after the usual 18 hour working day politicians always put in for the good of the public. Anyhow, glad to have a politician of that calibre on the phone I wanted to talk about my case now, but I was not very successful. Mr. Kenny referred to my letter and the ‘serious allegations’ in it and insisted that he never had gotten any donations from Mr. Hehle, neither F.G.. Very well. He spoke than about the opening of Hehles place and that he had met Hehle here for the first time and otherwise wouldn’t know him. And that was that. I wrote him than a letter, but never heard from him again!



Mr. Enda Kenny T.D.

Leader of Fine Gael

Dail Eireann

Kildare St.

Dublin 2


Dear Mr. Kenny


Thank you very much for your phone call. Although a bit late in the night, it was highly appreciated, even if I had the impression, that you were more annoyed about my letter, than interested in my website ( www.gerritisenborger.com ) or in my case in general.


I do belief your claim, that you never received any donations from Mr.Hehle. But can you speak for F.G. in general and certain F.G. politicians in particular ?


I saw you on TV this evening ( 8.12.05 ), where you witnessed how a T.D. was kicked out of the Dail, for not accepting not to be allowed to ask questions in regard to Mr. Ivor Callely. You probably recall your praise of the ‘Irish parliamentarian democracy ‘ – where every T.D. can ask what he wants. I spoke with Mr. Joe Costello 3 times after your phone call, and this was exactly what he said, that after being not allowed (!) to bring my case up in the Dail, that he would have been as well kicked out for ‘contempt’, if he had tried. So you maybe have to adjust your opinion about Irish democracy a little bit. To find out how Irish democracy and justice really work I can only recommend the reading of my website! If you than decide, to do something about it, and why shouldn’t you as a honourable man, who beliefs in democracy and justice, I’m sure the Irish people ( voters) would take very much note of it ! And it is always the first one who makes history – not the ones who later follow.


The main guilty in F.G. are past ( mainly Nora Owens ), Bertie and McDowell are not.


After we have established contact last week, I hope we will remain to do so – any time of the day or night for that matter.


I wish you and your family a joyful Christmas in case if I shouldn’t hear from you in the meantime – what I would of course very much prefer.


Yours sincerely


Nowadays Mr. Kenny, in preparation for the next election, is very much the Law and Order man, promising to get tough on crime once elected.

Daily Mail, 6.5.06

The Fine Gael leader told delegates to the Ard Fheis in Dublin’s City West Hotel that what he called the Governments failing justice system, along with its ‘chaotic health service’ and ‘insatiable taste for waste’ would be the battleground for the next election.


Nice one, when it comes to justice and health matters F.G. gave a good example on the 15.1.1997 how they mean that.


In a self promotional bit in the Daily Mail, 27.5.06 , he came up with bangers like those ones :


“ I know the people just as well as Bertie does. I can shake hands with 100.000 people in a year no problem”   He sure knows what politics is all about!


“ There are decisions to be made and I’m not afraid to make them. I’m upfront and I’m fair. But if you waste public money you will be out the door.”                   Driving back the gigantic wages and perks politicians have given themselves over the last few years ? A lot of people who have spend 2-3 night on a trolley in hospital before getting a bed, would consider this kind of money as a waste.


“ The difference between me and, uh, Fianna Fail is that I accept responsibility. The public will always respond to strong minds”        Well, I won’t make any commend here, it might would be too personal.


His best performance, without a doubt, he gave two weeks ago. Revealing that his stance on law and order is not only the normal election blahblah, but deeply rooted in his own experience with crime. This is what he told the parliament:


“ I was mugged by two people on drugs with a knife. Until the day I die, I will remember the sound of a knife being pulled from a leather scabbard, and the rasping sound that it leaves in your mind. For me personally it wasn’t a case of fear, but a case of being prepared to fight for your life, literally.”


That was strong, Enda the hero!!! Others were not so happy with the story, indeed dramatic story, and wanted a few more details. And as it turned out, Enda was not mugged on a dark street in Dublin or somewhere in Mayo for that matter, no, it was far away in Kenya some 12 years ago, while on holidays. And this was all Mr.Kenny was prepared to tell us. What is really a shame, We sure would have liked to know how he had mastered the situation after he had  himself ‘prepared to fight for his life’. So we can only speculate: Did he knocked them down ? Did he outran them ? Did he got some help ? Or did he told them that he was a politician and they let him go, out of professional courtesy so to speak ? Well, we will never know!











Why didn’t you do that, when you were the last time in Government ?






This is the message, Fine Gael’s Brody Sweeney tells us on his election poster. Enda Kenny must look there a bit long in the tooth, considering the long time he is in politics by now. But in his case it is of course the experience, knowledge and dedication to the people what makes him so valuable. By the way, as it is the habit of Irish politicians to mix business and politics, Mr. Sweeney is using his poster to tell us as well, that he is the “ Founder of O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars.” This surely is important to know, it doesn’t tell us anything about his politics, but nevertheless, at least he knows how to make a decent sandwich.


Besides being expert sandwich makers, those FG guys know as well how to tackle the problems of the future. A main issue is crime and how to deal with it. Here the FG website gives us a whole list of measurements they intend to do. The solution is basically : more police, more and longer jail sentences, electronic tagging etc. With one word, the usual Law and Order solutions. And as such every thing how to deal with the result of crime, but nothing concrete how to deal with the social courses of crime. If one considers, that jails are known as the ‘Universities of Crime’, it makes sense to send more and more people there. That Ireland has already one of the highest prison populations in Europe and the jails are full to the rim is no problem, the more the better. Just build more prisons, and if the money gets short – lets close a few hospital wards and have more sick people on the trolleys. Enda Kenny superstar is going to do both of course, more prisons and more hospitals, at least that is his promise for the time being. Interestingly, and that FG has in common with the others parties, is the fact, that neither Mr.Kenny nor his FG websites mention with one word political corruption, and what they intent to do about that. Kenny’s claim is “I’ll make the criminals pay for their crime.”- but it seems that he decides who a criminal is in the first place, and corruption somehow does not quallify for him in this regard, no matter how many victims it is producing! And by upholding the Libel Laws, he makes sure that not too many cases of political corruption become publicly known. What comes to mind here is ‘ hypocrisy, lying and self-serving behaviour’ and proves once more that virtually everyone in government today is corrupt and doesn't really care about what is being done to Ireland, but he does care about being blamed personally for it. The first concern of every bureaucrat is avoiding personal responsibility, and here Mr.Kenny is as good as everybody else. Besides claiming that he and FG will be ‘accountable’ – he wasn’t in the past, why should we believe that he will be in the future ?


And than there is Fine Gael’s website “ Our Values ”. Here are a few examples:


That means we act in a way that is right for Ireland, regardless of dogma or ideology.

Equality of opportunity

Fine Gael wants to create a fair and caring society where everybody is engaged in democracy, and where there are no barriers to equal opportunity.

Fine Gael wants to build a safe society in Ireland by protecting citizens and enforcing the law.

The Party also believes in strengthening families, in all their modern forms, and in fostering communities.

Fine Gael stands for law and order.

We believe in tough sentences for criminals

Fine Gael believes in being truthful and courageous in what we do, and in promoting and upholding both the rights and the responsibilities of people.

Fine Gael stands for integrity in public life.

Fine Gael wants to build an Ireland of excellence and ambition.


And than there is the statement:

-we believe in enhancing Ireland's international reputation through our support for the European Union-

If so, one should think, that they uphold the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Considering what they did with my mother, it seems that FG/Kenny does exclude some of the articles in that Charter, like

Article 1

Human dignity

Article 2
Right to life
Article 3

Right to the integrety of the person

Article 4

Prohibition of turture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Or in my case

Article 47

Right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial


The last time FG was in power, with Kenny one of the ministers, there was a 75 year old woman terminal ill with cancer, of which the government was well informed! She was terrorised and finally killed by that ‘truthful and courageous’ party in their attempt ‘to create a fair and caring society’. Kenny drove over 200 miles to give the criminal Hehle the honour of his presents. The same Kenny who tells us now that  “I’ll make the criminals pay for their crime.”- and who with his “ Bond, Honour and Word’ tells us that he will: ‘ Take responsibility for my actions in politics. I’m that man!’


Well, in a few weeks time, we will know if ‘that man’ will be the new Taoiseach.


But will he? Until recently his star was not too bright. As one newspaper put it : If Bertie Ahern is the problem, Enda Kenny is not the solution. Even some members of his party got a bit nervous and questioned his suitability as party leader, what is understandable – a messed up election can bring them down as well. For the last few weeks things are looking slightly better for Kenny, although not so much in the way that he went up, but rather more that Bertie went down. It seems at this point, that all depends on the numbers on election day in regard to how the other parties come out. If FF and the PD’s have the majority he is a goner. If Labour does well, it depends on how FF and FG did. Officially Labour has pledged a coalition with FG, although when questioned about it, they have reduced that to a solid ‘Yes, but …’ Something the old political fox Ahern is already playing with. And the Greens, officially an ally of FG as well, have already, under their leader Trevor Sargent, shown some lack of the straightness of the spine. If the Greens should go into coalition with FF, he would step down as party leader, but if called upon (!?), wouldn’t rule out a ministerial post for himself. Something Bertie would gladly give him without a doubt. That the Greens would be very much the opposite of the PD’s wouldn’t be too bad, when it comes to power, Bertie had never a problem to whistle ‘Dixie’ or ‘Glory! Glory Hallelujah’ with equal enthusiasm .


Gerrit Isenbörger

April 2007


Mr. Enda Kenny T.D.

Leader of Fine Gael

Dail Eireann

Kildare St.

Dublin 2


Ref.: www.gerritisenborger.com,

        My letters from: 28.9.05; 28.11.05; 8.12.05


Dear Mr. Kenny


I wrote 3 letters to you, with the request to stand up for justice. You didn’t answered one of them, except giving me a bizarre phone call after the second one, at almost midnight !? Is this the ‘accountability’ you promise now in your election campaign ? Or, from where I stand, you break your promises even before you give them ! But than you talk pathetically about your ‘bond, honour and word’ – what are they worth in your case ? NOTHING ! Over 10 years ago, when you and your party were in power, you supported a criminal, terrorised a 75 year old woman - dying with cancer and finally killed her. Stole vital evidence to prove your corruption and looked on how I was finished off with the help of 3 kangaroo trials. And you did nothing about it ! But now you talk about morality, justice and accountability – you are nothing but a immoral hypocrite with absolutely no standards of decency!


On your FG website you claim “ I’ll make the criminals pay for their crime.” Very well, lets have a look at a certain Mr.Hehle, who had this extremely good connection to FG and in particular the Dep. of Justice, while FG was in power, with you a minister in that government.


Perjury in a trial with an amazingly supportive judge. The same judge who decided in Hehles favour after he had ran down a motorcyclist, while coming from his property driving onto the main road. Before calling the Gardai he removed the bike and his car. After the trial the judge said:’ I have a slight doubt’, the solicitor of the victim wasn’t present, but told him the next day ‘ I had to attend a more important case’? This was not to be the last time, when a lawyer would betray his own client in favour of Hehle, but it has happen over and over again, right into one of the highest courts of the land. When the Gardai brought Hehle in a well prepared case to court, the same judge ended the trial with ‘ I have to think about it’ – this was the end of it.

When I had Hehle in court eventually to expose him, my barrister Frank Martin stepped down the evening before the trial. My request to postpone the trial to give a new barrister time to study my case was refused. After I lost the trial, as expected with a barrister who had absolutely no knowledge at all about the facts, none of my witnesses were called neither, my request to appeal the outcome was denied again. Years latter, while in jail, I found out, that Frank Martin had worked big time for Hehle before taking my case and thereafter - doing his best job for him while working for me no doubt.

As a result of the lost case, shortly after the Dep. of Justice had applied pressure on the sheriff, several state paid monsters came to drag my dying mother out of her deathbed. As told later in court, if I had coursed trouble, they would have beaten me up – they just didn’t expect that I was armed.

While I was on remand in jail, someone went through my bag, where I had all the files, and removed important documents proving the states (FG) involvement. And as such enabling later the state (state prosecutor) to lie with the claim that ‘nobody’ had known that my mother was dying or even ill! With the few documents I got from the Freedom of Information, it can easily be proven that the FG government was indeed well informed! With letters from various Departments being send to the Dep. of Justice – and here everything stopped !


Before the 15.1.97, I found out, that Hehle was running a massive fraud business. I reported him to the tax office with prove – nothing happened. While I was put into jail, he was given several years time to finish his fraud business and take off with several millions of £’s. No doubt, that with so much money he could have been very generous to his friends, who ever that might be !

I reported him for pollution with prove – nothing happened.

I reported him for breach of social welfare and immigration laws – nothing happened.

The trade union SIPTU reported him for breach of the Company laws – nothing happened.

He was reported for breach of planning laws – but got away with it as long as FG was in power.

I went to the Dep. of Justice to report him – they send me away without even listening, told me to contact the Gardai – they told me to contact the Dep. of Justice !?

Before the 15.1.97 Hehle used several acts of terror against my mother, like : blocking my car for one week with a big trailer ( couldn’t bring my mother to the doctor ); while I was in court he told the ESB to go and cut the electricity ( in the middle of winter ); the day before a court appearance by me, he ran a digger the whole day beside the cottage. All this was extremely stressful for my dying mother, and for me as well, realizing by than that I was absolutely alone in this ‘caring state’. Well, the state took care of me eventually, but rather more in a way how the Mafia takes ‘care’ of someone.


But now you come along and say : “ I’ll make the criminals pay for their crime.” In any other country, the authorities would have quickly dealt with Hehle and prevented all the misery, suffering and death he coursed. But not in Ireland under a FG government with ministers like YOU. But now you want to become Taoiseach ! Criminals are as bad as it is, but the worst ones are the politicians who protect them! And you all do it and than cover for each other – this became clear, when Mr.Aherns ‘dig out’ came into the open. A present for any other opposition leader before an election. But you kept silent, knowing very well that FG can simply not afford to point the finger.


Why don’t you step down and let others do the job, who don’t have the stench of corruption linger around them ( if there are any ). As a matter of fact, for aiding and abetting criminals, people like you and others should be put into jail. While I was in jail, a warden said to me: “ Here ( jail) are many, who have done less than them (politicians), but we will never see them in here.” What does FG say ? ‘It’s time for change.” – indeed it is, and why not start with you!


Yours sincerely


Mr.Kenny didn’t answered my previous letters, so I must wait and see if he responds to this one, or maybe another phone call at midnight ? But this would be OK, the demand for justice never sleeps.




Will the outcome of the election change anything in regard to political corruption ? I don’t think so. The top level of all the main parties is so much involved in corruption, be it directly or by covering up for each other, that nobody can really do anything about it without exposing him or herself , or expect retaliation if exposing someone else. And the problem is of course, that the ones at the top build up or promote the next level of politicians, and as such make sure that only likeminded ones eventually come to the top as well! The suggestion, often made in newspapers by readers, to vote the corrupt out, doesn’t really work. If all are corrupt to one or another degree, and they are, how can you vote them out ? What is needed, is that the parties clean themselves from the inside. And this can only be archived by the young and still decent members of the parties by getting rid of their old and corruption infested old guards at the top. But this of course takes a lot of bravery and so far nobody had that bravery, except very few who were than quickly put into their place by those very old guards.


A big step in the right direction, would be, if the young ones, who really do want a change, would demand to have a Free Press installed in Ireland once again. Because if the newspapers could freely expose any corruption, without the fear of the corruption protective Libel Laws or the new Privacy Laws, than the newspapers could and would take soon care of the corrupt and the ones guilty of it !


UN – Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas though any media and regardless of frontiers.


Fine gael


It’s election time, and the candidates like to tell us how great they are and how much they care! Over the last few weeks I have collected all the flyers they put into my letter box. And ‘fine gael’ is there no exception. Like Richard Bruton, little brother of big Bruton, the man who was the leader of the government on the 15.1.97., and who didn’t saw any need to respond to my appeal for help ( 28.12.96.). Who’s office I contacted for weeks in vain. The last time on the morning of the 15.1.97. ,while outside the death squad arrived. But he couldn’t care less ! Another piece of brutal handy work by his government was, that they had pulled people through the courts, who had been infected with dirty blood by the states health system – many of them died, before getting any form of compensation. One woman, singled out as an example, was virtually terrorised to the last day of her life by the state! Like all ‘honourable’ politicians who are not needed anymore, he has nowadays been supplied with a cosy state job ( in Washington ). Nobody of them has to go hungry, once thrown into the bin of history. Besides that, the pension and goodbye money for an ex taoiseach isn’t too bad either, probably a lot more over the years, than what those people got, they had killed off by negligence – followed by terror!


Anyhow, little brother Bruton ( apple from the same tree ?) left me this message :


Richard Bruton TD

I am sorry I missed you today.

I called to learn of issues which need attention.

Please contact me direct or use the response form

overleaf to let me know of your concerns.


Well, this is how I have responded now, to let him know of one issue which concerns me and needs attention.


Gerrit Isenbörger



Mr. Richard Bruton TD

210, Griffith Avenue


Dublin 9


Rev.:  www.gerritisenborger.com


Dear Mr. Bruton


Thank you for your flyer. What I miss, is a statement about what you, F.G. and in particular Mr. Kenny intent to do with the libel laws and the general political corruption in this country! If you read my website, you will understand why I am asking that.


After his strange phone call at nearly midnight last year, I haven’t heard anything from Mr. Kenny anymore, besides a letter from me inviting him to stay in touch. Now he claims, that, if elected, F.G. will be accountable – he seems to exclude himself from that. One of his slogans is :’ The new team ‘. What is new about him ? – He was already 10 years ago a minister in that murderous government under your brother and Nora Owens.  In Leitrim, there is still a picture hanging in Hehles ex saloon, showing Kenny as minister for tourism smiling together with that criminal Hehle. Under Kenny, Hehle got over ½ million £’s under ridicules circumstances. The tax office and the Bruton government were informed by me and one of Hehle’s ex managers about Hehle’s fraud business but did nothing, in fact they and than the Aherne government gave Hehle years to round up his business and than disappear, while I was put into jail for 5 years after a farce of a trial to silence me. Equally was Mr. Kenny informed by a Cavan F.G. politician about the terrorising ( and later killing ) of my 75 year old mother – he did nothing to stop that. The same hypocrite Kenny, who claims now to look after the old people if elected – God help them!


In the good old tradition not to go after each other, Bertie Ahern has refused, since his election in 1997, any actions to deal with the case. Was Mr. Kenny’s behaviour during the last bribery scandal of Mr. Aherne, a sort of thank you? ‘ You don’t expose me, and I don’t expose you’. Let’s face it, Mr. Kenny acted like a pathetic clown, but not as the leader of the opposition! In any other Democracy, the opposition would have brought Bertie down for that – and of course for other things in the past as well, like the Sheedy affair. But it seems, that in Irish politics, one crow doesn’t pick the eyes of another crow, no matter to what party they belong. The only real difference between government and opposition is, that the ones are greedy at the trough and the others are hungry to get to the trough. Everything else is shadow boxing for the public. Just one happy cartel of corruption. Are you a member of that cartel, or do you stand out. I really would like to receive a comment about that question from you. Putting this letter on my website, some readers might would like an answer too.


Yours sincerely


He wrote back on the 12.12.06.;that he doesn’t ‘ have the resources to investigate allegations of corruption’, and that I would need to contact the ‘agencies charged with that task’! What ‘agencies’ ? They are all run either by lawyers or politicians(state), and they don’t go after each other. I sure have tried. And that in a country were the Minister for Justice can stop any Garda (Police) investigation! Is it not amazing! Politicians can be corrupt, but then they don’t have the resources to investigate their own corruption.



Michael Noonan

Failed F.G. Leader 2001 - 2002

After Kenny had survived a coup attempt by Bruton he must have become a bit paranoid and decided that it was time to surround himself with a trusted follower. And so he choose the Limerick Rottweiler Noonan, who in 1997 was Minister for Health. And as such was well informed by me about the desperate situation of my dying mother – coursed by a criminal and his criminal lawyers and the Dep. Of Justice. But he choose not to get involved! Looking in cold blood the other way. His brutal character he had previously displayed in the case of Bridget McCole.

His department was embroiled in a scandal at the time regarding blood products contaminated with Hepatitis C virus, caused by the negligence of the Blood Transfusion Service Board. Noonan consistently held an authoritarian line on the case of Bridget McCole and would not budge on his views, instead of giving the woman some sort of fair compensation to ease her final days and limit her suffering he dragged the woman through the courts to the day she died! Than he threatened to take Bridget's mother Ellen to the Supreme Court when she wondered why her daughter had contracted the disease. In terms of money one has to remember that his government had just given Hehle a grand of 500 000 £! As in the case of my mother, everybody knows that if a terminal ill person is put under pressure it will shorten even the little time that person has left. But that didn’t bother that monster. In the case of McCole he later claimed to have followed advice given to him!? How easy it is for Irish politicians to blame others for their own brutal and inhumane actions. But there is of course a softer side to Noonan as well,” FINE GAEL'S Michael Noonan struggled to hold back the tears last night as he spoke openly about his wife's battle with Alzheimer's disease.”. "There was a lot of stress in the family," he said” – How tearful that man is, if it hits himself, while at the same time absolutely ignorant forward the suffering of other people. Did he ever thought for one second of the ‘stress’ the McCole family went through, coursed by him? Or that of my mother, in constant pain; death coming closer and closer but at the same time non-stop terrorised by Hehle and the sheriff (state) with several mock eviction on the orders of the Dep. Of Justice under Nora Owens! That Kenny has him reactivated now; shows clearly what kind of man Kenny is and what his ‘Law and Order’ party really stands for. From 1981 to 1986 Noonan was Minister for Justice. God have mercy on a country were men like Noonan with their capacity for evil can become minister for Health or Justice. When very soon in power, those two men will no doubt carry on where they left the last time; using their power to first mess people up and then cover it up by all means necessary – including corrupting the law. When the state broadcaster RTE planed to show a report about Noonan, he threatened them by saying that this would be ‘legally risky’! Here we go again; the ‘Libel Laws’ – the best instrument Irish politicians have ever created to cover up their bloody and corrupt actions.

The ‘Irish Examiner’ from 11.1.2002, in part ( beginning).:


Ireland more corrupt than State admits, say experts

‘A European expert group has found there may be far greater levels of corruption in Ireland than officially admitted by the Government.

A report by the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body also concluded there was a danger of political influence being exerted on the gardai and the Director of Public Prosecution in politically sensitive corruption issues.

It calls on the Government to introduce legislation to better safeguard the independence of the gardai and the DPP.

The 40-page Evaluation Report on Ireland warned there may be links between public officials and organised crime and cautioned that the admitted level of corruption in Ireland may be just the tip of the iceberg’.


Definition of Corruption



Adjective: 1. lacking in integrity; open to or involving bribery or other dishonest practices : a corrupt official; improper conduct.  2. morally degenerate and perverted; depraved.  3. putrid or rotten.  4. contaminated; unclean.  5. of a text or manuscript: made meaningless or different in meaning from the original by scribal errors or alterations.

Verb: 6. to become or cause to become dishonest.  7. to debase or become debased morally; deprave; pervert.  8. to infect or contaminate; taint.  9. to cause to become rotten.  10. to alter ( a text, file, etc. ) from the original.

Origin of word; from Latin ‘’corruptus ‘’: spoiled, from ‘’ corrumpere ‘’ to ruin, literally: break to pieces, from ‘’ rumpere ‘’ to break.



Noun: 1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt. 2. moral perversion; depravity.  3. dishonesty, especially bribery.  4. putrefaction or decay.  5. alteration, as of a manuscript.









George Lee

New Fine Gael man.

“I want to make sure that the country gets a better Government,"

Ex Economics Editor of the State broadcast RTE. And as such one of the very few who can rightfully claim to have warned of the real effects of Bertie’s boom. Not as clear and by naming the fraudsters who had created the illusion, as the excellent competent and refreshing non political correct journalist Mary Ellen Synon from the IRISH Daily Mail did over the years, but still - considering that he was working for a semi state body he spoke out where others kept silent. He has now joint Fine Gael with the somewhat theatrical claim that he would like to be able to look into his children’s eyes, when one day they would ask him what he did when the country was in need. Maybe his children will ask him one day what he did to stamp out corruption, especially on the side of Enda Kenny. Will he be then still able to look into their eyes?

How long the marriage will last, nobody knows. If in power there soon will come a situation where a choice has to be made between what is right for the economy and the people and what serves the party best for the moment. And who will then give in first? Update Jan.2011- well, by now we know. It lasted 9 month. The last thing F.G. needs is a man with competence – he would be just standing in the way.









Leo Varadkar, Fine Gael

Trained Doctor with a taste for power and Jack out of the box of Irish politics – be it TV or newspaper, Varadker is already there. Talking a lot without really saying anything. He supported R. Bruton in a motion of no confidence in his party leader Enda Kenny. When that failed, he happily accepted that Kenny re-appointed him to the front bench! Obviously he has no problems to serve a man he has no confidence in, as long as that man gives him a job. That’s the kind of man Kenny likes: no spine! He will go a long way in Fine Gael.

My e-mail addressed to him? No answer.







Lucinda Creighton, Fine Gael

Another lawyer with little thirst for justice, and happy to cover up for her criminal lawyer colleagues. She was critical of Enda Kenny and complained about the ‘cute hoor (whore?) politics’ in Fine Gael. What was a sure way to get her name into the newspapers. So I thought the right person for me. Two e-mails – no answer! Considering that she is one of the youngest politicians in parliament, one can expect that corruption in politics and the legal system in general and particular in Fine Gael is secured for a long time to come.







James Reilly, Fine Gael

Doctor turned politician. I thought that for a doctor the fact that the state had ignored two letters from my mother’s doctor, resulting in terror and death for her, but instead had sided fully with a criminal against his victim, would enrage him. But it didn’t – no answer. What is strange, considering that he seems to be in a constant stage of anger about the failings of others – or is he just pretending to make people thing that he does actually care? But than again, pretending is a major tool of Irish politics. And this short fused doctor seems to be no exception.










Joe Higgins, MEP

Socialist Party

He wrote an open letter to the Sri Lankan President Rajapakse, condemning human rights abuses – as if there were not enough cases of human rights abuse closer to home.

After being kicked out of the Parliament in the last main election he went recently for a seat in the European Parliament and, no doubt thanks to a widespread protest vote against Fianna Fail, succeeded. His election slogan was: ’The best man money can’t buy.’ With the international bank crises in full swing he came of course up with the old demand to nationalize them all. Overlooking the fact, that in other countries, where some banks are owned by the state, they did as badly as the private ones. Greed and incompetence are not restricted to the private sector, especially not here. And what would have happen, if over the last 12 years a man like Bertie Ahern would have had the power to run the banks? He would have sold credit cards in schools and 40 years mortgages in the homes for the elderly to keep is boom alive. After all, it was he who had removed all obstacles stopping the banks from running into the catastrophe.

Anyhow, when I heard first about him and his claim to stand up for the little man I contacted him. First we med shortly in a side building of the parliament, and than a bit later, for a longer discussion in the parliament restaurant. Here he said he would study my case and then come back. After a few weeks, without a note, I phoned his office to be told he would ring back. Over the next couple of weeks this was repeated until I got the message. Obviously he had learned how the political system works – if you don’t like something, just ignore it.

Came Christmas, I was invited to a Christmas dinner in the Parliament restaurant by TD Costello, where I run into him at the gate. He seemed embarrassed, ’How are you’. I could have told him how I was, but suddenly I was just sick and tired of those hypocrites and moved on.




Under the leadership of Bertie Ahern ( ex Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland ) this country has become infested with corruption, and there was already a lot of it before him. A few examples of readers letters to newspapers – out of many.


I thought it was important to let first others speak, before moving on to my case, otherwise the one or the other might would have considered the following text as to much over the top. It isn’t.




Sir, - Borrowing words from the departed Victor Meldrew – “ I don’t believe it ! “ – I cannot

hold back my feelings any longer. The revelations in the Flood Tribunal over the past year

and in particular the last few weeks leave me flabbergasted and fuming. Mr. Lawlor’s

arrogance and total lack of respect for the tribunal has been outrageous.


That he continues to hold a position on the Dail Ethics Committee speaks volumes regarding

the ethical standards practised and obviously considered acceptable by supposedly transparent

 body of politicians. Accountability ? It is a joke. The silence of so many and the total inactivity

 of the Taoiseach on these matters leads only to one conclusion.


Who is next in the queue to be found out ? I ask myself what standards of unacceptable behaviour

have to be exceeded before an elected Irish political representative tenders his resignation ?

Currently they consider themselves to be a law unto themselves. Representatives from a

banana republic would be more honourable .


The whole stinking mess is a thundering disgrace ( more borrowed words ). If the next general

election polls do not reflect these matters and everything else that has been dragged out into

the public domain ( and I know there is no guessing what goes on in the minds of many

given the past outcome in a certain part of Tipperary ), then I utterly despair. – Yours, etc.,

J.B.,Co. Cork


Sir,- By now it is manifest that our politicians do not appear to want to do much about clean-

ing out their own stables; therefore it is the duty of the electorate to undertake the job.


We must stop the practise of voting for some party or politician just because our father or grandmother voted for them. We must realise that to return a corrupt person to power is to be corrupt yourself.


We have jahoos hanging around politicians, knocking on doors for them and shouldering them when they win. If these hangabouts do it for reward, they are corrupt; if they do it to get someone else a

rich career, then they are asinine .


There are many utterly incompetent TD’s. At election time they should be weeded out in order

to get better government . Independents who put themselves into the pockets of the large parties

should no longer be voted for.


Some politicians seek to set up dynasties where their sons or daughters or widows are expected

to take their seats. The electorate should let them know that we do not accept that Dail seats are

the property of some family.


If political corruption, incompetence and dynasties are to be checked, it will be up to us, the

people. Do not expect the politicians to do it for us. – Yours, etc., D.C.C., Co. Dublin



A newspaper report a while ago started with:

‘Ireland is seen as a corrupt ‘banana republic’ by foreign investors who are now shunning the country.

Recent scandals mean overseas companies now rate Ireland along with Nigeria and Columbia when it comes to sleaze.

Jeremy Pope, the executive director of Transparency International, publishes an index of counties and their levels of corruption.

His firm estimated that Ireland lost 10 per cent of overseas investment in recent years as a result of government scandals.

He said: ‘ Ireland’s position is not good – it really should be a lot higher on our index.

‘But it’s not that surprising given that there’s been a generation or two of some shady politicians around.’


(One is tempted to apologize to Nigeria and Columbia for the comparison.)



The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of European Affairs noted already back in July 2000 in its:

Background Notes: Ireland

‘Most recently, allegations of political corruption related to property development schemes, tax avoidance by business and political leaders, as well as other scandals dating back to the late 1980s and early 1990s have surfaced.’


And finally a report from the other end of the world:


Reuters report on corruption in the Republic of Ireland ( via The New Zealand Herald Newspaper):

Report lashes Ireland over corruption, human rights

DUBLIN – A report issued today condemns Ireland as one of the most corrupt and unequal countries in Europe, and says its respect for human rights falls far short of international norms.

‘Ireland is now regarded as one of the most corrupt European states (and) is believed to have lost substantial foreign investment because of its bad international reputation,’ said the report published by the British-based Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

A string of state-led probes into allegations of corruption in high places had resulted in only minimal punishment of offenders and had failed to put mechanisms in place to prevent future corruption, it said.

The survey’s author, Brian Harvey, said the problem was ‘systemic’ and called for the establishment of an independent body to monitor corruption and cronyism in public life.

He described his report as ‘a wake-up call’. ‘It’s a reminder that Ireland has indeed made phenomenal economic progress in the past five to ten years, but there’s still a huge backlog of social issues, issues around poverty, human rights, civil rights, accountability, corruption and so on that have yet to be effectively addressed,’ he told state radio.

‘Many of these problems – for example in the area of corruption – go to the very root of the way our political system is organised,’ he said.

The report said that while Ireland had become one of the richest states in Europe on the back of a seven-year boom ,it had also become one of the most unequal, with standards of human rights falling ‘far below international norms’.

It highlighted the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers – who began flocking to the country in the late 1990s –the lack of safeguards for people in detention, the high imprisonment rate, and a lack of police accountability.

It said Ireland had some of the highest rates of poverty – particularly child poverty – in the European Union.

The government came under further fire for what the report said was a policy of cutting taxes and redistributing in favour of higher earners, while at the same time reducing social spending.

‘As a result, Ireland is now one of the most unequal societies in Europe,’ it said.







Human Rights Activist’s








Mary Robinson


To be a HRA is ‘in’, they are all over the place. And nowhere more so, than in Ireland. What is understandable: has Ireland not given the world the queen of all Human Rights Activist’s – Mary Robinson!


When my mother was dying and terrorized by Hehle and then the state, I phoned her office in good hope to be at the right address, President of Ireland and HRA in one person seemed to be the best place to ask for help. But I was quickly told that it was not the job of Mary to get involved in cases like this, but that I could put it in writing and send it to her. So I did. After a while I received a letter by Mrs. Robinson; wishing me and my mother ‘Good luck’. That was that! Two weeks later my mother was dead! The one time were she could have stood up for the rights of a human being, but she failed miserable. This was not a case of ‘ are the cameras ready, can I start crying?’, but a real human being who needed help – but she didn’t moved a finger. Later in court it was successfully claimed, that ‘nobody’ had known of the ill health state of my mother – well, she and many others did know!










David Norris

With the hope to become the next president.


The next best known HRA is Senator David Norris. One of his greatest moments was to bring Ireland to the European court over issues of gay rights, with Mary Robinson on his side as lawyer. Being gay himself the victory must have pleased him and established him as a HRA of the first order. He refers to him self as a ‘justice seeker’. That’s great I thought, and wrote him, while in jail and later, two letters. But with being so busy to seek justice, it seems he didn’t have had the time to read them and as such understandable couldn’t answer them either.


Being a great showman, he is often on TV ( the media loves him – like Robinson ). And during one of those many appearances he defended fiercely the libel laws in Ireland. That was truly amazing! What is the greatest enemy of injustice, corruption and human rights abuse? Publicity! And what is the greatest enemy of publicity ? Press Censorship! And than this HRA comes along and defends press censorship in the form of the ‘libel laws’. Every HRA who defends press censorship, no matter in what form or shape, is simply a fake. And this is exactly what Norris is, because a free press is the best and often only hope victims have. And Norris is clearly in favour to deny them that hope.


I have searched the internet for cases where Norris or Robinson saved one person from human rights abuse or even better, brought down one human rights abuser. The result? Nothing! All I found were speeches and blah blah blah , made in the function of their well paid jobs. But I found this: Two of many


Former President awarded another human rights award - is it justified?

 No offence but on what basis are the people who get these awards judged?

It is an award for people who have made outstanding contributions to defending human rights so why is Mary Robinson getting it - why does such an award exist even?

What contribution has she made given that horrific abuses of human rights are happening in Darfur everyday, in Zimbabwe and in China to name a few.

Are these awards just things woolly liberals, in safe and secure western countries, give each to make them feel less guilty while they turn a blind eye to other human rights abuses that to tackle would mean pain for western commercial interests and would require western people to actually alter the way we live?

I don't think anyone can doubt Mary Robinson's sincerity but I don't recall her standing up at the UN and criticising China or Sudan or the US etc for human rights abuses.

Should such comments by her be made in public or private? Which would be more effective?


DefaultRe: Another Human Rights award for Mary Robinson

What did she do exactly? Genuine question looking for genuine answer.


I guess the best answer, once again, was given by Gorge Orwell:


"A humanitarian is always a hypocrite."  







Gerrit Isenborger                                                                      28.12.1996

Ballyleenan, Corlough P.O.

Belturbet, Co. Cavan

Tel:   049 – 23549



President of Ireland                                    APPEAL FOR HELP

Mrs. Robinson


Copies to :

An Taoiseach

Mr. Bruton


Minister of Justice

Mrs. Owen


Minister of Health

Mr. Noonan



                                                 Dear Mr. Bruton !


I contacted your office and the ones of the Taoiseach and the Dep. of Justice the week before Christmas in an urgent matter but was told that they neither could do anything for me or in respect I should put things down in writing. To explain the whole situation would take hours therefore I will pick only a couple of points up, so that you or anybody else can decide to act upon it and interfere in a gross case of injustice and scandalous inhumanity.


In June 1994 I moved from Galway to Co.Cavan on request of a Mr. Hehle, Ballinamore, Co.Leitrim, to restore some neglected buildings for a future “ Deluxe farm” and prepare all for the entertainment of guests by me, who obviously never were awaited by Mr. Hehle. In regard of payment he kept me off with lies and false promises – after a few month he told me to leave. Since than I fought him for compensation while he tried to evict me from his cottage. People warned me with words like “ Hehle is powerful – he has money – he has a reckless solicitor etc.” I said “ So what – justice will prevail “ and have regretted it ever since. 


By now the list of victims is quite long of people whose lives  are messed up by Mr. Hehles criminal behaviour of asking them to come to his place under false pretence and than firing them. Some run, some tried to fight him but were eventually finished off by Mr. Hehle or his solicitor Mr. Toolan. Among others a US couple with two little children, who found themselves without money, no income, no car and no home – while Mr. Toolan put the man under legal pressure Mr. Hehle terrorized the entire family by social isolation, telling his staff that if he should see one of them talking to Mr. Lewis or his family or aid them in any way, he would firing them on the spot, unfortunately with the exception of me this order was obeyed by everybody ( jobs are scarce in Leitrim ).

I could go on  with other examples, but just two more. In regard to his Irish workers he once shouted “ If you don’t get your act together I get workers in from Finland “ and this after the Irish taxpayer hat given him over a quarter of a million in grant money. One morning he told his office staff “ From tomorrow on you will work one hour longer per day without extra payment, if you don’t like that you can go “, by now I guess you should have an idea of Mr. Hehles way of doing  things. On TV and in the newspapers – where he often appears thanks to his PR lady – he always praises Ireland and the Irish, in the presence of non Irish people things sound quite different. In the last 4 years he has hired and fired well over 50 people ! That he employs people who are on the dole or no EU people without papers be only mentioned aside.

During my first court case with Mr. Hehle in Ballyconnell he did his bit on the bible to “ tell the truth and nothing but the truth ...” sat down and lied while the judge was listening, when I spoke and told the truth the judge asked me a few times “ Can you proof that “, I could not, but I swore to me that if I ever meet Mr. Hehle in court again I make sure that I can proof everything. Than I started to investigate the man and his real business, the fact that I went to business school  was of great help. Some of his people supported me with information and documents which I could follow up than with links to some countries around the world, but most of the people are afraid of him, he is a master in mental control over people.

After nearly two years I can say and proof that Mr. Hehle is a liar, a fraud and a reckless monster. But who is listening or more to the point what is going on ?


One year ago I informed the tax office ( 2 hours ) and convinced a former employee of Mr. Hehle to do the same – they even called the chief inspector in ( 3 hours ).

But nothing happened since ?

I spoke with the Union, they came up with information about his many companies and reported him.

Nothing since ?

I reported him with photos of proof to the environment office. They were very interested and told me they would send somebody out.

Nobody came ?

I went to the Dep. of Justice in Dublin. After explaining the purpose of my visit I had to wait for 25 minutes before a man came finishing me off in the entrance hall within a few minutes and did send me off with the advice that they could do nothing here, I should put everything down in writing and even than it would be pointless to send it to them because they would send it to my local Garda station and therefore I should go myself to the station. So I did, here they took my report on paper and told me than that they could not handle this here but  had to send it to the Dep. of Justice in Dublin.

Am I mad, or what is going on ? Since than of course nothing ?

I went to the Cavan TD Mr. Boylan. He showed great sympathy for my case ( as everybody does ). Than told me that the Minister of Tourism would investigate Mr. Hehle.

Nothing since ?

Mr. Hehle runs a club in Ballinamore without sticking to much to the rules, a fact well known here, even a Garda in Ballyconnell told me “ I don’t know why they don’t close him down “. In relation to drink and driving Mr. Hehle once boosted ‘’ They don’t do me anything, they know me ‘’,  I wonder who else  knows him , and I’m not the only one. Or as the attitude among many people here is “ He gets away with things the Irish would end up in court or even jail “.


I contacted people from the press and RTE, but it seems the libel laws are very effective when it comes to protect the criminals. THE PHOENIX was the only one who printed very carefully a story about Mr. Hehle, based 100% on documents – promptly they received a threatening letter from Mr. Toolan. How healthy can a democracy be, if crooks can openly threaten with “ the law “ if journalists print the truth ? And is there an outcry among politicians ? No, of course not, after all they are the ones who make the laws under which a criminal like Tony Taylor can threaten his victims with libel and “ the law “ one week before he made the disappearance act ( what many expect Mr. Hehle to do sooner or later as well ), while a woman with a noisy rooster ends up in jail. The Phoenix brought Mr.Taylor the first time in 1991 to public attention, but in this case “ the law “ gave him 5 years time to carry on and than to disappear ( good news for Mr. Hehle ) How many people has Mr.Taylor messed up ? Who cares !


So my only hope was the court. And eventually after many delaying tactics by Mr. Toolan a date was fixed for my compensation trial. People warned me that Mr. Hehle would do every thing to silence me, but with a rest of believe in justice I laughed and said “ What can he do now ?” = The afternoon before the trial my barrister informed my solicitor that he could not represent me because he once had done a job for Mr. Hehle in the past ( his memory came back just right in time !?). Eventually I got a barrister, so I had 20 minutes time to brief him about a case spanning over two years with a file containing over 50 pages of letters, documents, photos and so on. At this point I knew that I was trapped in a legal system where tossing a coin gives a man more chances to achieve justice. After the “ trial “ Mr. Hehle told everybody “ He had a very good barrister – BUT I WON “. How much more do I have to take from this animal ?

With my claim rejected the eviction order came very much alive again. I have to look after my 75 year old mother who in early 95 was diagnosed of having cancer of the spine. Since than she had to go through 5 ejectment orders, cancelled 3 times one day before and two times one hour before execution. I found sympathies in the sheriffs office but on Mr. Toolans behalf the Dep. Of Justice is threatening them now with contempt of court ( the same Dep. Of Justice I visited in vain is now eager to enforce “the law”). On Jan. the 8 they will come now, they even have arranged for an ambulance. I suggest that the Minister for Health is driving the ambulance . The doctor gives my mother just a few weeks to live – so let’s get it over with !

Where do I stand after 2 years fighting for justice ? My health is ruined, for the first time in my life I had to go through the humiliation of asking for dole money, I owe over 2 000 £ to relatives, I have bills for over 400 £ in front of me ( in two cases they threaten me with court action respective with the “law”. I get evicted next Wednesday, I look like the lazy crook who tried to do injustice to the noble gentleman Hehle, I ‘m the pig head who doesn’t listen to reason, an official said “ you are obsessed with Hehle “, so I’m insane as well, for not giving in I’m responsible for the hell my mother went through her last year alive. And so on and so on.

The only consolation I have left is the fact that everybody who knows of what is going on still tells me “ eventually they will get Hehle “, just a little bit to late for me !


So how could this happen ? Reasons suggested to me are among others:


1)      The system is so corrupt, that with money you can do every-

       thing and get away with it.


2)      Mr. Hehle must have “ donated “ money to the right people who

      are now looking after him.


Two years ago I would have resented any of those notions and all the others, today I consider everything possible. As people warned me in the beginning “ Count your cost and run – Mr. Hehle is a powerful man “, I should have listen to them – my mistake was to believe in justice and I have paid a horrible price for that illusion.

Respectfully yours


I was just beginning to pay the price for that illusion ! Attached to this Appeal were the two letters from my mothers GP, later in court it was persistently claimed that nobody had known how ‘ill’ she was.?!


DR. Kevin Deering, DR. Jacqueline Deering, Swanlibar, Co. Cavan




Re.: Pauline Isenborger


To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that the above lady

is suffering from carcinoma of the breast with

metastases in her spine. She should not travel and should

avoid any physical or emotional stress at this time.





Re.: Pauline Isenborger


To whom it may concern,

The above lady is a patient of mine and is

Suffering from breast cancer with metastases in her spine.

Her condition is terminal.

She has an appointment to see a consultant surgeon

on 24/10/96. This is to establish the full extant of her

disease and to determine her prognosis. Until that time I

will need to monitor her condition closely and it would be in

her best interest to avoid moving away from this area.




Here is a statement from the American Terry Lewis, mentioned in the Appeal.


Terry Lewis

P.O.Box 675

Anthony, FL



July 2, 1995



Dear Gerrit


I read about the job of “ FLC Ireland Ltd “ in the classified ads of the Quarter Horse Journal,

a monthly horse publication. I called and spoke with Michael Hehle on the phone , then my

wife + I flew to Ireland ( at our expense ) to meet with him, see his operation + find out

exactly what the job would entail. We had very lengthily  conversations about his plans and

how I would be involved in helping to build the program for the resort. The follow are the

terms we both agreed on. For me to work for him as instructor and horse trainer.


1.      Work week  9-6.00 Sunday-Fri during tourist season

                          9-6.00 Mon-Fri during off season Oct.-April


2.      Company van – to be used at no cost, as if it were my own.


3.      Salary – Equivalent of  2000.00  U.S. Dollars – NET – per month


4.      Holiday – 5 weeks per year.


5.      Housing – new, 3 bedroom log cabin, completely furnished, with all utilities

            paid except telephone.


6.      Training facilities – indoor riding arena to be completed before winter 94/95


This verbal contract was signed with our handshake in Feb.,1994. In May 1994  

I started working for Hehle. Most things went as we had agreed for awhile, then he

made changes.


1.      Work hrs. - when Oct. came I was not allowed to reduce hrs.


2.      Company van - he told me I would have to pay for private use - per K.M.


3.      Salary- he did continue to pay as promised


4.      Holiday - I was never paid for any holiday time off.


5.      Housing - I never did get the new log cabin + he wanted me to start paying

heating and electrical bills.


6.      Facilities  - indoor arena nowhere in sight as of March 30, 1995 – when I left



I was told by Hehle that I should come to Ireland and start working and then apply

for my working papers. I did just that, handing in the completed application for working

papers to the ( then ) office manager, Liam McDewitt. I often questioned Liam about my

papers and he always told me the application was in the system + it would take time.

I never did receive working papers – although I worked there for 9 month. I was paid

weekly from Hehle’s account at the AIB Bank – usually with a check made out to “ cash “.

I do have copies of two ( 2 ) checks made out to  my name. It was my understanding

Hehle was paying taxes on my salary .


Hehle never asked me if I was qualified to administer First Aid, in the event of an accident

to anyone while riding the horses. I do not have any training in this field and he never

offered me any. We didn’t even have a First Aid Kit available or any emergency plan –

if someone did get hurt.


We never did discuss accident/illness insurances for myself or my family. I assumed I

was covered under some sort of workman’s compensation – like business owners must

carry here in the States.


Although I found Ireland a charming place to live, working for Hehle was an expensive

ordeal. I spent lots of money in air fare and uprooted my wife and children to a foreign



I truly believed Hehle – and we were prepared to stay in Ireland for at least 5 yrs. – until

he started going back on his word. In the end, I agreed to go along with all his changes

and he told me I had to go anyway because he had another American coming to

take my place. I was left in a foreign country with no house, no transport, no job and

a wife and 2 children to take care of. I used to depend on a ride into town for groceries

from the assistant horse trainer – whom I hired to work for Hehle. Hehle found out and

told him he could not see or speak to me or he would be fired.


Unable to find work in my field of western style riding and teaching, I finally came back

to the United States.


Looking forward to hearing from you !


Terry Lewis




A letter from the Irish Union ( SIPTU ).



Services Industrial Professional Technical Union




Dear Gerry


I refer to your query for information on this company. There isn’t much information, unfortunately, but I enclose what I have been able to get from the Companies Office.


FLC Ireland Ltd is a registered company set up in 1991, but as yet, it hasn’t filed any returns, in breach of the Companies Act.


Penninsula Killatrave Ltd was set up earlier in 1990 and it also hasn’t sent in any returns, again in breach of the Companies Act.


Forest Market Ltd was set up more recently in March 1994 and the directors are given as Christine Hehle and Michael Hehle, again no accounts or annual report has been registered.


There is no company called FLC Western Riding Club, nor is there a registered company called PK Stud ( there is a PC Racing and Stud Ltd ).and finally there is no company nor business name called Drumcoura City.


I enclose the information I got from the Companies Office which is largely on the registration of documents, but the documents registered are to do with the Registered Office and the establishment of the company and the odd charges as well. There is no hard financial information, nor is there any information on ownership. I have registered a complaint with the Companies Office, but frankly this is not much use.

It is clear we are dealing with a crowd of cowboys here!


Paul Sweeney

Senior Researcher





Chronology of events


In 1993, living in Galway,  I had plans for a small tourist venture. The Tourists Board liked it and offered assistance ( grant ) under the condition that I would provide 24 places. That was contrary to my plan ( small and exclusive ) and had demanded on my side investments far out of reach. During that time ( early 1994 ) I saw a TV report on Hehles Western Riding. So I drove up to Leitrim to have a look. The idea was to see if I could get a part-time job there, get some regular money in, learn about the finer points of organisation for such a place and try to build slowly my own business – my plan was quite different, but with some similarities.

When I met Hehle, he was very exited and said “ I was looking for a man like you “, but instead of part time I should work full time for him, running a guest farm ca. 10 miles away from his main place. At that time I was very impressed of him and how he was painting the future – a mistake many before and after me made. So I agreed and started to renovate the run down place in Bawnboy, living with a sleeping bag and camping gear. In June 1994, I got our furniture up from Galway. My mother was living one part of the year with me and one part in Germany(friends) and/or France ( sister). Right after my mother had arrived, she became very friendly with Christine Hehle ( her English was very limited, so she could speak German with my mother for a change ).

Everything looked great at that point. Nevertheless, by autumn I was wondering what was going on. No costumers as promised ( therefore no income ! ) , constant hiring and firing of people, not only a bad but no organisation at all, total neglect for basic rules of economy, his tourists brochures ( plenty and well made ) didn’t measured up to the reality of the place, his price lists well over the top etc.. Shortly before Christmas, after some failed attempts to talk with Hehle( ‘I’m busy ) , I confronted him, pointing a few things out, especially that by now I was running out of money. This was the end of Mr. Nice guy Hehle. He gave me than a half day ‘job’ at his place after Christmas – cutting fire wood – wood from building sides, full with nails and highly dangerous to cut with a chain saw. After less than 4 month he send his than manager to fire me, and I got promptly a letter from Toolan ( 10.4.95 ) telling me to evacuate the cottage.

Two things had happen while I was working at his place.:

1)      Once, while in the office, a German phoned. Because Hehle was not there and the man spoke only German, they gave me the phone. Without any niceties and very angry, the man accused me of investment fraud  and that he would take actions against ‘us’ if things were not sorted out. For not having a clue what he was talking about, I tried politely to cool him down and said I would inform Hehle about his call. When I did later, Hehle seemed  shocked for a short moment, but quickly smiled than and said “ He is mad , just leave it to me.”

2)      While cutting wood, I went into a nearby shed during a rain shower, here Hehle had some old furniture and rubbish stored. Normally the shed was locked but open this day. Without any particular aim I opened a locker and here it was : a box full with paper sheets with investment business heads and business cards. Together with the phone call a few days earlier, I suddenly realised what was going on. Over the next few month I would find out more and more and Hehle knew it of course.


4.7.95. Court,  in Ballyconnell, Judge McArdel, Hehle imposed eviction order.

August 95 – Autumn 96.:

Apply for free legal aid : but by regulation not given in cases as mine.

H. Fitzpatrick, Solicitor in Ballyconnell, approaches me in court ( 4.7.95 ) and is taking me on. ( One Gardai in Ballinyconnell: “ is only good for last wills “, lacks knowledge   Can they do that ? “, no bite at all and that against Toolan/Hehle.. – but he is the only lawyer I can get. )

Several evictions are set up.

My mother is diagnosed with cancer of spine.

Contact press : libel fear, only exception PHOENIX magazine

Contact politicians – nothing.

Go to Dublin, Dep. of Justice – send away.

Report Hehle to Revenue Tax Office in Sligo ( 2 x ), arrange meeting with former Hehle manager, for this they called in the head inspector, over 2 hours. This manager had to go once per week to Dublin to empty office to pick up post, he later supplied me with information and documents.

Get phone list from Hehles computer ( Hehle mistreated staff  - therefore helpful ), including Lichtenstein, Isle of Man and Switzerland of course. Phoned some up in Germany and Austria –they were either reluctant or told me downright that Hehle is a fraudster he lives on our money.”.

Hehle applied terror against me but especially my mother. Blocking my car for a week with a trailer, trying to disconnect the electricity, having a JCB digger running beside the house for the whole day before the first trial etc.

Toolan delays my court case against Hehle for compensation.

At Hehles place people come and go – nothing is working. But newspapers and TV still praise him, successful businessman, plans for opening the same places in Enniskillen and Donegal and other fantasies.

Simon B. ( Australian, with wife, former jockey and horse trainer, saddle maker )used by Hehle in Business Plan ( Banks, Grants ? ). Gets lawyer on win/fee base. After ca. 3 weeks lawyer tells him suddenly “ If you don’t pay upfront, I can’t do anything for you”. He and his wife suffer very hard time before moving away.

Terry Lewis ( USA, with wife and 2 little children, - horse trainer and riding instructor ) is terrorised when trying to make a stand.

Other victims ( USA, Germany, Switzerland ) just gave up and left.

Than eventually my court case against Hale came up. Weeks before I had ask over and over to see my barrister (Frank Martin, C. Meath ) and ask when all my witnesses would be officially lined up – but was told everything would be done in due time. On the evening of the trial ( 5 o’clock ), I was informed that Martin had stepped down on Hehles demand. My request to postpone the trial was refused. During the trial Hehles barrister tried to poke fun of me and made claims contrary to claims Hehle had made earlier in court and as always one lie after the other. My ‘new’ barrister, with absolute no clue about the case, ask Hehle 4 – 5 questions (?) and even here Hehle lied, the right answers where in the file right in front of my barrister. No documents were produced and no witnesses heard and I went down like a stone. After the trail Fitzpatrick was eager to give me 10 £ to have a dinner (?). When I met him the next morning and requested an appeal – surely justified under the circumstances – he refused, quite unfriendly, and said he could do nothing more for me.

By then the condition of my mother had gone worse. After a check up in Cavan General Hospital, the consultant told me in private that the end would be rather more a matter of weeks than months.

After the trial I was for the first time informed that the state would provide, or pay rent, for housing for people in our situation. I heard later that lawyers ( Toolan ) pressing for eviction are by law required to inform Social Welfare (?), what Toolan hadn’t done. So I looked for places, but could only find 3, in one case I even signed the rent agreement before seeing the place. But all turned out to be totally impossible for a dying woman in her condition – no heating, steep stairs etc.

One eviction was set up for before Christmas, but cancelled: “ For the season what’s in it “ the sheriff wrote. With Christmas out of the way, the next one came for the 8.1.97. I ask two local priests to be there : one had to go to school and teach and the other to take confessions. When paid by locals, the first one held later a mess for “ our dear sister Pauline “.

This eviction was cancelled as well, and moved to the 15.1.97.

One day  before, the sheriffs deputy ( Paul Comiskey ) came to the house ( as several times before)……………………………Internet censored by the law firm  “ Goodbody”………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. And the next day they came.

Before Christmas I had once more phoned the office of the president ( Mary Robinson – queen of human rights. Who according to herself, couldn’t sleep at night with all the inhumanity going on around the world.) They told me to put it down in writing. So I did ‘ Appeal for Help ‘. As a result M.Robinson wrote me a letter a few days before my mothers killing and wishing me and my mother good luck ! “.- This letter disappeared together with the sheriff correspondence. During the siege the German Embassy contacted the Irish Government but was told that nobody knew what the whole thing was about.! From the Freedom of Information Act, I learned later that they all had contacted the Dep. of Justice – run by Nora Owens. To this very day the Dep. claims of having had absolutely no involvement in the whole affair.

After the siege ( Wed.-Fri .morning,) , I was brought to the Ballyconnell Garda station and very well and friendly treated there. Checked by a doctor. Not handcuffed or locked up. In the evening brought to court and charged, and brought to Mount Joy Prison, Dublin – on request of Ballyconnel Gardai not handcuffed. With no objections from the Gardai bail was set at 10.000 £. In M.J. I finally fell a sleep after midnight for the first time since Wed. morning.

The bail money was quickly raised, many had contacted the Gardai for that purpose. So after 4-5 days I was released. All I had taken with me was a bag with all the papers and documents. When I got out of M.J. I saw instantly that someone had gone through them, only much later – when needed – did I realised that everything from and to the sheriff had been removed, including a letter the sheriff had wrote to me to tell me how the Dep. of Justice was putting him under pressure with the threat of jail for him if he wouldn’t carry out the eviction, together with a copy of a 19. Century law ( British law at the

time ). T.D. Joe Costello spoke with the sheriff about that. The sheriff denied that letter now, he wouldn’t do that without having been informed that everything was removed. There is only one body who had the opportunity and the reason – the Dep. of Justice. Thanks to McEntee this points were never mentioned in court. Fitzpatrick – to whom I gave photocopies of everything – refuses any cooperation. When I got another solicitor ( Harry Hunt, Cavan ) for the trial in Dublin against me, Fitzpatrick send me promptly a bill for 4.000 £ for his previous “work”.

After my release, I stayed with a friend ( former manager of Hehle, tricked by him like everybody else.)  for a few weeks and moved than to Killeshandra, Co.Cavan.

One of the first person I contacted was the newly elected Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. Many letters followed over the years, not one was answered – just once in jail I got every Christmas a card – wishing me a Happy New Year ( in jail ? ) from            Bertie “.

The German Embassy/Government was also useless: You will find corruption everywhere in the world, you just have to go to Bavaria/ We don’t get involved in the internal affairs of other states “ etc. A Garda superintendent had told me that he believed that there was an international arrest warrant out for Hehle. When I ask the German Embassy to check that, they said this would be not possible due to ‘ data protection laws ‘. But at least they told me that there are several people living in Ireland who are wanted in Germany, but as long as they are protected by certain politicians, there is nothing they can do about it. A employee of the Embassy in Dublin gave me one remarkable advise. When mentioning the obligation of a Democracy to stand up for justice, he said:

‘ You probably see that to idealistic.’ Well, I won’t do it again! This was really strong coming from an representative from a state, where politicians, in regard to the past, bend forwards and backwards when it comes to praise Democracy!

After talks with my new solicitor Hunt, I was advised to stop everything and let McEntee do the job. “ Wait till he grills people in court. We get witnesses from America in etc.. With what I heard from other people about McEntee, I felled very good of having the ‘best’ lawyer in Ireland on my side.

Well, I ended up with 5 years and nothing had come out.

Jan.1999 I started my jail sentence in Mount Joy. After all the stress and the claustrophobics atmosphere in that rat hole, I got eventually after a few weeks a heard attack. Lying in the entrance of a door, I got a vicious kick from a warden for blocking his way. In hospital, while they ran tests, I was handcuffed to the bed. With the chest pain pushing me up and down, the handcuffs cut deep into my wrists. On asking to take them off, I was told to shut up or they would make them even tighter. After hospital ( 2 weeks with always 1-2 wardens in the room ) , I was moved to the Training Unit of M.J.. Better than M.J. but very noisy, bad air and lack of exercise ( other than bodybuilding – not recommended after a heard attack ). All efforts to have me moved to Shelton Abbey ,on medical grounds, by doctor and others were refused by  John Donoghue- Minister of that great Dep. of Justice.

While in T.U. I contacted a high number of people and organisations. Irish politicians – no answers. Intern. politicians – no answer, ‘internal affairs again, sorry we are in the opposition’ etc.. DPP – no answer. EU and High Commissioner for Human Rights ( yes – Mary again ) – not ‘exhausted national courts’ ( !?), - as a politician and lawyer she should know how things are handled in Ireland. Freedom of Information Act – big list with file numbers, but gave me  more or less only unimportant documents and refused the rest, to protectother peoples identity – sure makes a lot of sense.

Released in 2002. Moved in with partner in Dublin. Trying to get work ( age, health, criminal record ) with no success. I than concentrated on my case again. Met many journalists – but always libel fear the great protector of corruption. Spoke with Justine McCarthy (Irish Independent) every Monday for over 1 hour over several weeks. She had than the whole story with everything in it ready. First she was told that the story was too long and had to be halved, than it went to the legal department – here they took care of the rest ( libel).

After contacting so many politicians in vain, I met T.D. Joe Costello, Labour. He showed great interest. Journalists had told me that a T.D. can bring up a case in the Dail with ‘privilege’ to say what he wants – and with this than in the open,  the press could pick it up without libel fear.

On 13.10.03 Costello tabled  a question in the Dail but was disallowed by Rory O’Hanlon ( Ceann Comhairle ) -  The minister has no official responsibility to Dail Eireann for the underlined part of the question which is a matter for courts – Catch 22 – if you are messed up in the courts in the first place, who is than responsible ? McDowell wrote him a note to the same effect.

2004 I got a list of lawyers from the Law Society, willing to go after their own kind on a win/fee base. Because I’m sure if one could break only one stone out of the wall of silence – the whole wall would come down. Most likely Fitzpatrick, the sheriff or his deputy, if put under pressure, would hand down the blame to the Dep. of Justice as a witness or even better by producing the relevant letters. After visiting them all, the result was : two offered to take the case, but only on upfront payment ( Expensive to set up “.), the rest pointed to the list of people involved; saying that they knew one or the other of them personally. One said It would be easier for you to find a lawyer in Cork than here”.








Another readers letter to a newspaper:


Collaring the criminals

Sir – I wish to object very strongly to the new powers that have been given to the gardai in their fight against crime.

At a time when we have the Ansbacher accounts scandal. I feel that there is one law for the ‘white collar people’ and one for the ‘ordinary criminal’.

Why do some people get away with downright dishonesty just because they are rich ?

I know we have bad criminals who rob cars, banks, rape woman etc., etc., but the people who break the law in any shape or form should be punished equally.

P.K., Santry, Dublin 9


Newspaper around that time:


EU leaders slam tardy Taoiseach

TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern has been slammed by European leaders over an international money laundering scam.

Ireland was the last country in the EU to reply to a plea for help from Sweden in investigating a mayor fraud.

It took the Irish authorities 16 month to respond.

They said yesterday they did not know there was a deadline.

At a recent summit of European premiers, Mr. Ahern was criticised by other leaders.

Former Taoiseach John Bruton joined in, saying: ‘ It appears the Fianna Fail-led coalition has learned nothing from the sad experience derived from the Ansbacher accounts saga, the DIRT inquiry and the various other tribunals.’


Or could it be, that the Swedes had been a bit sloppy with the wording in their request ? Once Mr. Ahern, in relation to the Sheedy affair ( where Ahern had tried to cover up his involvement ), he was ask why he had, shall we say, been economical with the truth, nobody likes the ugly word ‘lie’, and his answer was ‘ that he would have told the full truth if he had been ask the right question’. What shows once again the shameless arrogance of this man.





Christine Hehle

Married Hehle shortly before coming to Ireland. Nice looking, friendly, simple background and according to herself  “I haven’t a clue about business “, she ended up as director in many of Hehles different companies.

The two children Hehle refers to as his, are actually hers from a previous marriage    Hehle has at least one child from previous marriage. Christine was very happy of course – big house, big car , own little cottage for hobby etc. For Hehle she sure was the right person for the purpose .

After the downfall she is seen working in a restaurant ( serving ) on and off in Ballinamore. Nobody knows about her present relation with Hehle.





Judge Donal McArdle

During my first trial ( eviction ) in Ballyconnal he was remarkable pro Hehle and gave him what he wanted.


The Guards in Ballyconnal brought Hehle to court for breech of licensing laws ( saloon ). With their own witnesses and everything. At the end McArdle said he had to consider ‘ the renewal application – it was of course quickly renewed.


Driving out of his driveway, Hehle knocked over a motorbike driven by 18 year old farmer son O., bike write off and O. injured. Hehle removed first his car and the bike from the road ( little used side road ) before calling the Guards in Ballinamore ( ‘They don’t do me anything, they know me ‘ Hehle once said in relation to drink driving – what he did do quite often ). Later in court ( Ballinamore ) Hehle/Toolan claimed that O. had driven too fast. McArdle dismissed the case by saying he had a ‘ slight doubt ‘ ! O’s local solicitor was not present and told him the next day, that he had suddenly to attend a ‘ more important case’.!


Around the time when I was sentenced to 5 years and had a heart attack in Mount Joy he had one as well – final.


Senator Gerry Reynolds

Old Ballinamore family – owns big builders hardware store run by brother Peter. Hehle at the time major costumer. Minister for Justice Nora Owens came to open the store after renovation, at the  time when she blocked my requests for help, instead putting the sheriff under pressure. Hehle had given me an account with the store to buy material for the work I did for him in Bawnboy – what he later denied in court. When I went to Peter asking for a computer print out of all the material I had bought ( and used )., I was told first that the secretary was ill, than on holidays and finally that the computer had broken down with all the information lost ! G. Reynolds took care of the political problems Hehle had. He proudly announced that Hehle had gotten over 500.000 £ in grants ( only weeks after the 15.1.97 ). Latest stand: After losing his job in Dublin, he moved to Carrick-on-Shannon to start his political career new from there .


Ina Isenborger

In the late 70’s it was discovered that my mother had breast cancer in an advanced state with the spread of metastasis. After treatment, including one amputation, the outlook was not too good. 2 – 3 years at most as her GP told me. Her mental state was accordingly. Although I had plans for myself at this time, I decided to put everything on halt and suggested that she should go to Ireland, a country she had always loved, but never been there, especially, being an author herself, in regard to the wealth of the great literature this country had produced. Due to her age, state of health and the fact that she never had acquired a driving licence she couldn’t go by herself of course. But because she always had been there for me, and as a young widow to bring up two children in the 50/60’s was not easy, it was no problem for me to go with her for , what I thought, would be a relative short time anyhow. I always was of the opinion that the good and bad things in live have to be repaid in some way, regardless to the costs for oneself. In the beginning she had to have two big check ups a year, but to the surprise of everybody the cancer was gone. As a doctor friend told her, this was purely due to her move to Ireland, the change and the happiness and her love for the country and the Irish people. The largest part of the year she spent in Ireland and went during the winter month to friends in Germany or my sister in France. So the years went by, what I had seen as a temporary interruption had become a long term stay, what worried me at times, but was otherwise ok. Than after the move to Hehle’s place had turned into a nightmare the cancer came back – this time in the spine. While Ireland and the Irish people had once prolonged her life, now, by Hehle, T. Owen and the corruption of lawyers and politicians it was shortened and she was terrorised and eventually killed by them.




Barristers Conduct Tribunal and the

Law Society of Ireland


In most countries one can go to a lawyer who than will handle the whole case from briefing to the court. In Ireland one has to go first to a solicitor and brief him, small problems he will handle than right to the court , like traffic offences etc. More complex or serious cases have to be given to a barrister by the solicitor, but with the solicitor still involved. The result is:


1)      One ends up with two bills. ( Effective deterrent for the poor guy to defend himself against the rich and or powerful one.)

2)      The briefing of the barrister is mainly or all together done by the solicitor. ( If a story is told from one person to the other, something gets always lost, be it by purpose or not.)

3)      The chance of ending up with a incompetent or corrupt lawyer has doubled. And both are very able to manipulate the outcome of a trial by either falsely briefing or not using the given material to its full extend. ( It is not the poor guy – without connections or money – who benefits here.)


Both groups have of course their own professional organisations.


Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7


They deal with solicitors. After my solicitor Fitzpatrick had refused to complain about Hehle’s solicitor’s Toolan tactics I wrote to them on the 28.7.96 to complain about Gabriel Toolan, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim.


Gerrit Isenborger

Ballyleenan, Corlough P.O.,

Belturbet, Co. Cavan

Tel.: 049 – 23549


Law Society of Ireland

Complaint Department

Blackhall Place

Dublin 7


In reference to my phone-call to your office on the 23 July 1996


                                    Dear Sir


     I wish to bring to your attention what I believe to be unprofessional conduct by one of your members, namely Mr.

Gabriel A Toolan associate of Walter P. Toolan & Sons. Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim.


     I am now properly represented by Mr. Fitzpatrick of H.L. Fitzpatrick & Co. Solicitors, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan in re-

lation to my proceedings against Mr.Michael Hehle ( from Austria ), Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim for whom Mr. G. Toolan is acting, but I set out the following complaint on my own behalf !


     I reside in Ballyleenan, Courlough, Co. Cavan with my mother who is severely ill with cancer, a fact which hasn’t stopped Mr. Hehle to apply acts of terror against us like he has done against others in similar cases. In spring 1994 I moved on Mr. Hehles request from Galway to one of Mr.Hehles  cottages in Ballyleenan in order to run a branch of his business there. He never paid me and is trying since 1995 to evict me. In three courts ( Ballyconnell, Awra, Cavan Town ) a extension on my stay was given to me.


     Litigation is presently pending between myself and Mr.Hehle. Apart from the difficulties I have with Mr. Hehle I have

found his legal representative acting in an unprofessional manner as follows :


1)      In eject mend proceedings, Mr. G. Toolan gave me notice to quit premises within 7 days The letter was dated 5 May 95 - to commence on the 4 May – posted on the 9 of May – received on the 10 of May. ( in court, I was not legally represented at this time, he called this a hick up ? )


2)      Mr. G. Toolan is delaying legal proceedings, which has the effect of delaying  my civil proceedings against his client Mr.Hehle . In the circuit court in Cavan Town on the 14 of March 96 the judge advised  Mr. Hehles barrister to settle my claim against Mr. Hehle within 3 month – since than Mr. Toolan has ignored several letters of my solicitor and finally simply denied the recommendation of the judge. There won’t be any court sitting now before autumn – Mr. G. Toolan is well aware of the ill health of my mother for over one year including the letter of her GP – produced in court. The uncertainty of a eviction/compensation case is wearing down every healthy person – for a 75 year old woman in her condition it is murderous – Mr. G. Toolan must know that, but never the less! How far is a solicitor allowed to go for his client ?


3)      Mr.G. Toolan is prepared to lie for his client to back up allegations made by his client against me in order to pre-

      vent me taking actions against Mr. Hehle for slender. After my third court case in Cavan Town, Mr. Hehle told      people that immediately after the hearing I had threatened to kill him. When my solicitor confronted Mr. Toolan with this, pointing out that I had an alibi for the period in question Mr. Toolan claimed that the allegation had been a tit-for-

     tat action for the fact that a year before I had made the same threat to Mr. Hehle after my first court appearance

     in Ballyconnell ( 4 July 95 ), and for that he would be a witness if I now acted with proceedings of slander against

     Mr. Hehle ! ( on neither occasion did I made such a threat ! )


Why Mr. Toolan, a member of the Hara Krishna sect, is going so far for Mr.Hehle I don’t know. His father Mr. Walter P. Toolan has the reputation of a decent and honest man. The answer may lie  in Mr. Toolans close relationship with Mr. Hehles financial business. As an example of this I enclose a share certificate of one of Mr. Hehles many companies of which Mr. Toolan is Secretary/Treasurer and President. Exhaustive inquiries have failed to establish the whereabouts or credentials  of this company.


I would be happy to visit you in Dublin with further background information, if you should decide that Mr. G. Toolan

has left the ethical path a solicitor should stick to.

Yours faithfully


They replied:


Private and confidential   Date: 31 July 1996.


Dear Mr. Isenborger,

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 28th July with enclosures, the contents of which are noted.


I regret that the Society is not in a position to deal with this matter as in general, the Society can only deal with complaints which are made against the complainant’s own solicitor. I am attaching a copy of the Society’s information leaflet which states as follows:


‘’the Society cannot except in exceptional circumstances deal with complaints about a solicitor where the complainant is not the client of that solicitor. If you are complaining about a solicitor who was acting for someone on the other side of a case or transaction the Society will require your solicitor to endorse the complaint.’’

Yours sincerely


Not much enthusiasm to weed out the crooks among themselves. ‘’ require your solicitor to endorse the complaint ‘’- it’s more likely that hell will freeze over in Ireland among that breed of honourable men.


It may be noted that I state that the letters from my mothers GP were several times produced in court. Later when I was the object of court cases, it was claimed and accepted that ‘nobody’ had seen those letters and ‘nobody’ knew – especially not the sheriff – that my mother was dying, and by the 15.1.97 in its final stage. That is the reality of Irish courts – they even lie about facts established in their very own courts.



The Bar Council, Law Library, Four Courts, Dublin


Here they deal with barristers. Under their ‘Code of  Conduct’ they claim:

‘Practicing barristers in Ireland are subject to the Bar council’s strict Code of Conduct. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure that barristers uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in the conduct of their relations with clients and the public. Complaints of misconduct from the public, solicitors and other clients are considered by the Barristers’ Professional Conduct Tribunal.’

Elsewhere on their Homepage they are more truthful:

‘ The Bar Council is an independent body which regulates the activities, and represents the interests, of its members.


On the 21.1.99 – a week before disappearing in jail for a few years – I wrote to the Barrister Counsel and complained about their member Frank Martin, Moynalvey House, Summerhill, Co. Meath. In that letter I mentioned as well ‘ A witness

told me that Mr. G. Toolan had Mr. Martin put under pressure with the threat to reveal something about him.” This witness was Mr. Fitzpatrick, when I spoke with him about Martins actions. Other than today, at that stage I thought that Fitzpatrick was just incompetent and didn’t therefore named him as the witness, to avoid trouble for him. On the 23.2.99  (

by now in jail ) the Bar Counsel/Barristers’ Professional Conduct Tribunal acknowledged my complaint. The final decision about my complaint I received with post from 8 July 2003. 4 years and 6 month later ?! The time limit for bringing crooked lawyers to court is 6 years, what together with the time past before I made the complaint to the Bar Counsel put Mr. Martin safely in the clear. No need at this point to say that the Bar Counsel by ‘ upholding the highest professional and ethical standards’  had of course decided that Martin had acted correctly. Why did it took so long ? Well, after every letter from me it took several weeks before I got an answer, if any, or one similar like this one:


’20 March 2001.

I wish to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your documentation received today.

I will contact you as soon as I receive direction from the tribunal.’


Or the last letter I got :


‘ 8th July 2003

I enclose a copy of the decision of the Appeals Board in relation to your appeal against the decision of the Barristers’ Professional Conduct Tribunal following your complaint against Mr. Martin.

I apologise for the delay in sending this decision which you will note was made on the 10th July 2002 but due to an administration oversight was not sent to you at that time.

Once again please accept my sincerest apology.’


One year for ‘ administration oversight ‘ – what ever that may be.


But now to the chronology of the matter in highlights, it would take to much space to bring every detail – although interesting as it would be.

After Hehles solicitor Toolan had delayed my case against his client as long as possible during which time Hehle used terror against us, a date was finally fixed. My barrister was Frank Martin. As such he had acted for me before with an stay in court of another eviction order, so that I could get my case against Hehle first in. That means that Hehle/Toolan were well aware that Martin acted for me, at least for several month. At that time I had ask Fitzpatrick ( my solicitor ) over and over to see Martin to go over my file with him to make sure that he had and understood everything. Plus to arrange for several witnesses to appear. With all that Hehle would have gone down like a stone. His doggy fraud business exposed and the fact that he had committed perjury in the first trial ( him evicting me ) – something Hehle was of course well aware of. At 5 o’clock the evening before the trial Fitzpatrick phoned me , telling me that Martin had stepped down, because Hehle had complained about Martin on the grounds that he had worked for him ( Hehle ) before. I drove instantly to Fitzpatricks office and discussed the new situation. I than demanded that the court case should be postponed to give a new barrister enough time to study the case and make all the arrangements for witnesses etc. . Fitzpatrick refused and said I would have an replacement barrister and everything would be in good hands. I was not very happy about that, but what could I do. On the morning of the next day I met the new barrister ( Mr. Richard L. – who I don’t expect to be involved in the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice ).  During the 10 – 15 minutes we spoke, I quickly realised that Mr. L. had very little knowledge about the case in general and absolutely nothing in detail. During the trial than Hehle and his barrister spent a lot of time to tell their lies and trying to make me look as a stupid waste of space altogether. When Mr. L. than questioned Hehle, all he came up with were about 4-5 (!) questions of no particular importance, and even here Hehle lied – like ‘’ How many manager have you employed over the last 2 years ?’’ – Hehle ‘one ’ – in the file were the names of the five manager of the last 2 years. No need to say that there were no witnesses called up for me. All the time I observed the judge and thought ‘ you must see that this is a farce,’- he didn’t or didn’t want to, as a journalist told me later ‘’ This happens all the time in Ireland.’’ Another aspect of the trial was that Hehle claimed now, that he had given me the cottage under the condition that I would carry out some renovation work for him – but that I had been just to incompetent, unwilling and to lazy to do this. In the first trial ( eviction ) he had claimed that we had absolutely no agreement, but that I had ask him for a place and out of the goodness of his heart he had given me the place, this claim was made under oath, and as such a clear case of perjury – not that in Irish courts those little details are noticed ! And even the second claim was false ( perjury ), the agreement was that I would do up the place, prepare the farm for visitors and than look after them and entertain them. To prove that I, had several witnesses named ( none was called !), photos of the place and my work, a leaflet for tourists with my name in it – printed by Hehle, material ordered for the purpose outlined in the leaflet such as archery, throwing tomahawk etc. – ordered by me, paid by Hehle : 200 $ from America ( Cold Steel ) and 800 Pounds from England ( Barnett ) – I was the only person at his place who knew how to handle them. Furthermore , when I realised that nothing was working under Hehles dubious management, I wrote him a long letter to this effect. Later, when Mr. Fitzpatrick mentioned this letter to Mr. Toolan, he said that they would claim of not having received such a letter. All this was given to Fitzpatrick and hence I take it to Mr. Martin. In court Mr. L. didn’t referred to one of them – and it was all in the file. In the end the judge rejected my claim for compensation and installed the eviction order. Later I demanded from Fitzpatrick to appeal instantly – he refused – ‘’ I can’t do anything more for you.’’ All I could do was to go home and tell my mother , who at this stage of her illness was already very fragile -  she broke down and I felt desperate and completely helpless and alone.




The leaflet Hehle had printed with my name

 in ( the text yellow outlined). It’s hard to read

zoomed in, but I have the full (A4) original 1995.





Pictures from the cottage and outside building

I had done up. Before and after .










The work of the Tribunal


My two main complaints about Mr. Martin were:

1.      Not to inform me that he had worked for Hehle, because in that case I never had accepted him.

2.      The circumstances of how he stepped down – the evening before the trial – although he and Hehle had known for month that he was acting for me.


Later I wanted to know what information ( Brief ) exactly he had given to Mr. L. – because obviously he didn’t had a clue later in court.


To make it short, the Tribunal simply ignored those points and reduced the complaint – by themselves – to the question ‘ did Mr. Martin acted correctly to hand over the case, when he saw a ‘conflict of interest ‘ – the answer of course was ‘Yes’.

With a ‘Yes’ I would have absolutely no problem  under normal circumstances, meaning that a barrister either right from the beginning ( as it should be ) or within a very short time later points out to his involvement with the other side and therefore hands over the case – but not the evening before the   trial ! As a result it took the Tribunal 4 ½ years to decide on a question I hadn’t ask and to ignore the ones I had ask. Under the circumstances one can understand, that I have no doubts that Mr. Martin had Mr. Hehle informed about all the material I was going to use against him, and as an result they worked out how to stop me – and they sure did exactly that !


The first step of the Tribunal was to inform Mr. Martin, who wrote back on the 5 March 1999. The main points were:


1.’ Mr. Hehle had expressed the opinion that I should not act in the matter having regard to the fact that I had in times past acted on behalf of Mr. Hehle and advised him in relation to various matters and was privy to his affairs in such circumstances as he did not wish that I act in the case.’

2. ‘I outlined the background of the matter to Mr. L. and furnished him with my full brief.’

3.‘As an observer, I observed a very fulsome hearing of the matter take place and Mr. L. did an excellent job to represent Mr. Isenborger and appeared to be very well in command of all aspects of the case in a manner which appeared to lack instructions and he appeared to be very well acquainted with all matters pertaining to same. It is unfortunate that Mr. Isenborger was unsuccessful however, if my recollection serves me correctly, he had very little if any merit on his side.’


In a lengthy letter I replied in general and particular to the 3 above points:


1. ‘ -  various matters and was privy to his affairs ‘, =  is hardly the forgettable defence for a parking ticket! And Mr. Hehle had just arrived in the early 90’s, so we are not talking about a long time span were memory fades away.

2.  First I like to point out that I don’t blame Mr. L. in any way, I’m sure, if he had been given the proper time and the facts, he would have done a good job.

3. ‘- fulsome hearing’ = five questions ?

      - did an excelled job – ‘  = how could he ?

   ‘ – lack instructions –‘ =  what instructions and by who ?

      - very well acquainted with all matters –‘ = producing 5 questions ?

   ‘ – had very little if any merit on his side.’ =  Another insult by Mr. Martin to justify what he has done. Why did the side of the accused went trough so much trouble than if they hadn’t anything to fear ? Why didn’t Mr. Martin advised me of dropping my claim on those ‘ little if any merits ‘? Had it not been his professional and ethical duty to step down or refuse to take my case instead of going ahead till before the last day and leading me into a ( in his view ) hopeless case ? After Mr. Hehle had ruined me financially, my solicitor was fully aware and in acceptance that only if I would  win my case against Mr. Hehle, would the work of my lawyers find a financial reward. Mr. Martin must have known that, but pretends, that without Mr. Hehle’s solicitors intervention he would have, unpaid, went ahead with a case without a chance !?


In regard to ‘ conflict of interest ‘ I wrote:’ If Mr. Martin knew the case he knew about the desperate situation of my dying mother – caused by Mr. Hehle. What about her interests ?’


Than Mr. L. was ask for his comments. In a rather short letter he wrote on the 25 June 1999.

Outlining how he got the papers and ‘’ had plenty of time to read same.’’ – I had spoken for hours with Mr. Fitzpatrick about the case, my file contained over 50 pages, -  and than to read and understand all that in one evening one has ‘ plenty of time ‘, without the chance to ask questions? While it took the Tribunal 4 ½ years to answer two simple questions ! What brings us to the question what actually had Mr. Martin given to Mr. L. ? The Tribunal never related to that, in my opinion, important request.


‘’ From Mr. Martin’s point of view I had all evening to read the papers that he had been briefed with and research any law that needed to be looked at. From recollection the Plaintiffs claim was an equitable claim which failed in front of Judge Deery and was not appealed.’’ – Why does Mr. L. feel the need to say ‘ from Mr. Martins point of view,’ – was it not his view ?  I wrote to the Tribunal : ‘ Is it not fair to presume that by than, after all the trial was on the next day, Mr. Martin had ‘ researched any law ‘ and could have Mr. L. provided with his notes regarding the case ?’


On the 13 December 1999 the Tribunal wrote to me ; ‘ The Tribunal has considered the matter and has rejected the complaint.’ The offer to appeal I took up.


My appeal was promptly opposed by Mr. Martin with form from 7.2.2000.

’ My grounds for opposing the Appeal are: as previously set forth to the professional conduct Tribunal.’’


I received than a copy of a letter dated 19. January 2001, addressed to the Tribunal. I don’t know who the sender was.


‘’ Dear Kevin

Pursuant to F7 Appeals Board Procedure of the Disciplinary Code for the Bar Of Ireland, we write to inform you that, we have decided to refer the above complaint back to the Tribunal so that it may conduct further enquiries and to consider the complaint in the light of that further information.

The Board was of the opinion that the information in the decision does not:

1.      Disclose clearly the nature of the proceedings between Mr. Isenborger and Mr. Hehle or state clearly who is the plaintiff.

2.      Does not give sufficient information of Mr. Martin’s previous association with Mr. Hehle.

3.      Does not state what Mr. Toolan said in his phone call that caused Mr.Martin to think he should not act in the case for Mr. Isenborger when previously he had been prepared to act for Mr. Isenborger.

Accordingly we are returning the complaint back to the Tribunal with the request that the Tribunal elicits further information on the above three points.

Yours sincerely



This letter was surely encouraging for me. Mr. Martin replied with letter from 13. March 2001. Regarding the 3 points he writes:

A.     The nature of proceedings between Mr. Isenborger and Mr. Hehle, if my memory serves me correctly, related to a property dispute regarding a dwelling to which Mr. Hehle had title and in which Mr. Isenborger sought some form of propriety interest which he alleged arose by virtue of work done in the form of maintaining and/or repairing same. I am however open to correction on this as I have no record of the proceedings – in this regard Mr. Isenborger’s solicitor may be able to assist.

B.      In relation to my previous association with Mr. Hehle, I had on previous occasions acted on his behalf and further have advised him in relation to certain matters. These matters were both of a litigious and non-contentious nature. Insofar as the Tribunal seek particulars of my associations with Mr. Hehle, other than outlining same in general terms, I cannot be any more specific as Mr. Hehle’s client privilege precludes me from so doing. The situation would be otherwise were Mr. Hehle to waive that privilege.

C.     Mr. Toolan, Mr. Hehle’s solicitor, informed me that his client was of the opinion, as indeed was he (Mr. Hehle’s solicitor), that a conflict of interest arose and expressed the wish that I not act in the proceedings


Than he points out in a rather lengthy explanation, that I neither applied to have the case adjourned or latter appealed.

I replied:


To A. – His memory doesn’t serves him correctly, what is amazing after he had studied and researched my case allegedly. I never contested Mr. Hehle’s property. I wanted what Hehle owned me, to be able to leave that place of misery as quickly as possible, and at the same time expose Mr. Martins former client for fraud and perjury.

To B. -  client privilege precludes me ‘ – suddenly Mr. Martin goes by the book, pity he hadn’t done this in my case, it would have saved a lot of people from tremendous horror !


To the last points : I did pleaded with Mr. Fitzpatrick to do exactly that, but he refused !


Than with the usual time delays a oral hearing was set up for the 21.1.2002.

Here I was able to speak, but with the same result as with my many letters in the past – they listen but they didn’t answer directly to the questions. I just learned that among lawyers threats for libel are called ‘’ Shut up letters ‘’. But more interesting was that Mr. Martin came up with a list  ( complete ? ) of jobs he had done for Hehle.



This list is very impressive indeed. And here Mr. Martin saw no problems to take on ( at least till the evening before the trial ) a man with the intention to bring down his valuable client ???

With all that ‘advices’ given, we don’t want to go to the question of Mr. Martins quality as a barrister, considering that Hehle had build without planning permission, gave a damn about the Companies Act and had left investors with the loss of several 100 million pounds ( where is the money ? ).


By the way, Mr. Martin acted swiftly for Hehle again after ‘dropping ‘ me, a bad minded person might would say that he never stopped working for Hehle. The last nr. on the list was a libel case against the Irish Times, with Martin as B.C. and a certain Mr. Michael McDowell as S.C. – the very, by now trusty Minister for Justice blocking all my request’s for justice in a particular arrogant way ever since. Hehle sure knew how to pick them !


Just as a formality, this was the final decision by the Tribunal:

‘In these circumstances, while it is regrettable that Mr. Martin did not consider that there was a possibility of a conflict of interest when he drafted the proceeding at an earlier stage, the Board thinks that he was right to withdraw from the case and to hand over the brief to Mr.L., when instructed to do so. The Board upholds the decision of the Tribunal and dismisses the Appeal.’







The Book of Evidence

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)


Jan Gerrit Jochem Isenborger


The book of evidence was given to me several month after the 15.1.97. . It is a list of statements given by people who were involved at the time in my ‘crime’ in one or the other way. As such it is used in court by judge and prosecutor to establish the facts and the truth of what happened and than come to a just judgement. In order to achieve that it is of course important that A. the statements are truthful and B. that the defence lawyer is given the opportunity to point out and prove where witnesses are not truthful or downright lie. And C. that the defendant is given the chance to give his side of the circumstances. If A., B. and C. is done correctly one will end up with a fair trial. In my case A. contained plenty of lies and half truth. B. my lawyer did absolutely nothing to point that out and C. I wasn’t ask anything – as a matter of fact I was told by my defence not to interfere – even if I would hear that others were telling lies.!


It would take too much space to put the whole Book of Evidence on this page, therefore I have picked just a few aspects out of it together with some comments. There are statements from 30 people. Most of them police officers who were involved with the aftermath of the incident in various functions. What therefore counts are the people who were directly involved in the eviction : sheriff, deputy sheriff, 5 bailiffs and 3 police officers – heavy manpower indeed to dump a dying woman into the ditch beside the road on a cold January’s day, and far too many for a single man to stop them with his bare hands. While the sheriff and his henchmen were directly involved the 3 police officers were more bystanders and kept in the background. Unfortunately one must say because they were the ones who gave the most truthful accounts but were not directly involved in the final stage of what did happen. I do recognize that if 10 men give evidence about the same incident, that one will get 10 different accounts to what ‘exactly’ happened, especially if 7 attackers find themselves suddenly to be attacked. Finishing off a 75 year old woman is one thing – facing an armed man is a totally different story, the ones who are good at the first situation probably don’t appreciate the other situation.


Michael Hehle

He was given the honour to give the first statement. Needless to say that just about every sentence is a lie. Thanks to Frank Martin he had escaped to be exposed as the habitual liar he is. And the state prosecutor used happily his lies later in court. Maybe just one sentence : I did not push the eviction.”


Sheriff Thomas Owens, Alpha House, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.

‘ I hereby declare this statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I make it knowing that if it is tendered in evidence I will be liable to prosecution if I state in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.’


He outlines his ‘duties’ in general, in my case in relation to an ambulance he refers to an ‘Act of 1848’ – this was the time of the Irish famine, where on top of dying like flies 1000’s of starving Irish families were evicted from their homes. But of course a ‘ useful law ‘ than, is as useful as it is today – no matter if the British or Bertie Ahern is the boss.


His account of what happened than on 15.1.97. is false in most aspects. He does mention alright that I spoke to him, but ‘forgets’ to mention that I was showing him the doctors letters ( which he had of course received previously as well ). A very important point later in court when the state prosecutor claimed that he ( Owens ) didn’t knew about the health state of my mother. Than after looking into the window of the cottage and seeing my mother he said I could not state what condition she was in .’ – he and the state knew damn well that she was dying. In regard to me ‘ I would make arrangements to enter the house and have him carried out.’ And as far as my plea went ‘ to go in gods name ‘, he says I cannot remember any conversation. As a lawyer he is careful not to lie too bluntly, were he is ‘wrong’ he could claim shock, but he is not telling the truth. Or as Bertie Ahern once said to journalist’s after being once more economically with the truth ‘ You didn’t ask the right questions,’ well, to ask the right questions would have been Mr. McEntee’s job later in court – but we know how that ended !


Deputy sheriff Paul Comiskey,……………………………………………………….

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Internet censored by law firm “ Goodbody “………………………………………………  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Bailiff John C.

Introduces himself and than said ‘ I have only been involved in two evictions and I hate them’, - did anybody force him ? I don’t hold any of the bailiffs legally responsible, but morally they have to live with the fact that they took part in the killing of a defenceless old woman – be it legally or not ! He says as well I did not like this type of work and I remember it being on my mind during the week,’ – plenty of time to say No. Then he refers to his boss Mark S. ‘ He explained that ‘we were working on that day under the Warrant of Tommie Owens. He may have said in plain man’s terms we are doing a job for Tommie Owens’s lads. We were not aware of who money was owed to or what the circumstances of the eviction were or do I need to be. He explained that the man to be evicted was a German, a big man and that he would either walk out or be carried out.’ Later on ‘ We had the formal plan to effect this eviction and nobody was briefed, this is because we were not involved in the procedure other than to assist the actual eviction, all the background work have been the responsibility of Tommie Owens and Paul Comiskey.’ – ‘ I learned on my way from Dublin with him that a sick mother lived with this German guy.’ – ‘ I was very uncomfortable with the situation but out of loyalty to Mark my employer I was on the job and committed.’


Later in court  plus appeal court the prosecutor would claim that the sheriff didn’t knew how ‘ ill ‘ my mother was. Than I saw Mark S. take a sledge hammer out of the back of the jeep.’ John’s,  account of the eviction is than faulty but I believe given with the intention to be accurate


Bailiff Declan C.

The same as above in terms of responsibility and truth. In regard to Mr. Owens knowledge what he was doing At Bawnboy, Tommy Owens, who I know from before, met us. He spoke briefly with Mark S. and than generally to us all. This was the first time that I became aware that there was a second person living in the house that we were heading to. The second person I was told was the German’s mother and there was some mention of her being ill –‘ Later at the cottage I noticed that he  [Isenborger ] was leaning on this gate and had documents in his hands .’ – a fact both Owens and Comiskey had well hidden.


Bailiff Christopher R.

He is the bailiff who got injured. He as well knew that there was a sick mother ‘, and later It concerned me that if a son is removed forcibly from a sick mother there is going to be trouble.’ He than clearly states that Owens refers to the fact that my mother had cancer. Furthermore he quotes Owens as saying that on this occasion he [ Isenborger ] would be dealing with the men from an Grianian.’ –another highlight of Mr. Owens handy work during an eviction in Donegal, where they dragged a crying and distressed child out of a house. Than On the journey out to the German’s house I remember feeling apprehensive with comments passed and the circumstances there.’ – ‘I thought the worst that could happen was he might lock himself in and there might be a few punches taking him out.’ – just as in 1848, it took ‘just a few punches.’, while President Mary Robinson, who was fully informed – ‘Appeal for Help’ – was working on her image as Queen of Human Rights ! To the meeting at the gate between Owens, Comiskey and me “ Isenborger also had papers rolled up in his hand.’ Otherwise his report is faulty in detail but surely without intend. In court he claimed to be hit by a shot gun ( pellets ), while I had a rifle ( bullet ). The explanation lies very likely here “ I saw the wall explode to my left on the wall of the right hand shed as you face into the yard opposite.  To frighten them off I had aimed beside them. Otherwise 10 men within a few yards would have been an easy target. So I presume the bullet disintegrated on impact and bits of it together with stone particle hit Mr. R. . Still fired by me under enormous stress, but not as I pleaded thanks to Mr. McEntee : With intend to course bodily harm. Similar with Mr. Comiskey, here I fired the first shot and only one after my plea to let my mother in peace , he later claimed several hits ( head, neck and chest ), with this sort of hits he wouldn’t have been just patched up in hospital . Christopher R. was released from hospital on the 16th and Comiskey on the 17th, less than one and less than two days later, where they had been kept for ‘observation’ – Doctor in Book of Evidence. For an outsider reading the newspapers it must have looked of course as if I had pumped merciless one bullet after the other into them. The sheriff for being hit somewhat harder had to stay in hospital longer and needed an operation.


Bailiff Danny M.

Here as well There was a man standing inside this gate and he had some type of document in his hand.’ And ‘ All three had a very brief conversation and I then recall the man inside the gate saying ‘ this is murder ‘.He repeated this a second time. – indeed I used that term than and I use it today because this is what it was – Murder ordered by Hehle, enforced by the state and executed by Mr. Tommy Owens. Everybody who threatens , no matter what his reasons are, to drag a cancer victim on her deathbed into the street in the middle of winter must known that she will die within a very short time due to the stress. And it doesn’t matter if she would have died the following day or week anyhow, if she dies due to this action, and my mother did, than the person responsible has murdered her, and everybody involved is at least a accomplice ! ‘ I ( we ) didn’t intend that to happen ‘ is no excuse what so ever. They knew how the situation was and they still went ahead. As Danny quotes ‘ Tommy Owens said to Mark S. something like – I don’t think he’s coming out get a sledge hammer .’


Bailiff Mark S ( boss of  bailiffs )

In conversation with Owens He told me that this man’s mother living with him was suffering from cancer ( ! ) and I recollect asking him if she would to be removed and he confirmed that yes she would.’

Later We agreed on a price for the job at eleven hundred pounds plus V.A.T., this was to cover all my expenses plus payment to my men. – everything has a price in life after all. To his men he said I basically told them that the job entailed an eviction of a German National and his sick mother, that the German would either walk out or have to be carried out.’ Than, as the others with the exception of Owens and Comiskey Mr. Isenborger replies – this is murder. And Mr. Isenborger who also held some documents in his hand.’ Otherwise like the 4 others.


The Police

As I said before, the police was most correct, but staying in the background too far away and partly in the car. In the statements of the others they refer mixed as to be in uniform or civil clothing. The first time I saw an uniformed officer ( Garda Paddy B. ) was when the main action was over. The police were driving an unmarked civil car. This had a considerable barring. My mothers GP had told me, that if in case the sheriff should come – what he didn’t believe under the circumstances – I should approach the escorting police and put my mother under their protection by giving them his ( GP ) testimony about the health state of my mother. On the day  , when the sheriff arrived, all I saw were men in civil clothing and civil cars. This is why I spoke only with the sheriff and when this didn’t work in the last consequence I used violence. May God and others judge me – I would do the same tomorrow again, but than  I had only one mother they could torture and kill. A state based on justice and humanity is entitled to demand obedience – a corrupt and brutal state is not. Later a police officer, and they all treated me very friendly and with compassion, told me We feel abused to be ordered to assist in evictions, we want to help people – not terrorize them !’.


Here are some points the 3 officers made.


Sergeant David C.

‘ I distinctly heard either Mr. Owens or Paul Comiskey said to Isenborger, ‘ you have two minutes’, Mr. Isenborger had in his hand a white sheet of paper.’

‘ I saw one man at the rear opening the boot of a jeep and taking out a large pair of gloves. I was aware as well that somebody had gone to fetch a sledge hammer.’


Garda Patrick B.

‘I knew where this man lived with his mother. I was aware that there were problems between Michael Hehle, an Austrian National, who owned the house and himself, a German National. About a month or so earlier I had had a conversation with Gerrit Isenborger lasting at least half an hour at the checkpoint on the Ballyconnell-Derrylin Road.’ I spoke with just about everybody about what was going on – except the sheriff ??? who according to the state prosecutor didn’t knew about the health state of my mother!! Mr. Owens and his men approached Mr. Isenborger. We got out of the car. Sergeant David C. put on his cap, I did not.’


Garda Denis F.

‘ I could see that Gerrit Isenborger had a piece of white paper in his hands. I saw Thomas Owens get out of his car and go over and speak to Gerrit Isenborger, other members of the eviction party also got out and gathered on the road beside the gate. After minute or so Mr. Owens had a short conversation, I did not hear what was said, but I saw Mr. Isenborger turn and walk back towards the front door of his house and go into the house. He did not come back out for a few minutes and Thomas Owens made some comments to his staff and one of them went over to a jeep that was parked in the yard, open the boot and put on a pair of gloves. Sergeant C. got out of the patrol car and stood on the road beside the car.’



As mentioned before : all gave somewhat different versions about what did happen on this fateful day on January the 15th of 1997. With the exception of Owens and Comiskey I am sure that everybody gave a truthful statement as ‘he’ had seen and witnessed the events. To establish exactly what did happen a reconstruction at the place together with all people involved had been necessary. Something I did expect to be made in the framework of my trial. When Paddy McEntee promised that everything would come out if only I would plead guilty, I  expected that such a reconstruction would take place. Of course McEntee had ‘forgotten’ ( the best lawyer in Ireland) to mention that once I plead guilty there wouldn’t be a full court case in the first place. At the time of the court case 2 years had already passed. After I had ignored the warning to shut up and got in a farce of Appeal trial, ordered by the DPP, five years in prison even more time has elapsed. By now 8 long years have gone by. No doubt, one effective instrument of corruption is to cover up – with the result that if something comes out, it has happen so long ago that witnesses are either dead or ‘can’t remember’ exactly what happen. As such it does not surprise that nearly all scandals in Ireland come out, if they come out, only years later. Michael Hehle is 64 years old today, the sheriff Owens is 73 by now. If ever brought to justice, I am sure the judge would consider their advanced age – my mother was 75 when she was killed by the two of them ! Here the judge used the tern ‘ law full business.’





The  Trial


The 1. Trial


‘ CIRCUIT (CRIMINAL) COURT, Dublin, 26.May 1998

Judge Mathew

State Prosecutor Mr. Comyn S.C.

Defence Mr. McEntee

Main Witness Detective Superintendent P.J. Browne


( I like to point out that Judge Mathew and Mr. Browne acted at all times correct, honest and truthful according to their knowledge. If that knowledge was not complete at times the blame has to lie completely with the persons whose job it was to provide the facts, but who didn’t. )


When  the trial was over and the people around me ( McEntee was not there ), smiled and congratulated me for receiving ‘only’ 4 years suspended it seemed everybody was happy – with only one exception and that was me ! Because at this stage I had already realized that I had been tricked for a second time by my own lawyer. I only had pleaded guilty on the base that ‘everything’ would come out – and that was promised by Mr. McEntee. But what had come out ? Nothing. Even worst : not one real word to expose Hehle, the knowledge and actions by the Government denied and a total whitewash for the sheriff. Some people later said that MCEntee had done a good job to get me only 4 years suspended –

Rubbish ! I got 5 years in jail in the end and worst , the truth had not come out. But by suppressing the truth during the trial it had been so much easier for the DPP to appeal the first sentence and shut me up for a long time.



In his opening speech the prosecutor referred to Hehle in a way, Hehle couldn’t have done better himself.


Mr. Comyn : “- and while the court isn’t too concerned with the full details of the arrangement made between them – “ ( Hehle and me )

Is it not the duty of a court to be ‘concerned’ with the facts which lead to a ‘crime’?


“ – that relationship between Mr. Isenborger and Mr. Hehle deteriorated, I think partly because the work which Mr. Hehle required to be done, wasn’t done –“.

The old trick – if people lie they just put the word ‘I think’ in front of it, what makes it difficult later to nail them on it. And are witnesses in trials not always interrupted by the defence if they use the word ‘ I think’, demanding that they state the facts and not what they are thinking ? But stating facts was surly not something Mr. Comyn was too keen to enter into. Neither was Mr. McEntee !



In regard to the letter ( in fact 2 letters ) by my mothers GP.

Judge Q – Browne A

Q: You don’t. Can you tell me or help me in this, were the contents of that letter imparted to anyone on behalf of the state, obviously it was referable to the terminal condition of his mother?

A: No, my lord, they were not.

Q: So would it be fair to say that no one properly and fairly trying to do a job in relation to enforcing orders of a local court did not understand the de facto position and imminent near death situation of this man’s mother?

A: I would agree with that, my lord, they would not have been totally aware or sure of the imminent danger to the life of Mrs. Isenborger.

Of course they did !

Q: Mr. Browne, could you, if you can’t help me please say so, but do you think, and I am asking you to speculate perhaps unfairly, do you think in trying to give a letter to somebody, obviously a letter from a Medical Practitioner about the state of his mother’s health, that the man was trying to get the message through that his mother was virtually on deaths door, would that be fair?

A: That would be my understanding.

Q: But he wasn’t able to get that across because it was now too late, the machinery was in operation to do a lawful procedure, to remove him and his mother from the premises?

A: That would be my understanding.

They got the message already, but the killing ‘machinery’ was set in motion anyhow to do a ‘lawful procedure’.

ComynQ – Browne A

Q: Superintendent, perhaps could you help the court in this way, you say you are not aware of the contents of this letter?

A: I am not, my lord.

Q: Did you ever see the letter?

A: No.

Q: Did anybody see the letter?

A: I understand it is a letter between Dr. Deering –

Q: I know but that is not my question, Superintendent, the question is did anybody see the letter, any Gardai see the letter?

A: No, my lord.

Q: Or did Mr. Owens refer to it in his statement?

A: I can’t recall the exact details of the statement.

Of course he had copies of those letters !

Q: Anyway, the Gardai didn’t have it and the State don’t have it to your knowledge?

A: No.

Those 2 letters were attached to my letter ‘Appeal for Help’ – But than of course the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister’s for Justice and Health are not the State in Ireland – who is the State than ? At this stage Judge Mathew ask if he could see the letter, but ( surprise, surprise ) Mr. McEntee didn’t had these letters. Those 2 letters must be unique – everybody got them but nobody has them ! Among the, mainly useless, papers I got from the Freedom of Information Act  they were present, what proves that at least the Government had them, although nobody seems to remember them. One big collective lapse of memory !



McEnteeQ – BrowneA   - in regard to Mr. Hehle.

Q: And he eventually then met this Austrian gentlemen whom I don’t want to say anything unkind about but I think I can say it because it is fair, he is a very high handed gentleman?

A: That would be the perception, my lord, of not only me but of the general public in the area.

Q: He is not too particular about his dealings with other human beings or indeed with public authorities?

A: Well, I wouldn’t like to speculate, it would be unfair of me.

Q: But I am not wildly wrong.

A: No, you are not wildly wrong.

At last McEntee exposed Hehle in total and completely – he was ‘high handed’. Nothing else further was said about Hehle’s dealings.







Judge Q – Browne A



Q: In fact, on the morning of the 15th January, did any ambulance accompany either the Sheriff or the bailiffs or the posse?

A: No, my lord.

Q: What then was your understanding of what it was proposed to do, this old lady was totally bedridden, wasn’t she?

A: She was, my lord.

Q: What was it proposed to do, was the idea that she would be put on the side of the road in her bed?

A: Well, my lord, that would be a matter totally within the hands of the County Sheriff but since –

Q: Was there anything, I mean from your knowledge of this, did there appear to be any alternative but to leave the old lady on her bed on the side of the road?

A: No, my lord.

Q: Am I also right in my instructions and my consideration of  the book of evidence, that one of the very early moves that were made by the bailiffs was to take a very large sledgehammer out of a boot of a car in the sight of Mr. Isenborger?

A: That is stated in the statements, my lord.

Q: Do you believe it to be true?
A: Yes, my lord.

Q: Then we know that Mr. Isenborger sought to draw to the attention of the Sheriff and the bailiffs a medical report saying that the old lady just could not be moved in her then condition?

A: That is my understanding, my lord.

Q: But in fact that document wasn’t read, although the Sheriff was well aware of the situation?

A: That is my understanding, my lord.

Is there a better way to describe the set up for an execution by the sheriff/state ? In Ireland it is just ‘ their lawful duty’. Or as Mr. McEntee would later pronounce.

“I am not being in anyway critical of Mr. Owens, Mr. Owens had a very difficult task to perform and I am not, and it is important you lordship knows the fact, but it is not to be implied from that that I am being critical of Mr. Owens at all.”

And in his final speech.

“Perhaps it was the intention of the Sheriff, I have no doubt it was, to get an ambulance on to the scene quickly but then you can’t always get an ambulance and this was January - .”

Did the eviction came suddenly about , with just a few minutes time to get 5 bailiffs organised and apply to the police to send 3 of its members ? ‘ this was January’ – so what !, the ambulance came quick enough to pick the sheriff up. How keen Mr. McEntee was to give the sheriff a whitewash ! Did he totally forgot that he was defending me and not the sheriff – and this from the best lawyer in Ireland ? But than again, from the view point of the state and the sheriff he surely did an excellent job ! In a corrupt system you don’t become the Nr.1 for nothing!



At the end of the trial Mr. Owens (sheriff), Mr. Comiskey ( deputy ) and Mr. Christopher R. (bailiff) were ask to give evidence. Mr. Owens refused:

“I am not electing to give evidence, my lord .”

So did Mr. Comiskey:

“My lord, my report has been submitted, I have nothing further to add to that, Thank you, my lord.”

No doubt the main men were eager to avoid being questioned by the judge. They had little to fear from the prosecutor or Mr. McEntee.. Mr.R. did gave evidence, talking about the injury he had received. He was not questioned about the eviction as such in any way. At the end he was asked by the prosecutor:

“ If there is anything else you are entitled to tell the court at the moment?”

One would have liked to know what he meant with ‘entitled’. Anyhow, Mr. R. said:

“Nothing well, just one of the biggest things I have noticed is that you don’t trust people any more, you just don’t know what is going to happen, when it can happen and where I used to have trust in friendship with other people I am dubious about them, you can never underestimate what a person could do or might do.”

Here I sure would have liked McEntee to ask for some clarification. I guess nobody would suggest that I broke the trust of a man who was instrumental in the killing of my mother. Nor was there or will ever be a ‘friendship’ between us, so why is he now ‘dubious’ about friendships ‘with other people’? Can we presume that – if the circumstances as known to the sheriff/government – had been properly explained to him, he would have refused to take part in it ?



In his final speech, Judge Mathew said as well:

“ As I said, Mr. Owens, Mr. Comiskey and Mr. R…. are wholly and completely innocent victims of bizarre circumstances.”

There was nothing bizarre about it, they knew exactly what they were doing, with the exception of Mr. R., who might could claim not to be innocent – but to be a victim at the same time.

Further the Judge said:

“ It would be difficult perhaps to ask Mr.Owens and Mr. R… and Mr. Comiskey to forgive what has happened , they have been hurt immeasurably, they have suffered on going trauma and injury, emotional and physical damage and that isn’t over yet.”

One could easily replace those 3 names with the name of my mother – the only difference being that for her It was over !


As for the claim, that the state hadn’t known what was going on. Here are some letters I got from the Freedom of Information Act, which clearly prove they did know. All of my letters to the various departments were accompanied by the two letters from my mothers doctor !And each one of the departments could have stopped the insanity with just a phone call. Why didn’t they ?


Dep. of Justice to me, 7.January , 1997


Dear Sir/Madam,


I write to acknowledge receipt of your copy letter dated 28

December, 1996 which I will bring to the Minister’s attention.

Yours sincerely


Dep. of Justice to Taoiseach, 8 January, 1997


Dear Taoiseach,


You were in touch with me recently on behalf of Mr. Gerrit

Isenborger, Ballyleenan, Corlough PO, Belturbet, Co. Cavan.


I am having enquiries made in this matter and I will be in touch

with you again in the near future.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Nora Owen

Minister for Justice


Dep. of Health to me, 8 January, 1997


Dear Mr Isenborger


Mr Michael Noonan TD, Minister for Health has asked me to acknowledge

receipt of your letter of 28 December 1996.


As the matters you raised are more appropriate to the Department of Justice,

your correspondence has been passed to Ms Nora Owen TD, Minister for

Justice for her attention and direct reply to you.

Yours sincerely

Fergal Goodman

Private Secretary to the Minister for Health


Dep. of Justice to Crime Branch, Garda HQ,13 January, 1997



Garda Siochana


Re: Gerrit Isenborger


To see, please attached correspondence for whatever action you deem

necessary. No report required.


Mr. Isenborger is alleging fraud on the part of Mr. Hehle. He called into the

Department some time ago and was advised to bring any evidence of criminal

wrongdoing to the attention of the Gardai. In this regard, it would appear that

he subsequently called to his local Garda Station.


Crime Division


Dep. of Justice to Taoiseach, 14. January 1997


Dear Taoiseach,


You were in touch with me on behalf of Mr. Gerrit Isenborger, Ballyleenan, Corlough

PO, Belturbet, Co. Cavan.


An officer of my Department spoke with Mr. Isenborger on 7 January and advised

him to contact the Gardai if he wished to make a criminal complaint. As regards the

eviction order, it was explained to Mr. Isenborger that this is a civil matter between

the parties concerned and that neither the Minister for Justice nor the Gardai have

any function in this area. I have arranged to have a copy of Mr. Isenborger’s

correspondence brought to the attention of the Garda authorities.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Nora Owen

Minister for Justice


Sender ?, photocopies without letterhead addressed to me , with handwritten notes , 14. 1. 1997


Dear Mr. Isenborger,


I write to acknowledge receipt of your letter addressed to Mr.

Michael Noonan, T.D., Minister for Health dated 28/12/96 which

I will bring to the Minister’s attention.

Yours sincerely,


Private Secretary


Hand notes 1 :


Mr Fennel

What approach do you want taken with Mr. Isenborger. Should I send for a Garda Report

Gor (?)



Hand note 2 :


1.      Mr Byne

2.      Ministers Office

In view of the circumstances of this case, I see little point in entering into further correspondence

with Mr. Isenborger. Best to let the law take its course. A reply issued on 14/1/97.

D Fennell 3i/1/97


In view of what ‘circumstances’ of this case ? Let the law take what ‘course’ ?


Same letter as above with Letter Heat from Dep. of Justice, signed Eilen Power,

Private Secretary, 14.1.97



Dep. of Justice to me, 14.1.97


Dear Mr. Isenborger


I am directed by the Minister for Justice, Mrs. Nora Owen, T.D., to refer to your letter

dated 28 December, 1996.


A copy of your letter has been referred to the Garda authorities.

Yours sincerely

J. O’Dwyer

Private Secretary


Department of Justice to Crime Branch, Garda Headquarters,


                                          Re: Gerrit Isenborger


We have been informed by the Department of the Taoiseach that Mr. Isenborger

telephoned that Department and spoke to an official at 10.30am and 12.50pm

on 15 January ( the day of the shooting ). The information is being passed on to

you in case it will be of any relevance in the investigation. Further details can be

supplied if required.



Crime Division

16 January, 1997


After the trial, still in the court building, my solicitor Hunt told me that Mr. McEntee wanted to see me. He directed me to an empty room. Empty bar Mr. McEntee, who looked not particular friendly at me. Neither did I feel the need to look friendly at this stage for feeling tricked out of the chance to expose Hehle,scheriff or Government. McEntee came straight to the point by telling me to shut up about all previous events, ‘ even if the newspapers offer you money.’ When I ask why, he didn’t gave any reason. When I said, that I wanted the truth to come out, he got somewhat irritated and repeated his demand. Without agreeing with him I left the room. Giving a few days later a ( useless ) radio interview, followed promptly by the DPP’s appeal of my suspended sentence. In the next trial they did shut me up.


Trial on Appeal by the DPP



                                                                                       The Court of Criminal Appeal


Maybe this one first: After I was send to jail , my sister, living in France, contacted my solicitor, Mr. Hunt, who had worked in cooperation with Mr. McEntee on my case and ask for a copy of the judgement. He wrote back with date from 26 May 2000.


‘’As the Court of Criminal Appeal is not a Court from which any Appeal lies the Judgements handed down are not available as they would not be required for any Appeal purpose. It is therefore not possible to get a written copy of the Judgement of the Court of Criminal Appeal which sentenced Gerrit to five years in prison. The Court of Criminal Appeal does not fix a review date for sentences and therefore in strict law Gerrit would be obliged to serve the five year sentence less his normal remittance for good behaviour etc.’’


Some people would say that the ‘Supreme Court’ is the final instance – I don’t know. In relation to a copy of the judgement from the Appeal Court : My sister phoned the ‘Four Courts’ in Dublin and requested a copy. One week later it was in her post box – in France and free of charge!



After the DPP had quickly appealed my suspended sentence, I had to appear in autumn 1998 before the Court of Criminal Appeal. Not much happened here and I had to appear again on the 25.1.1999. The first thing what took place was that the state prosecutor , Mr. Edward Comyn SC, stood up and claimed that the sheriff Tommy Owens hadn’t known ‘ how ill ‘ my mother had been. Had he not read the book of evidence, where the bailiffs even knew that my mother had cancer? Did McEntee not submit the two letters from my mothers GP to the court ? This message of not knowing Comyn  considered as so important that he repeated it later ! As to expect at this stage, Mr. McEntee said nothing to that. I do understand that it is the job of the prosecutor to press for a conviction – but is he allowed to lie in doing so ? Well, in every dirty dictatorship and in Ireland under Bertie Ahern and his Minister for Justice John O’Donoghue he is ! With that claim the direction of the trial was clearly set. Mr. McEntee said a few words like ‘ he won’t do it again’ etc. and than Judge O’Flaherty gave me five years.


In a 11 page judgement he outlined:

Gives a basic account of events up to the 15.1.97 – full with mistakes and lies – Hehle himself couldn’t have it done better. Now of course McEntee’s broken promise that ‘every thing will come out ‘ and Frank Martins handy work bore fruits.  O’Flaherty said ‘’ It is not necessary to detail the intervening events ‘’ – indeed , who wants to hear the truth in an Irish court ? Than ‘Mr. Owens had alerted Mr. Hehle’s solicitor to the necessity, as required by statute, that the local community services personnel should be informed of the likelihood of someone being evicted who would have nowhere to go.’’ – either he didn’t or the local community service didn’t act upon it. By this time all my money ( over 6 000 Pounds , when I had come to the place ) had gone after 3 years, and without money one can move nowhere. And we know how my case for compensation against Hehle went thanks to Mr. Martin. Judge O’Flaherty repeats than Mr. Owens and Mr. Comiskey’s wrongful account of what had happened on the 15.1.97 ( Book of Evidence ). Than in the ‘Plea in Mitigation’ a bit more nonsense and ‘’ It is right to say that there was no ambulance in attendance to bring the dying woman away but that cannot be said to be the fault of the three people who were injured .’’- whose fault was it than ? After all the sheriff was in command and therefore responsible for the entire procedure of the eviction. In regard to the sheriff ‘’ It was only by a merciful dispensation of Providence that no one was killed.’’ – I was holding the gun and not the Providence, many people outraged about what the sheriff had done remarked about that point later, otherwise it is right that ‘no one was killed – just my mother. And of course ‘’ Nonetheless, no blame can be attached to Mr.Owens-’’. On page 10

 ‘’ – cowardly, delivered without warning ‘’ – had it been  bravely to step aside and let them drag that bundle of bones and misery out of the bed and throw it into the ditch ? If it is ‘cowardly ‘ in the final instance and by using the only means available to stand up alone against the power of an entire corrupt and inhumane state – than I surely will plead guilty!


After that, McEntee went without looking at me, and I was put in handcuffs and led away, after a remarkable short trial with a predictable outcome indeed. Elsewhere one would call it a ‘show trial’.



In his judgement O’Flaherty said as well: ‘’ If court orders are flouted or worse, as here, met with violent resistance, then the rule of law dies too.’ – strong words, particular from O’Flaherty.

Soon after he had put me away, it came out , by pure coincident, that O’Flaherty was involved to set free a convicted high-speed crash driver while being drunk – one young mother dead ! The driver, Mr. Sheedy, had received a four year sentence for that. In a , one can say mysteriously low key action – even the press didn’t got wind if it –the rest of Sheedy’s sentence was suspended ( nearly 3 years ). This was done after considerable ‘representation’ for Sheedy in the background. Most prominently by Bertie Ahern, who happened to be an old buddy of Mr.Sheedy’s employer. After it came out, several contradictive accusations were made on high level  among the legal system. A public inquiry, which many demanded, was of course refused by the Bertie Ahern government. O’Flaherty resigned than with a golden handshake, Minister for Justice O’Donoghue increased his retirement pension considerable. If he was guilty he should have gotten no pension at all, if innocent -why did he resign ? What was the golden handshake for ? Later the Bertie Ahern government tried to provide O’Flaherty with a highly paid job with the European Investment Bank. But although the European institutions are surely not short of dumped ex.’s – even they didn’t want him.


Does this all concerns me – well, yes and no.


Judge Mathew gave me 4 years suspended and Sheedy 4 years in jail.

Judge O’Flaherty gave me 5 years in jail and helped to set Sheedy free.

Lawyer for the both of us: Paddy McEntee.


As a well known person told me : ‘’ They did to Sheedy the same as they did to you – just the other way around.’’




Open Letter’s


I wrote  Open Letters to Bertie Ahern – An Taoiseach, Michael McDowell – Minister for Justice and James Hamilton – DPP ( Director of Public Prosecution). Some might consider those letters as too aggressive and too personal ( although true ), on the other hand this was the idea – to get them out from behind the wall of silence and to take actions against me and as such bring things into the open. While politicians otherwise sue on the slightest hint that their ‘’ good name ‘’ is interfered with – in this case all 3 of them acted in the same way – total silence ! Here it seems that no publicity is good publicity.



24.10.03                                     OPEN LETTER 


An Taoiseach

Bertie Ahern

Upper Merrion St.

Dublin 2


Dear Mr.Ahern


For over 6 years now I wrote to you with the request to stand up for justice – you answered not once, bar sending me Christmas Cards while I was in jail  with Happy New Year wishes – talking about putting insult to injury. You can’t claim shortage of time, after all you opened over 60 pubs during the same time ! No, the reason is that you simply don’t give a damn about justice. You are a man without any morality, the only emotion  in your life is greet. Greet for power and greet for money. How can you justify of having raised your own income over the last few years to the present enormous level when at the time thousand of decent Irish people live in poverty, seriously ill people admitted to hospital end up on trolleys for 1 or 2 days before getting a bed. While thousand of ill people are put on waiting lists before they see a specialist doctor – many die while they are waiting, but do you care ? Of course not ! The corruption under your leadership is rampant – what do you do ? Nothing ! But what can one expect from a man like you who in relation to a case of corruption doesn’t tell the truth and later says “ You didn’t ask the right questions “. You once said on TV “ My parents brought me up to believe in the truth “- well, they did a lousy job. As such it was typical  that you pretended to have degrees from famous schools without really having them, but it shows your pompous madness. The likes of you quickly talk about democracy – when it suits them – but in reality you are a disgrace to democracy and the values it stands for. For you the state is nothing but a club to fill yours and your friends pockets – the rest can go to hell, they are just good enough to make their cross on election day. And to make sure they make it at the right place, you lie to them like a professional fraudster, as you did before the last election. Not one of your promises was kept ! Where are all the billions gone the EU and the USA have paid into Ireland ? I tell you – into the pockets of your friends ( Anspacher accounts etc. ) and wasted by incompetent politicians. Because incompetence is always the brother of corruption, once corruption has infested the top of a political system, new politicians are not anymore chosen for important jobs on the base of their competence and skills but on their willingness to carry this corrupt system. You yourself are a fine example in point, after all you, as second man in command during the Haughey area, must have seen how Haughey was filling his pockets, but you said and did nothing about it – this was why Haughey liked you, but even he called you the” most devious and cunning of them all “, and who was more competent to make a statement like that. People like you destroy democracy, because you constantly walk over the very values democracy stands for. Right or wrong for you is just a question of “ what serves me and what not “- morality or decency doesn’t come into it for you.


If you should feel insulted by my letter, well – bring me to court for slander, I will happily repeat everything in court and explain why I wrote the letter. ( And I’m sure many people will agree with me.) Or you can ignore this letter as all before ( you are good at this as well.) Or you can finally act and offer a solution how justice can be restored – but than of course this wouldn’t be in your nature.



 Yours sincerely






Mr. M. Mc. Dowell                              Open Letter

Minister for Justice

Dep. Of Justice

72 – 76 St. Stephens Green

Dublin 2



Dear Mr. McDowell


In a speech from Sep. 12 ( 2002 ) you said ,” Social justice is undoubtedly based on moral opinion and moral opinion is undoubtedly based on an appreciation in many cases of the moral entitlements of individuals “ – what a good sentence, but than all speeches by politicians are great. Unfortunately they rarely mirror the reality. Like in this case there is no doubt that in Ireland you don’t have “ social justice “ except, and this would be true, if it were based on a very poor moral opinion by people like you who don’t give a damn about the moral entitlements of individuals. Your only concern is your own “ ego “ ( you refer in public to yourself in the third person - superior complex ? ) and even fellow politicians have called you an “arrogant bully “. Secondly your concern is your own party and thirdly your own Government and only than will you show concern for the individual – provided of course, that this doesn’t collide with 1, 2 and 3 of your priorities.


Further more in your speech you say “ I, for my part, believe passionately

in politics as the means for conducting and resolving social and economic issues “– well, the question here is of course what you mean by “ means“.

Like in my case of injustice, coursed by a criminal and political corruption followed by cover up, those “ means “ are that a decent and honest parliamentarian  who wants to find out the truth  is censored and not permitted  to ask important questions in parliament in the first place. Or, the press, who would like to publish what really did happen in my case, is not able to do so by the “ means “ of the libel laws which protect only the big criminals and corrupt politicians but nobody else, and you as a lawyer know that of course very well. As a barrister you made plenty of money to represent men like Mr.Hehle ( perjury, fraud etc.) in a libel case against the Irish Times and as a politician you appreciate those laws even more for obvious reasons. Your eagerness to restrict the police even more than they are already restricted to cooperate with the media is another “ means “ typical of politicians like you. On two occasions did Gardai officers told me that they knew similar cases like my one, but where they could do nothing because those criminals had political protection ! The German embassy confirmed that by telling me that there are several criminals living in Ireland who are wanted by intern. warrants but they can’t get them as long as the right people ( politicians ) holding their hand over them ! – Do you intend to do anything about that ? – of course not, if you were known as a man who fights corruption you wouldn’t have got your job in a corrupt system ( Ahern Government ) in the first place. Those are the real “ means “ by which you work. But if challenged you quickly hide behind the “ independence of the courts “.


Firstly: How independent the courts are, we have seen in the Sheedy affair, where a reckless drink drive killer was quietly released from prison for having the right friends behind him ( Burke, Ahern ). When this came out, purely by accident, judge O’Flaherty ( the same who gave me 5 years ) had to go but his pension was risen enormously – why? – if he was corrupt he should have got no pension at all, if he wasn’t corrupt – why did he had to go than ? But the best of course is, as expected, that the Government, the same you serve so trustfully, refused any investigation.


Secondly: Twice my own lawyers set me up ( one of them your good friend Frank Martin , with whom you worked for Hehle ), making sure that the truth and background of my case didn’t came into the open. A practice as a journalist told me “ happens all the time “ if you have the rich and powerful against you. A practice no doubt you as a lawyer must be fully aware of, where criminal lawyers decide on the outcome of a trial among themselves by deciding what and what not to led the judge know who at the end of the day is just a puppet.


So don’t tell me anything about the freedom  and independence of the courts, you know what is wrong, but once again you do nothing about it!

You might be not directly corrupt , but the fact that you cover up for a corrupt system in general and in my case in particular, that does make you corrupt.


With Ireland taken over the presidency of the EU, you might are already planning to travel all over the place to hold speeches, don’t, there is nothing positive Europe can learn from the system you represent. If you want admiring listeners  go to some dictatorships , they will gladly learn from you, how to pretend to the outside world to have a FREE PARLIAMENT – but censor the questions. Have a FREE PRESS – but design clever libel laws. Have INDEPENDENT COURTS – with lawyers fixing the outcome of trials. Because all this is represented by you – so never tell anybody that you are interested in justice or truth – you are not!


Yours sincerely



Not in relation to McDowell, the politician and lawyer, working for Hehle in a libel case, but still interesting.:

In part ( beginning)

Sunday Independent

Newspaper chief slams ‘greedy lawyers’

POLITICIANS will never reform the Irish libels laws because they do not wish to be subjected to further public scrutiny and criticism, according to the group managing editor of Independent Newspapers ( Ireland), Michael Roche.

But he told a meeting of the Bar Council that change was much more likely to come about as a result of a European court case being taken by Independent Newspapers.

In the meantime, he said, the company had been forced to adopt a policy of fighting libel cases in court where possible rather than reaching out-of-court settlements.

This was because greedy lawyers had been exploiting the system to a point where the cost of settling and the cost of fighting were growing so close as to constitute economic unreality.






28.10.03                                          OPEN LETTER 


Director of Public Prosecution

Mr.James Hamilton

14 – 16 Merrion Street

Dublin 2


Dear Mr. Hamilton


While I was in jail I wrote to you several letters but never received an answer. In those letters I outlined my case in respect to the criminal activities of Mr. Michael Hehle and the corruption of some politicians – on neither you acted. Your office was quick to appeal my suspended sentence by getting Judge O’Flaherty ( Sheedy !) to turn it into 5 years,

Your state prosecutor opened the trial with a lie, O’Flahertys justification of the 5 years was full of lies and incorrect facts., but it served it purpose to shut me up for a long time. By now I have no doubt that you have absolute no quest for justice in you. Against how many corrupt politicians have you pressed charges – none of course. Mr. C. Haughy is considered as being to ill to stand trial, while he is still travelling and horse riding – my mother on the other hand, who at the time was a dying skeleton was considered by the state you serve, as “healthy enough “ to be thrown out on the street( in the meaning of the word ) in the middle of winter, and that on behalf of a criminal and his perjury of what the Government was well informed. – Not even an ambulance was there in this act of murder. This is the system you represent. And that in a role which is nothing than dictatorial – Not democratically elected by the people you have so much power over, much power as such and not answerable to nobody! But installed by more or less corrupt politicians. And no DPP  has disappointed their trust so far by going after the corrupt among them. You are one of the main representatives of a system where a criminal with the “right” backing can commit perjury  ( and other offences ) and course death and misery unpunished, while at the same time a breastfeeding mother is put in jail for peacefully demonstrating against another scam by politicians to squeeze even more money out of the people. In my opinion you are guilty of the criminal offence of aiding and abetting a criminal( Hehle ), and by being passive, to interfere with the course of justice. – maybe you shout consider to press charges against yourself.

Yours sincerely


Although the DPP is appointed by politicians, and they know who they choose and why, he is , like judges, from than on ‘independent’, at least this is what McDowell would claim.



Appeals for Help


Before the 15.1.97. and after I appealed to countless institutions and politicians in Ireland and outside for help – to absolutely no avail. They all either didn’t answer – like all the leaders of the political parties in the EU parliament, or came up with excuses no matter how thin or stupid. The only positive exception was Joe Costello from the Irish Labour party and the Englishman Graham Watson, leader of the Liberal Democrats in the EU parliament. He wrote back and said he would bring up my case with the Irish member of his party block in the EU, with my luck, this happened to be Michael McDowell – that was the end of that. Ever since I can only laugh when the EU condemns human rights violations, be it in Turkey or elsewhere, playing the decent people when looking outside, but turning a blind eye to everything what is happening inside – just one big happy family of hypocrites. Some of the people I contacted, where the ones who are sailing under the name of ‘Human Rights Activist’- nothing from them either – as a  TV presenter  some years ago said about them: ‘ I believe the only reason why they touch ‘hot issues’, is to warm themselves.’- and indeed, a lot of them doing very well, with no hassle from the nasty mighty they claim to stand up against, while the  mighty normally react swiftly if they fear a real threat. I went to the Citizen Law advise centre, here a young good meaning lawyer listen for a few minutes and than interrupted me by pointing out that he had just finished his studies, and that my case would be to complicated for him. But instead I should contact the ‘Office of the Ombudsman’. For this he gave me a 3 page info leaflet. Under rules it says:’ You can make a complaint if you are unhappy with the service provided by any of the following bodies: Government departments, Local authorities, Health board, The post office’. Just the right place for me I thought, till I read the small print. Under : ‘Complaints that the Ombudsman cannot investigate ‘ , there was a long list of ‘no’s ‘, among others: ‘ Where any minister of the Government sends a request in writing to the Ombudsman to cease the investigation.’ – so much to complaining about the Government. Like the whole no-list is one big restriction for the little man to complain against the mighty and powerful.  I didn’t bother.

So did I get no support at all ? I did, I found a couple of true friends, including my ex partner, who helped me in many ways, with moral support, accommodation, money and their never ending friendliness – without them I could have packed in a long time ago. All of them, as most Irish people, with more decency in their little finger than most of  the politicians ,put on one heap, together.

And of course I spoke with many journalists, who listen to me and tried to help. But under the libel laws imposed on them, they are simply not permitted to do a job in a way, other journalists in real democracies take for granted.


On my question how a ‘free press’ is restricted in Ireland, the ‘ Ireland on Sunday’ wrote back to me.


Letter from IRELAND on SUNDAY ( Newspaper ) 1999


I refer to your letter of 17th inst. And will answer your questions in order.


1.Undoubtedly, the libel laws as framed and interpreted in this country  hinder press investigations. Major problems are that:


A. The onus is on the press to prove the truth of disputed statement and the level of proof required is so high as to make it very difficult to attain.


B. If a plaintiff sues, says, a supermarket for injury, she has to prove that the injury took place, that the supermarket was to blame and that she suffered loss to the amount being sought. But, if a plaintiff sues a paper, she does not have to prove that she was injured in her career or reputation. The onus is on the paper to prove ( to a level which is difficult to attain ) that either any damage caused was justified or that the damages claimed did not occur or was not as severe as the plaintiff makes out.


C. Virtually no allowance is made for the possibility of human error.


D. Any attempt at a prompt correction or clarification may be used against the paper if the case goes to litigation.


The press accepts that there should be libel laws and there are some of us who think they should be stricter in certain areas. But, in addition to what I have already written, major problems are that the laws are too unclear in many respects, the absence of malice on the part of the press is not taken into account sufficiently, and that people in public life are not more accountable.


In the short, the libel laws as they exist favour the offender at the expense of the innocent.


2. The terms “press” and “counter pressure” are so broad that it is difficult to be definite here. It would be impossible to say that all media resist all pressures all the time. But “counter pressure” would make the medium more careful about what it published and, conversely, more sure that there was a basis for the story.


3. There are many ways in which pressure can be applied, from mild to murder. For example, “X” may know the editor or someone else working in the office and make approaches in that way; repeated allegations of bias; there can be offers of bribes or threats of physical injury, and there can be actual injury and murder, as in the case of Veronica Guerin. Mostly, pressure is brought thorough withdrawal of advertising or threats of such withdrawal.


4. Undoubtedly “good relations” are widespread and the tribunals have produced a considerable body of evidence to substantiate that. Compare the number of financial scandals which have been revealed by politicians with the number revealed by the media. On the other hand, the vast majority of politicians have not been Implicated in any scandal, the tribunals have been established by Politicians, the regulations that exist have been put in place by Politicians and individual politicians and parties have campaigned long and hard to expose corruption and allegations of corruption.


5. Again the answer here would have to depend on the opposition spokesperson. Occasionally, we see opposition which is robust and incisive; occasionally it seems petty and over the top, and on other occasions one would wonder how the relevant minister could have been given such an easy ride.


I hope these points can be of some help to you.

Yours sincerely

( Newspaper clip March 2000 )


A SPECIAL UN representative has recommended that sanctions for libel in Ireland should

be reduced.  The UN specialist’s report on freedom of speech also expresses concern about the

“chilling effect” on independence of opinion from the high level of damages awarded in libel

cases. Abid Hussain, who visited Ireland in October, calls for a new defamation bill to place

the onus of  proof on those claiming to have been libelled rather than the defendant.


And he recommends the establishment of an independent press ombudsman, a review of the

 censorship laws and the amendment of Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act which allows a

minister to ban representatives of proscribed organisations from being heard on the airwaves.


His report will be presented at the next session of the UN Commission on Human Rights

running  in Geneva from next Monday until April 28. And last night the National Union of

Journalists welcomed the report. Ronan Brady, cathaoirleach  of the union’s Irish executives

Council, said the report meant the Government was under the UN spotlight because of its

“draconian libel laws”.


Amed the union’s Irish organiser Seamus Dooley called Mr. Hussain’s report a “ blueprint

for reform “.


A Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the Government was likely to make an

Official response in Geneva.


Justine McCarthy from the Irish Independent brought my story in her newspaper, but not her original story, because first the story was very much reduced and than censored ( libel ), with the result that nothing of importance was left in it. I gave 2 radio interviews – one with the national station RTE and one with a local station in Cavan .In both cases those interviews were recorded the day before and I was clearly instructed what I was not allowed to say ( libel ) or mention. Those interviews opened than with the words ‘Good morning’ – said in the afternoon before ! Only much later I realised that both interviews and newspaper story did more harm to me than benefit me. Because the reader must have thought if there was anything doggy in this case they would have wrote about it. And the listener thought, ‘well, he had his say’, by presuming that I actually was sitting there in the morning and being free to say what I want. Neither reader or listener knew about the enormous amount of censorship taken place right in front of them. For example: if a man works on a high ladder and a ill meaning man comes along and kicks the ladder over with the result that the man on it breaks his neck. If the newspaper/radio would report the whole event, people would be outraged about this callous act and demand justice, if the media would report about it by letting the kicking bit out of the story, than people would just say: ‘What a sad story , but accidents do happen’, and the kicker would go free. There is not much the Irish press can do about the libel laws, but maybe they should start to clearly identify with a little note every story, which is brought under the restrictions of the libel laws. This way people would at least know and realise how often they are denied the full truth.






Freedom of Parliament is another pillar of democracy. After contacting over the years countless politicians in vain, I finally met Joe Costello, TD, Labour Party, Dublin, who was willing to help – what says a lot about him and even more so about the rest of the bunch ! After discussing my case with countless journalists, I knew that if a politician – with his freedom ( privilege ) of speech in parliament ( Dial ) would bring up my case, than the press – without fear of libel – could pick up on it. Mr. Costello was going to do exactly that. So after journalists of all the major newspapers were informed and supplied with background information and ready, we waited for the big day. It never came. Under the regime of Ahern/McDowell - Mr. Costello was simply not allowed to ask the questions he wanted to ask !


From Dr. Rory O’Hanlon, Ceann Comhairle ( Parliament Speaker  ) F.F.,

To Joe Costello



Dear Joe,


I regret that I have had to disallow the underlined part of the following question

tabled by you :


To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform the

Circumstances surrounding the siege and the eviction of a person

( details supplied ) in which the Sheriff and two of his staff were injured

in 1997; the circumstances in which the offender received a four year

suspended sentence only to receive a five year term on appeal; and if he

will make a statement on the matter.


( Gerrit Isenborger a German National who was living at Ballyleenan,

Bawnboy, Co. Cavan )


The Minister has no official responsibility to Dail Eiteann for the underlined

Part of the question which is a matter for the courts.

Yours sincerely

( New page )

                                                           QUESTION NO: 75

DAIL QUESTION addressed to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform

                                                               ( Mr. Mc Dowell)

                                                           by Deputy Joe Costello

                                      for ORAL on Wednesday, 15th October, 2003.


To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform the circumstances surrounding the

siege and the eviction of a person (details supplied ) in which the Sheriff and two of his staff

were injured in 1997; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


                                                    -       Joe Costello


(Gerrit Isenborger a German National who was living at Ballyleenan, Bawnboy, Co.

Cavan )



This matter was the subject of a criminal investigation and subsequent

trial. The facts surrounding the shooting were widely reported in the

national media in the immediate aftermath of the incident and at the

subsequent trial of the perpetrator.


As the Deputy will be aware, the Courts are independent – subject to

the Constitution and the law – in the exercise of their  judicial functions.

in the circumstances, I do not propose to comment further on the




1.      Not one of the ‘Facts surrounding’ were ever reported thanks to the libel laws.

2.      The trials were a farce

3.      The main aspect of the question ‘circumstances of the eviction’ is simply ignored.

4.      The ‘independence of the courts’ is indeed important, provided they are run properly without corruption and manipulation and  people committing perjury are harshly dealt with – neither is the reality in Irish courts. As a lawyer himself , McDowell knows that of course !


And trust McDowell to bring up the Constitution . Maybe he and his pal Bertie should once in a while spend some time to read the same.


Words underlined by me.


Bunreacht na hEireann


In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all

authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both

of men and States must be referred,


We, the people of Eire,


Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our,

Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers

through centuries of trial,


Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting

struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation,


And seeking to promote the common good, with due

observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the

dignity freedom of the individual may be assured , true

social order attained, the unity of our country restored,

and concord established with other nations,


Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this



Fundamental Rights

Personal Rights


Article 40.

1.     All citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal

     before the law.

     This shall not be held to mean that the State shall

      not in its enactment have due regard to differences

     of capacity, physical and moral, and of social



2.     1 The  State guarantees in its laws to respect, and,

     as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and

     vindicate the personal rights of the citizen.


    2 The State shall, in particular, by its laws protect

    as best it may from unjust attack and, in the case of

    injustice done, vindicate the life, person, good name,

    and property rights of every citizen.

The Family.


Article 41.


1.     1 The State recognises the Family as the natural

     primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and

     as a moral institution possessing inalienable and

     imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all

     positive law.


    2 The State, therefore, guarantees to protect the

    Family in its constitution and authority, as the

    necessary basis of social order and as indispensable

    to the welfare of the Nation and the State.


Private Property


Article 43.


1.     1 The State acknowledges that man, in virtue of

      his rational being, has the natural right, antecedent to

      positive law, to the private ownership of external



     2 The State accordingly guarantees to pass no

     law attempting to abolish the right of private

     ownership or the general right to transfer, bequeath,

     and inherit property.


2.     1 The State recognises, however, that the

      exercise of the rights mentioned in the foregoing

      provision of this Article ought, in civil society, to be

      regulated by the principles of social justice.




Article 45


1.     The State shall strive to promote the welfare of the

      whole people by securing and protecting as

      effectively as it may a social order in which justice

      and charity shall inform all the institutions of the

      national life.


4.  1 The State pledges itself to safeguard with

     especial care the economic interests of the weaker

     section of the community, and, where necessary, to

     contribute to the support of the infirm, the widow, the

     orphan, and the aged.



The Tribunals

Mr. Ahern likes to point out, how many tribunals under his rule have been set up to investigate corruption. He uses this as prove of his commitment to democracy. In reality the tribunals prove rather more the cunning and shifty cleverness of the system.

1. Why are so many tribunals needed in the first place ?

2. The Tribunals are not set up to search for corruption in general, but only to deal with cases of corruption, which have become too obviously, besides any attempts to cover them up. And as such only show the tip of the iceberg.

3.Anything ‘admitted” during a tribunal can’t be later used in court. And this is the real stinker. Every politician, accused of corruption, has therefore only to listen carefully what ‘they know already’ and than admit it, and that is the end of it. With the result that Ireland is still waiting for the first politician to be jailed for corruption. Or in other words, the tribunals give politicians , if they are clever enough, and this they are, a good chance to escape any legal consequences for their corruption.

4. With a free press the tribunals wouldn’t be needed, because most cases were well known to the press, but thanks to the libel laws they couldn’t write about it. And this is the way Bertie Ahern likes to keep it.

5. The Tribunals are set up by the government and as such can be rejected or hindered.

6. While the politicians get mostly the costs for their legal team refunded by the state ( taxpayer), civilians have to pay for themselves first and than rely on the ‘good will’ of the government to be reimbursed.

7. And Mr. Ahern’s personal attitude forward corrupt politicians ? Not so long ago he appointed a minister ( Mr. Burke ) – and this after he was well informed and warned that this man was corrupt. What by the way didn’t do any harm to Mr. Ahern – he is not for nothing called the Teflon-Taoiseach, or his favoured reaction  - ‘ its done and dusted’!


So far nobody has accused or proven, that Mr. Ahern took ever personal bribes. No doubt he looked the other way when

Mr.Haughey filled his pockets, something he denies of course, but as a learned accountant who knew how much a Prime Minister earns and being in constant contact with Mr. Haughey and his lavish lifestyle, he sure could see what was going on. And if there is one thing one can’t say about Mr. Ahern , than it is that he is stupid, contrary . But there is no doubt, that he uses his power to look after personal friends. Like appointing his ex mistress to the board of the National Consumer Agency. In regard to her qualification for the job the Sunday World ( 24.7.05 ) wrote ( in part ).:

It was Celia’s lack of experience in fighting for consumer rights that led to accusations of cronyism over her appointment.

And a Sunday World survey reveals that Celia’s record in being a friend of the consumer is mixed. Image consultant Celia is a high flyer in an industry known for its high prices.

And the cost of some procedures in her Blue Door Beauty Clinic are well ahead of the competition.

Celia and Bertie were an item for over 10 years, but they broke up after he refused to divorce his wife and marry her.

Since the split, she has refused to spill the beans about her time as the Taoiseach’s lover and has stayed loyal to Fianna Fail. Celia has no formal experience in consumer rights and her appointment to the NCA is seen as just rewards for her support for the Taoiseach.

One opposition politician called it Mr. Aherns ‘Ceausescu genes ‘ – after Romania’s last communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ( 1918 –1989). Who was known to supply friends and family with well paid state jobs, regardless of their qualification. If we would go than further down history lane, we might would end up with Caligula, Roman Emperor

(AD 12 – AD 41 ), who appointed his favourite horse, Incitatus, as senator. So nothing is really new. It’s just a power thing.

‘ I can – therefore I do.’ And Bertie surely does.


In reply to a letter written on my behalf, Mr. Aherns office wrote back (12.10.2000) by than I was nearly one year in jail.:

In your case, the Taoiseach has noted the points raised in your letter but has asked me to inform you that this is a matter, in the first instance, for the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Mr. John O’Donoghue T.D. You may wish to address any further queries direct to the Minister.’

Those few words are very significant, revealing Mr. Aherns skills in maintaining his power. Or as J.Gromley, Green Party, put it in regard to Ahern:

‘See no evil, hear no evil and you can have a great career and maybe even go off and become Taoiseach.

Mr. Ahern is on top of the system. It is he who appoints ministers and he who gives the orders. And as such it is ridiculous, if somebody complains about a minister or department – in my case the Department of Justice – to move this complain back to the very department it is directed against. If the integrity of one of his ministers or departments is questioned, it is his duty and obligation to investigate the case. But Mr. Ahern knows very well, that if he personally would stand up against corruption and corrupt politicians, he would end up with a lot of enemies. On the other hand, looking away or covering up for them, creates a lot of people who ‘owe’ him. Equally is Mr. Ahern very resistant to remove ministers from their position in situations, were in other countries this would be part of the democratically hygiene. As in the case of his Minister of State, who referred to mistreated Turkish workers, employed in Ireland, as ‘kebabs’, - and this not in a pub after a few pints, but in Parliament. The minister in question is Minister of State for Overseas Development – what makes one wonder what other pet names he has for foreigners.

In most parties or organisations one will always find at least one potential ‘Brutus’, just waiting for the right moment to deliver the ‘coup de grace’ and than take over. Mr. Aherns career, since in power, has been remarkable free of any serious attempts to topple him – no doubt about it, his system works, and the more corruption there is, the better does it work !


On that note I led have Bertie Ahern the last word. ( on TV )








  Department of Justice


Not shy to beat its own drum, the Dep. of Justice declares in a Mission Statement:



    We are guided by a set of core values in seeking to deliver on our mission.

    These values are founded on an analysis of the environment in which we

    operate, the expectations of the Government and the community, and the

    resources at our disposal. We express these as guiding principles informing our

    work. We aim to:


    . ensure access to justice;

    . apply fair and equal standards of treatment to all groups in society;

    . demonstrate accountability for our actions;

    . show courtesy, integrity and openness in our dealings;

    . provide excellent services to the public; and

    . value the individual.


This is very moving indeed, and as an individual who had access to justice and experienced

the fair and equal standards of treatment, I can hardly hold my tears back.




John O’Donoghue ( Fianna Fail )

With Bertie Ahern’s election win in 1997, he became the new minister for justice. Refused any form of help or dialog in my case. He is the kind of trustworthy party soldier. People from the public, who wrote to him on my behalf got the usual ‘Acknowledge’ letter reply. Two politicians ( Frank Fahey and Matt Brennan ), some politicians do care, got out of political courtesy the additional sentence While I have given this case every consideration, I regret to inform you that I am not prepared …’.

Otherwise O’Donoghue made himself a name with the demand for ‘Zero tolerance’. While I was in jail, on two separate occasions, the sons of the well connected ended up in court on serious drug charges. Both got off with fines and community work. The commends of some of the inmates are not printable. Those were the guys, coming from social housing estates and similar backgrounds, who under the ‘Zero tolerance’ policy for drug offences got several years for quite much the same charges. But than again, every case is different as we know, the only question is what sort of difference does this refer to ?


And than, in recognition of the high number of traffic deaths on the roads, there was a ‘Zero tolerance ‘ for traffic offences – namely speeding. Until one fine day out of the blue Mr. O’Donoghues chauffeur driven Merceds was clocked at 100 mph           ( for Mr. Joe Public the speed limit is 60 mph ). As it is custom among politicians, thanks to the taxpayer, the car on this occasion was used for the private entertainment by members of his family, Any ‘Zero tolerance’ prosecution ? Of course  not ! What was it, present Minister for Justice McDowell said: ‘ Nobody is above the law.’ Or as Orwell would have said: ‘ We are all equal, just some of us a more equal !’ As a trained lawyer he defended the incident in the newspapers with:      Government ministers past and present on occasion have exceeded the speed limits.’ – Well, if everybody else does it, it is of course OK, provided they are ministers. And, even more remarkable : ‘ As Minister I am not aware of any occasion which mine or anybody else’s safety was compromised in any way. – How far would the rest of us get in court, coming up with such an excuse, when accused of speeding?


One example how Mr. O’Donoghue is handling a) his power and b) his responsibility forward the Irish taxpayer.:

Newspaper in part ( beginning ).:

Irish Independent

Justice minister pressured me to shell out millions on Famine ship fiasco, says Fahey

‘MARINE Minister Frank Fahey revealed last night that he was pressured into spending millions on the ill-fated Jeanie Johnston replica ship by Justice Minister John O’Donoghue.

He said the subsequent funding was sanctioned against the advice of his own department officials.

Mr Fahey said he came under pressure from both Mr O’Donoghue and Fianna Fail TD Denis Foley, both of whom represent constituencies in Kerry, where the ship is build.

They wanted to keep the project afloat when the experts in his own department wanted to abandon the project, which is two years behind schedule and has already cost four times its original budget. The initial cost was estimated at just under Euro 4m but the cost to date is nearly Euro 16m.

The ship is currently under arrest at Fenit, Co Kerry after a High Court order on foot of a creditor’s claim for Euro 180,000.’


 Nowadays he is Minister for Tourism, where his duties include to meet Lassie , the canine star of the new movie by the same name.


Michael McDowell ( Progressive Democrats )

In his case ‘ Progressive Democrat ‘ would be the definition given by George Orwell in his book

‘ 1984’. Maybe I let someone else give a description of him:

Alan Ruddock- in parts

The charge sheet is as follows: Mr McDowell, our minister for justice, believes that the state should be able to access all our telephone records and e-mails for up to four years; he believes that the state should be intimately concerned with when we socialise with each other in public place; he believes that the news media should be regulated by the state through a government appointed press council; he believes that the state should, through that press council, draw up a code of ethics for journalists; he believes that there is a poisonously unhealthy relationship between the press and the gardai [ police ] that requires legislation and jail time to correct; and he supports his government’s decision to curb freedom of information.’

‘The threat of arrest will hang over any garda who has the courage to talk freely to any journalist and communication between the two will, inevitably, dry up. Our official culture, already intensely secretive and suspicious of any inquiry, will become even more so. Whistle-blowing, rare enough phenomenon in Irish life, will become rarer still.’

‘Is Mr McDowell mad or just wooden-headed ? Nanny or liberal ? Protector or invader of privacy ? The evidence suggests that he is the most illiberal of liberals, a democrat who fears the functioning of democracy, a man who hates the media but is in thrall to it and a man who has become besotted by the smell of power. Not just mad, dangerous too.’


On top of this, is he as well a hypocrite. In a recent scandal ( one of so many ), where an innocent man from Donegal was framed for the killing of a man and put through hell for 8 long years , together with members of his family – McDowell pretended to be appalled. Fact of the matter: For years he had been informed about it – but chosen not to intervene, just as in my case. As always: the trademark of corruption is the law of silence. Similar to the Omerta code of silence by the Mafia, and here one might even does injustice to the Mafia. As the property developer Tom Gilmartin replied when approached for a bribe:       ‘ You guys make the Mafia look like f…ing monks.’

Another aspect of the Doegal scandal is, that it shows Mr. McDowells total lack forward Democracy. In order to defend his inactivity he started to blame the previous Government. The Donegal affair started in autumn 1996, in spring 1997 Bertie Aherns Government took over. As such similar to my case. In Mr. McDowells logic this means that it has nothing to do with him. Wrong ! A Democracy has the duty and obligation to protect its citizens from injustice, no matter if the injustice started under the present or previous Government. By not acting, they increase the injustice and the suffering of the victims, and the suffering doesn’t stay on one level but does increase day by day, month by month and year by year. It makes ill, it destroys relationships and drives the victim close to the edge or even over. And for that yearlong suffering the present Government, not the previous one, is fully responsible – and as such Mr. McDowell as the present Minister for Justice !


Before, during and after the 15.1.1997. I spoke with a good number of police officers ( mostly low rank gardai ), all of them very friendly and with sympathy. What I realized, and it surprised me, was that they are not really free in their actions. Two different ones, in different areas, told me freely, that they had similar persons/cases as Hehle in their area, but could do nothing about them as long as those people had protection from above. One has to remember the strong power politicians have over the police by means of promotion in the higher ranks. Another thing is, that many are married and have houses in the local area – unwanted transfers can course here severe problems for them and their partners and children. Recently the journalist Kevin O’Connor gave an account about the phone tapping scandal ( during the Haughey time ) a few years ago. This was done purely for party reasons and once again it shows the problem Irish politicians see in a free press and to what length they go to suppress the truth. Although it would be worthwhile to print the whole report, for reasons of space just some highlights.:

Ireland on Sunday, June 12, 2005 :



‘ In his bungalow on the outskirts of the town, Sgt Tully, a quiet-spoken but fearless officer, described political interference from Doherty as ‘unbearable’ and told me about the minister’s attempt to transfer him for doing his job.

Sgt Tully’s detailed story was followed by similar tales from five other gardai, who gave me signed statements about how Doherty was routinely interfering – putting pressure on gardai in his constituency to drop drink-driving cases or licensing-law breaches or whatever against his cronies and supporters, and threatening to suspend or transfer gardai who wouldn’t play ball. The justice minister was doing everything but administering justice.’

‘Mr Haughey again held the whip hand but he still had one significant problem to deal with – my Roscommon file which, as we shall see, he knew all about.

I have since learned that Mr Haughey called a special meeting in Kinsealy the next day to consider what should be done about this ‘damaging ‘ story.’

Once again, a government minister contacted senior executives in RTE [ TV-Radio] to kill the programme.


In time, Minister for Justice Doherty, would be succeeded by so honourable people like Nora Owens, John O’Donoghue.

And Michael McDowell.


Judges, as mentioned elsewhere, are selected by politicians and than appointed by the president. And this right down to the lowest position. Normally a politician can’t select his favourites candidate, this wouldn’t be the democratically way. Therefore, possible candidates are listed for a free position. This list will very likely include the ‘favourites’ and he or she can than be selected. According to the ex-mistress of Mr. Haughey ( Ahern mentor and ex prime minister, who ended up with millions on his private bank account – donated by people to support the ‘ democratically course’), there was another way how to become judge. In her ‘Kiss and Tell’ story she claimed that Mr. Haughey had promoted the appointment of her lawyer husband to be a judge in order to test his power. He had the power alright. In all fairness, he turned out to be regarded as a very good judge and there are other good judges as well of course. ( Because the judge in question was not directly appointed by Haughey but Jack Lynch, there are some people who doubt Haughey’s claim of having had a hand in

 it. Jack Lynch by the way, was a politician of the old school, highly respected with an impeccable reputation. He would probably rotate with high speed in his grave, out of shame, if he could see today’s boys at work.)


Unfortunately, sometimes judges fall ( see O’Flaherty), and what does happen to them ? Well, basically nothing. Provided they end up in court in the first place. During a recent police action against internet child pornography, several men were arrested, prosecuted and convicted. One of them, by pure coincidence a judge, didn’t. In his case ‘some mistakes’ in the legal process had been made – so he got off. Some people made cynical remarks about that, but considering the high quality and standards in legal matters – overlooked by the present Minister of Justice and DPP – we can be assured that everything was in order.


For some judges it seems that their role does not end with the legal judgement, but that their personal judgement is required as well.

 Like in the case of a judge, who had to make a decision on the opening times of late night clubs ( he was against it ) and as such felt the need to state that woman, who go to those clubs, are a sort of tarts anyhow. For some reasons, best known to himself, he didn’t made a similar commend about the men.

Or the judge, who considered the job opportunities of a defendant – I don’t know what your problem is or where you should go, or what you should join … perhaps an animal farm because you are an animal..’

Another, 18 year old male, was duly informed about his appearance on others, or at least on the judge, by describing him as a big, fat, thick man with a head like the front of a mallet.’


In a newspaper report Bruce Arnold wrote among other things:


  “ Since all preferments and promotions come from the Government, thus placing all members of

  the Judiciary dependent in one way or another for the fulfilment of their careers on politicians,

  an inherent risk of corruption is present.’ 


But in accordance with Mr. McDowell, we all have the highest respect for the courts, set up under the Irish Constitution and believe fully in their independence. Don’t we ?




July 2006



Attempts to shut down my website.

There are simply some ‘old reliable’s ‘ when dealing with a corrupt system.





For a while then nothing happened, what to be honest surprised me a bit. Because I had expected sooner some attempts to close down my website. But than of course it came. Early May I got a phone call from my host company, informing me that they had got a letter from a lawyer complaining about the contents of my website. The sort of letter lawyers call ‘shut up letter ‘, for being the first step to a libel case, if not obeyed. And here I must admit, with some admiration, that those lawyers were once again one step ahead of me. I had expected a threat against me with libel, upon which I would have said : go ahead ! But for knowing that, they went for the middleman in the same way as they go for the newspapers to oppress the truth. And as such not against me but the host company. And if even the big newspapers are frightened by the libel laws it is easy to understand what an impact such a threat has against a small company. Five minutes in court would cost them more than I paid for their service to host my website. And how favourable Irish judges handle libel cases for the benefit of the corrupt is well established. Therefore, when the company owner ask me if I would object, if he would take down my website for the time being, I agreed. Firstly, because I don’t think, that if I had objected, it had changed his decision to take down the website anyhow, and secondly, too many people have already suffered, so that I saw no reason to add another name to the list, like a man who works hard to earn a decent living. He responded with an e-mail:


Hi Gerrit,

We have temporarily taken down your web page until which time you can
resolve this matter with A&L Goodbody.

Their details are:

A&L Goodbody Solicitors
International Financial Services Centre,
North Wall Quay,
Dublin 1.
Tel: 6492000
Ref: JAK/IBM 01340687

The letter basically relates to defamatory material regarding a Mr. Paul

Extract: 'It has come to our attention that page 10 of this website contains
material that defames an employee of our client, Mr Paul Comiskey. In
addition, at page 29 of the website Mr Comiskey's full address and
occupation is given.'

Our solicitor is drafting a letter which states we have nothing got to do
with content and only host the web site and that all further issues
regarding this matter should be made to yourself.

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind Regards,


It didn’t state who are those ‘employer’ of Mr. Comiskey, but they surely take the matter seriously, after all they didn’t gave the job to suppress the truth to some back street lawyer in Cavan, but to the law firm of Goodbody in Dublin. One, if not the most successful and powerful law firm in the state, according to their various websites on the internet. But with Mr. Comiskey being a state employee we can easily figure out who wants to close down the website. The question is , why did they wait so long, and why take a little employer, who had no own initiative in the whole case, as a reason ? Maybe because there is an election coming up and for keeping the names of the main guilty out of it ? The things Goodbody was complaining about were.


This eviction was cancelled as well, and moved to the 15.1.97.

One day  before, the sheriffs deputy ( Paul Comiskey ) came to the house ( as several times before ) and demanded to see my mother in her death bed. He just went in saying ‘hello’, locked down at her and went out again. Here he said, and showed me with his hands, “ tomorrow we take her and put her on the side of the street “. When I said this would be murder because she wouldn’t survive that, he smiled and drove off. And the next day they came.

And from Book of Evidence

Deputy sheriff Paul Comiskey, The Rocks, Lough Gowna, Co. Cavan.

‘ I hereby declare ……. to be true.’

Once again a fully inaccurate report. He does mention that I spoke with him and the sheriff, but without saying that I was showing them the doctors letters, he just said that I was saying ‘there is no justice, this is wrong ‘. But than he knew, just the day before he had been in the house and seen my mother on her death bed – this pitiful skeleton in pain.


His name and profession are stated in an official document and of what I write, I stand over, because it is the truth. If Mr. Comiskey has a problem with that, he should bring me to court to have the whole affair discussed in public with the opportunity to establish exactly what did happen on that day and his involvement in it, as well as what his duties are in a case were a dying woman is evicted. According to the state prosecutor ‘ nobody’ knew about the deadly state of my mother, the employed bailiffs from Dublin knew ( Book of Evidence ) – how comes ? Did Mr. Comiskey failed to inform the sheriff so that he would be responsible for everything ? Why did Mr. Comiskey, together with the sheriff, refuse to give a statement in court and as such be exposed to questions ? Was this his decision – or was he told so ?Plus a few questions, like what was the role of the Dep. of Justice, among other things ! I guess, if I were Mr. Comiskey, I would be worried  that they ‘use’ me now first to shut down the website and maybe later as a ‘scapegoat’ – it wouldn’t be the first time that the little guy gets it in order to protect the big guys.


Anyhow, in order to sort out the business with Goodbody, I went to their office. With the result, that they phoned right afterwards the host company making them even more anxious about me. No wonder that Goodbody is the No.1. So I wrote a letter to the boss of Goodbody. 20.5.2006


Mr. Paul Carrol

Managing Partner

A&L Goodbody Solicitors

Intern. Financial Services Centre

North Wall Quay

Dublin 1


Dear Mr. Carrol


Congratulation to your firm “ Goodbody “. What I read on the internet about it is really impressive : size; activities, volume of business; “firm of the year “ etc.. I just noticed that you don’t claim to stand up or be even interested in justice. And I’m not surprised.


As we all know, is justice in Ireland just a commodity and you lawyers are the tradesmen and woman who make sure that the highest bidder gets it. And without being restricted by any moral scruples you are very good at it, and Goodbody is not for nothing the Nr.1 law firm in Ireland in this regard as I found out in less than 1 week.


Short history: Till one week ago I could have directed you to my website www.gerritisenborger.com - but thanks to you it is not there anymore on the internet. What elsewhere governments don’t manage, to destroy the freedom of the internet – you did in less than one week ! Bravo. The website deals with the murderous corruption in Ireland and several people, who are involved in my case. Among them politicians and very prominent people from the legal profession plus other common criminals. A well known politician, who wanted to expose them in the Dial, was stopped by two other politicians with a legal professional background no less. ?! The press would like to expose it, but is stopped by the libel laws ( this is where you guys come in handy ). They looking for an angle to bypass them, maybe we have one now. So I put the whole case on the internet. I had to save several weeks to pay for it – people like you would laugh about such an amount. So far I had 6990 hits and an intimidating visit by the gards on behalf of one of the criminal lawyers involved, a honourable member of your profession so to speak. Last week than the host company informed me by phone, that they would take my website off the internet as an result of a letter received from your company – which apparently wasn’t signed – just a Ref.Nr. ( Goodbody style ? ). The lawyer of the host company wrote back to you with the request that your firm should sort things out with me. What of course should have been the way in the first place, instead of sneakily to attack the messenger of the truth ( Goodbody style ? ). After I received no reply from you firm, I went there on Thursday ( 18.5.06 – ca. 13.30 o’clock ). Here I showed a very friendly and helpful receptionist the Ref.Nr. JAK/IBM 01340687 and ask if she could put me into contact with the acting lawyer. After waiting for about 15 minutes a middle aged lady with blond hair showed up. This description is not sexist, but the only information I have, because the lady choose not to introduce herself ( Goodbody style ? ). Being reserved but correct, she informed me that the lawyer in question, a Mrs. Jacqueline Kelly, was away and she didn’t knew when Mrs. Kelly would be back ( in a few days ? ). So I said that I would try to phone her in a few days and left my card with name, teleph.nr. and ( thanks to you ) useless website name. Than I said thank you for her help and left. She called me back, because she still had my pen, as I said she was correct.


The next morning I got an E-mail from my host company, cancelling more or less my relation with them. Phone calls to them are not answered since ! You sure know how to put fear into people ! But than your company is the best. I wondering now of course what was the reason of that phone call and even more so, what was said or claimed. “ Quite irate “ ( Collins, English Dictionary : irate adj very angry ) – for example, I approached the receptionist and the nameless lady in a friendly, polite and calm way – so why lying ( Goodbody style ? ). But than you people do nothing without a purpose, – and the result must have pleased you and the people who pay you. Goodbody proved once more to be the best – the methods : who gives a damn ?


I am of course very reluctant now to contact any employee of your firm again – what would be the next claim they make ? ( Goodbody style ! ). Therefore I would like you, as head of Goodbody Ireland and accountable for its running, to inform me of :


1)     Who employed you ? ( I doubt it was Mr. Comiskey, who is only a small light in the whole affair      without deciding power, as most of the others. Or this is why they put him up. )

2)     What is actually the complain about ?

3)     What actions did you threaten with, against who ?

4)     What is the solution of the problem ?


Furthermore a detailed and official statement by the receptionist and nameless lady, justifying the claim that I acted in any way “ quite irate “.


As well as information about the ownership of Goodbody in regard of who owns Goodbody or is the final head of the firm.


My experience over the years has been, that a common response by the corrupt is to answer letters with a threat, brush them off or to ignore them, I guess I will find out soon enough where you stand.


At this time I know that it is quite useless to appeal to certain people for any sort of morality or decency – but nevertheless – one day, maybe, one will stand up for the victims of corruption instead of helping the corrupt to destroy who ever is in their way by what ever means needed – like among other things to eliminate the truth with just a letter and a phone call. What was the price in this case  – the equivalent of a good meal in a posh restaurant ?


Looking forward to a response from you I remain


Yours sincerely


A journalist I told about it, and showed him the letter, said spontaneously : ‘ They won’t answer.’ He was of course right! Nobody knows better than the Irish journalists how rotten the system is, for being constantly on the receiving end in their quest for the truth. Once again, silence is the name of the game. The problem for me was now that without the green light from Goodbody the host company wouldn’t put back my website on the internet. Those lawyers surely know their business, with money being the only standard – morality unknown! As the joke goes:


Q: What do honest lawyers and UFO’s have in common ?

A: You always hear about them, but you never see them.


I got this one from the internet, there are plenty more


Arguing with a lawyer is like mud wrestling with a pig: after a while you realize that the pig actually enjoys it.


Q: What does a lawyer use for birth control ?

A: His personality.


And finally the best, because the truest:


What’s wrong with lawyer jokes?

Lawyers don’t think they’re funny, and nobody else thinks they’re jokes.


Maybe it’s time that Goodbody closes down this ridiculous websites. At the time of the close down of my website I had 6894 hits, by the 13.7.06  this had increased to 7332. Thanks to Goodbody by now 438 people were denied one of the basic human rights: to be informed, all they saw was ‘ under construction’.


Internet: Reverence.com


Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is the liberty to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related liberty to hear what others have stated. Recently, it has been commonly understood as encompassing all types of expression, including the freedom to create and distribute movies, pictures, songs, dances, and all other forms of expressive communication.

Freedom of speech is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies, where it is understood to outlaw government censorship. Free speech is nowadays also protected by international human rights law, notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, although implementation remains lacking in many countries.


European Convention

The European Convention on Human Rights, when signed on 4 November 1950, proclaimed a broad range of human rights already in existence in the signatories countries (the members of the Council of Europe). These rights include Article 10, which entitles all citizens to free expression.

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises


Republic of Ireland

Freedom of speech is protected by Article 40.6.1 of the Irish constitution. However the article qualifies this right, providing that it may not be used to undermine "public order or morality or the authority of the State". Furthermore, the constitution explicitly requires that the publication of "blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter" be a criminal offence. Under the European Convention On Human Rights Act, 2003, all of the rights afforded by the European Convention form an integral part of the Republic of Ireland's laws. The act is, however, subordinate to the constitution.


Does exposing corruption ‘undermines the authority of the state’ ? or even better the ‘morality’? In the eyes of the likes as Ahern and McDowell it probably does ! ‘ Blasphemous’ it surely is forward the high and mighty.


In ‘normal’ democracies one has three powers to handle the area of law and justice : Legislative, Judicative and Executive. In Ireland as the forth power one has the lawyers, and one wonders who is the most powerful? Especially when it comes to make a farce out of justice.


All I can do now, is to look for a new host company, outside of Ireland of course, after I found out how easily they can be closed with the help of the libel laws and companies like Goodbody. In the US my website would be protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.


Not so long ago, in connection with those ‘Muhammad cartoons’ European politicians were rolling forward and backward in their defence of the freedom of information and expression. Right in front of them those hypocrites of Irish politicians, where it seems that the libel laws are a kind of natural law and not invented and upheld by them.


The Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern for example defended those freedoms very much. But than he is quick to talk nicely, like: ‘ – it was important that people everywhere could aspire to fair treatment by state institutions.’ On the 28.11.05, I informed him about my website with the request for support. No reply.







The president Mrs. Mary McAleese is another case. As a politician ( and lawyer ) she is the highest paid president within the EU. And as her predecessor Mary Robinson, she likes to be mentioned as a human rights activist ( they all do nowadays ). After my experience with Mrs. Robinson ( who still collects honorary doctorates around the world ), I didn’t bother to contact her, until I read a speech by her. Here she said.:


‘Corruption has poised the atmosphere with cynicism and doubt, damaging confidence in political, civic and spiritual leadership.’

Putting the sordid side of Ireland’s secret life under the spotlight will lead to a radical call to higher values in all areas.’

President McAleese’s speech for the ‘Hopes for the new Millennium’.


Well, I thought, just the person I’m looking for. My letter from 12.12.05 was never answered. In an interview, defending her behaviour during a state visit to Saudi Arabia she got a bit annoyed and said: ‘ I’m the president of Ireland, that speaks for itself.” – yes, it sure does.





With letter from 5.12.05 to Mr. Edward Comyn SC, I informed him of my website. Mr. Comyn was the state prosecutor who so eagerly and successful lied in court to give the impression, that ‘nobody’ had known about the serious and indeed deadly condition my mother was in. As such I ask him three questions.:




1)      Is it the job of a state prosecutor, at least in Ireland and some dictatorships , to get convictions, regardless how, including lying and knowingly twisting the truth ? In that case you are an excellent prosecutor.


2)     Did you not study the case out of incompetence ? In that case you are a lousy prosecutor but otherwise excused.


3)     Where you ‘instructed’ to hide the truth and make sure to shut me up ? In this case you are corrupt but very successful as such.


As expected, he never answered. The frightening thought is of course, that he is still the DPP’s public prosecutor or as in my case executor. By the way, the running of the DPP’s office is costing the taxpayer 33 600 000 Euros per year! Not bad for a man who is not accountable for his actions , and besides his tremendous power is not elected by the people.





Summer time is here, and the politicians are gone. As usual the Dail voted on Thursday for a 12-week summer recess until September 27th. As usual some opposition politicians complained about the length of it, but not to loudly ( as usually ). There are a few urgent matters of course, but no rush.  According to the ‘The Epoch Times’,17.7.06, the Dail sat for a total of 62 days ( most of the time, as we can see on TV half empty ). In excess of 23000 Parliamentary Questions were answered with only 3.99% of all questions submitted being disallowed. If we would allow 5 minutes in total for being ask and answered we would come to 1916 hours. A lot of hours pressed into so few days. But more interestingly is the aspect, what questions were disallowed and why. Those 917 disallowed questions were probably of more interest and revealing for the public than most of the 22083 other questions, of which many have more an entertaining value than anything else, judging by the laughter they trigger out among the ones present, as we can witness on TV over and over. But we have to be fair, maybe they spent less time in Parliament than any other EU politicians, but at the same time they belong to the best paid in the EU. Kind of evens out things.




I wrote to several people and organisations after publishing my website. The result was that I got either no response or some meaningless letters. Like, showing sympathy for me; wishing me success in my task etc. Or telling me that they would call back – what they never did. Or it was mentioned, that everything happened ‘so long ago’ !? The only one responding, were once again the Phoenix Magazine, they published the name of my website, hidden in an article about Mr. Toolan, as I learned, even the publishing of a website name with undesirable contents can bring a newspaper close to a libel case. As I have found out over the years is there a certain kind of fear involved, when it comes to make a stance against the politicians, their clients or the projects they support. More often than once, have I heard : ‘ don’t quote me’ or ‘ don’t mention my name’. Be it private persons, civil employee ( like guards ) and even journalists. And this doesn’t come as a surprise, because Irish politics is well protected with various laws to deal with whistle blowers, and there are of course other means to finish someone off. And the good old libel laws. As the Americans say:

Where the Government fears the people, there is liberty.

Where the people fear the Government, there is tyranny.

And one thing is sure, the courts by and large are always in support of the government, what comes as no surprise if one considers the cosy relationship between judges, their appointments and politicians. In some countries judges are the champions of the people and in some the champions of the powerful, just as it always was. And here it is the French who, a long time ago, coined the saying:

Justice is the whore of politics.

As we have seen in the past, demonstrating against actions by the politicians or their clients can one land very quickly in jail as well. In relation to protests against the use of Shannon Airport by foreign military ( Ireland is officially neutral ), the Village Magazine wrote, 12.7.06 :


‘One of the defendants, Ciaron O’Reilly, says he is confident an Irish jury would acquit them if they were given a fair trial. ”The Irish Government has been unable to deliver a fair trial on the last two attempts,” he said.








Stupid question, of course it could be !

After all we are talking here about Bertie Aherne, ruler and protector of a regime totally infested with corruption. So, who should be surprised, that he was receiving a massive payout by some of the richest men in the state ? No favours ask and no favours given of course – we know that ! That some of those men ended up with posh state jobs was a pure coincident. Being appointed to one of the many state “boards” is always a good way to show gratitude . While some of those boards are needed and do a good job others are not widely known to the public and if, one doesn’t really know what they are good for. But they are well paid, don’t take much time and competence is not really always required. But they are nice little earners on the side and depending on their nature give a member of it the chance to show ‘gratitude’ to someone else. But Bertie is of course a honourable man – at least so he is telling us, so we have to swallow that it was a coincident that his generous friends ended up with those jobs, and why not, we have swallowed everything else that man has come up with in the past. Another coincident was that Mr.Aherne got very active to get a drink drive killer out of jail! Who was, again pure coincident, a employee of one of his generous friends. The judge instrumental in that action was a well known F.F. sympathiser and of course as such appointed by  F.F. to be a judge. When the whole scandal came into the open, by this time as a real coincident, the Aherne government did everything to hush it up, retired the judge with a very golden handshake and of course refused any public investigation into the case. A common thief gets his home raided by the police, to see what else he has nicked, nobody, especially not Bertie, demanded to check out what other judgements this judge had handed down in the past to please the right people. According to the Irish constitution , a judge is not allowed to give favours – but here we go again, the good old constitution, it seems nobody reads.

Like the judgement against me:


Judge Mathew gave me 4 years suspended and Sheedy 4 years in jail.

Judge O’Flaherty gave me than on appeal 5 years in jail and helped to set Sheedy free.

Lawyer for the both of us: Paddy McEntee


The appeal came promptly after I had refused a warning to “shut up”, by nobody less than my own lawyer McEntee! The same man who had promised me that everything would come out in my trial, if I only would plead guilty – forgetting completely to mention, that after a guilty plea there is no real trial with a jury – what is otherwise guaranteed in the constitution.


That’s the land of the co incidents!

But Bertie wouldn’t be the “ most devious and cunning of them all”, that he wouldn’t have come up with a tearful story to explain the whole sordid affair. First of all, the money was not a bribe – but, wait for it – a “whip around”, because at the time he went through a painful divorce and was as a result some how short of cash( he had actually separated from his wife many years before!). Irish politicians are on the top of Europe when it comes to earnings – but anyhow, his “friends” took pity on the poor man and dipped deep into their pockets to relieve the pain a little bit, but stingy as they were only as a “loan”(Aherne), well, that was 1993 – as a honourable man, Bertie repaid that loan of course as quickly as he could, and by now 2006 he is on 250.000 Euros per year. Not really – somehow over the last 13 years he forgot to repay the loan and not one of his friends demanded the repayment either! For being put under some pressure now, he repaid the “loan”, but his friends gave it strait away to charity. What about that, there are some hard boiled business men who give a substantial loan, but when the money comes back after 13 years, they give it to charity – this really brings a tear to ones eyes! And there we all thought, that when rich people depart with their money, they either buy or invest in something or someone. How wrong we were! But Bertie once again showed us the errors of our ways.

Thank you Bertie, from now on we will believe everything you tell us.


I send a letter to Mr.Aherne, and waiting now for an answer:



Paul Comiskey


I send a letter to one of the murderers of the 15.1.97. Paul Comiskey – the one in who’s name the law firm Goodbody/Dublin closed down my website during the summer. Mr. Comiskey hasn’t responded to my letter yet.






Mr. Paul Comiskey                                                                               


The Rocks

Lough Gowna                                                                                    



Ref.: www.gerritisenborger.com/ Justice/ PHOENIX Magazine Vol.24


Dear Mr. Comiskey


After my website was closed down on your behalf, what coursed me considerable stress and expenses, I have published the website anew as you can read in the present issue of the PHOENIX magazine. Together with an attachment dealing among other things with you, see Copy of Website. You can of course read the entire website on the internet. After the new set up of the website I got so far 981 new hits together with the over 7000 hits of the old one, and there are more by the day! And I am going to step up the campaign now to let people know what you and others did – the torture and killing of an old dying woman! Just remember, it took nearly ten years for the Donegal case of corruption to come into the open – but out it came! There are many people dying with cancer in Ireland or looking after dying loved ones – they all will be disgusted with what you did. And rightly so!


I was somewhat surprised, that they used you as a reason to close down my website, or was it really on your demand? After all, among all the people involved and responsible you were the most insignificant. A receiver of orders, although vicious, murderous and brutal in carrying them out. As for the complains by you/sheriff office ?


Your name, profession and address.

Are you ashamed of your name and profession ? After the 15.1.97 you sure have a reason to be! Is your name and address not in the phone book – this is where I got your phone number from, when I phoned you after another act of terror – remember ? Your address is given in the Book of Evidence and as such an official document – although you didn’t told the whole truth in it ( criminal offence I believe – just compare it with what the others said, it’s on the website!)


What I wrote about your behaviour, while coming to the cottage in Bawboy is the truth – and you know that. I’m happy to bring this up in court anytime – cross-examination , lie detector or what ever is needed. In court ( not tribunal ), and this is the place where I want you to see you eventually, I will demand to have exactly explained what your duties are in an eviction. What information you have to collect in regard to the state of the occupants and report to who . During my trial in court, where you were as well, it was claimed by the prosecution that nobody knew about the state of health of my mother. A lie as you surely knew, in the Book of Evidence the other bailiffs clearly refer to state of my mother. Who informed them ? The sheriff claimed not to have known, what of course is a lie, but lets presume it isn’t, this means that only you knew of my mothers desperate health situation, you saw her and in the coroners report it is clearly stated how she was consumed by the cancer! 1000’s of Irish people who have it or see it can testify. So why didn’t you inform the sheriff ? But instead you took part in the murderous eviction. What stopped you to say ‘No, I don’t want have anything to do with dragging a dying skeleton of a human being out of her deathbed and threw her out in the middle of winter into a ditch beside the road.” Who’s job would it have been to drag my tremendously suffering mother physically out of her bed ? YOURS ? No wonder you don’t like your name and address published – your neighbours would be disgusted by a monster like you, and eventually will be, because the truth will come out!


In court you refused to take the stand to make a ‘victims’ impact report, why ? Your own decision ? Afraid to be ask by the judge the wrong question (?), and as such part of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice ? ( criminal offence again ). When the prosecutor claimed over and over that nobody had known about the deadly state of my mother, you could have stood up and say ‘We all knew!’ ( With material from the Freedom of Information Act I have this clearly proven.) Why didn’t you ? Were you protecting yourself or/and others? Those are all points I will have cleared in court.


I had no special interest in you so far, but after closing my website, I will now especially make sure that your actions will be known, because I have realised that without people like you, the sheriff hadn’t been able to do what he did.


I wonder how you will respond now.


1)      Get someone, whoever, to deal with me? Publicity is what I need.

2)      Press charges against me for libel? – Well, the sooner the better.

3)      Run to the sheriff/office and ask ‘what shall we do’. – Just remember they will protect themselves first, if in the end only you go down, that’s fine with them.

4)      Ask a lawyer for advice ? – The whole case involves several crooked (criminal) lawyers, and as you know, they stick together to serve themselves, not necessarily you. Accordingly they will advice you – just remember that as well.

5)      Just keep quiet and hope that nothing will come out, as in the past ? – Maybe, but than again remember Donegal, and my mother won’t rest in peace until the guilty are brought to justice!


Or maybe, after ten long years, you like to clear your conscience and come clean by telling the truth finally. Deciding that it is better to be a witness than an accused. And as such tell:



1)      What did you report to the sheriff, how did he react, what was said?

2)      What role played the Dep. of Justice ? Pressure, threats, letters, names etc. ?

3)      What role was played by Hehle/Toolan ? Any support for them by a party or politician ?

4)      What was said and planed after the murder of my mother? Strategy of behaviour , like to refuse to take the stand during trial against me ?

5)      Any relevant information, of which I’m not aware ?


I won’t tell you what to say – just tell the truth ! and this time the whole truth! You can contact me directly or go straight to the main national newspapers ( Phoenix Magazine would be the first address, or Irish Independent, Irish Times and so on. No harm several at the same time)


The choice is yours.


Yours sincerely


His choice was silence!




Updated: Jan 2011

Gerrit Isenbörger,